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Price 900$, dfd, 1" sensor, 4k video and usable zoom range with fast aperture. Panasonic has done done their homework before bringing this camera. This is a perfect superzoom camera that I wouldnt mind carrying along with my slr kit just for 4k video shooting.

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samfan: 100 GB for 109 €/year. Are they ever gonna be realistic with the pricing?

You want backup? Buy an external network drive and hook it up to the router in your photographer friend's house. Encrypt it and set so only you have access. Have your friend hookup up another hard drive in your house for him to backup.

Want to be more advanced? Rent some webhousing space and put a Raspberi Pi with the hard drive there.

Cloud based storage is still expensive. Google and microsoft charge on a monthly basis. Even amazon charges similarly. Just give it couple of years and the cloud storage pricing will be more affordable.

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On Site Update: notifications article (125 comments in total)

nice and useful additions to site.

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On Stream your photos... via backpack? article (34 comments in total)

5-6 years ago it would have been innovative. But now a days even cameras have wifi and lan. Also there are a lot of wifi based memory cards available in market. Also a lot of photographer can easily use internet dongles, mobile routers and cell phone to upload photos directly.

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Interesting camera, sony has been evolving the rx series with each generation and they do seem like good compacts to carry as a 2nd camera. I wouldnt mind getting a Sony compact if their service centres in India were any good as Canon/Nikon. Since I tend to abuse my cameras, for me atleast staying with nikon or canon cameras just for those service centres.

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On Canon announces 16-35mm F4L and 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 lenses article (368 comments in total)

I really dont like lenses with plastic mount(I have a 18-55 kit lens with broken mount). But at 300$ I wont mind buying that 10-18mm lens to take habitat shots(wide angle photos containing the subject and its habitat). I rarely need a ultra wide lens as most of the photos that I shoot are done using a macro lens anyways. Also Stm and Is are great additions just in case someone plans to shoot videos.

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Unlike the x-vario this new leica camera is priced right. Also with hundereds of m mount lenses avlaible on used market this will make sense to anyone who owns a leica M.

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On Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z article (161 comments in total)

I would love to see some video samples shot from this camera. Since it is a medium format camera, DOF is going to be super thin compared to a 35mm camera. Great job by pentax on bringing this monster to the market.

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On Blood moon eclipse: Night of April 14-15 article (64 comments in total)

Unluckily its not going to seen from the part of India where I live. Will have wait it for the next one.

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On Sony Alpha 7S in low-light: See video at ISO 409,600 article (244 comments in total)

My jaw just dropped to the floor. Insane low light capability on this new camera.

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There is one video of this product on youtube already. It looks like a decent product.

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On Up close: The beauty of butterfly wings article (47 comments in total)

beautiful photos. I need to borrow a microscope soon for shooting bugs.

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qwertyasdf: Next project: an endoscope

Just googled smartphone endoscope and I found this-

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qwertyasdf: Next project: an endoscope

Someone might have already done it. Smartphones seem to have the craziest add-on accesories available on market.

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this looks like a camera target towards travellers and might compete with likes of Canon SX-xxx series of camera. I wont mind a smaller zoom range and larger sensor and faster lens on a similar looking camera.

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after reading rave reviews of D7000 and D800 I had bought Nikon DSLR and Lenses. But after facing leaking oil on both the camera and frustrating experience with their service department. I got rid of Nikon kit and went back to Canon cameras. Shame on Nikon with sub-par handling of known issues on their cameras.

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Todays announcements from Olympus and Sony shows difference between a camera manufacturer and a consumer electronics manufacturer. I am really tempted to get a mirrorless camera from either Fuji or one of m43 camera makers as a carry around camera for macro work.

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Wow, the macro light is awesome. I am placing a pre-order for that one today.

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On Panasonic announces 4K-capable Lumix DMC-GH4 article (118 comments in total)

Videographers wet dream.

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I am really interested in the film duplicator, I have tons of old films that I need to be digitised.

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