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Nikko aus London

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Nikon D2Xs
Sigma 12-24EX
Nikon 10.5DX
Nikon 50 1.4
Nikon 17-55DX
Nikon 70-200VR

Pany GF1 with 20mm f/1.7 pancake & 14-42X zoom
OM-D EM-5 with 10-50 kit lens, 7.5mm Rokinon, 12mm f/2.0 Oly, 45mm f/1.8 Oly, 75mm f/1.8 Oly, 135mm Zeiss Sonnar C/Y mount converted to M43

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  • Folks None of these concerns touch my workflow. Aperture is a perfectly good digital asset management (DAM) platform, with well thought out storage options, backup, metadata tagging, searching, ...
  • There we are - I knew I was missing something.  Thx for the clarification. N
  • Biggles - you should check out the Sigma Merrill series if it's resolution that you're after. They are a bit of a one trick pony IMHO but for the landscape/resolution use case they have one hell ...
  • Huh? File->Export->Kind=Original is difficult? Maybe I missed something here? Agree with your other comments, especially WRT Photoshop.  The Aperture vs Lightroom is really a matter of personal ...
  • Replied in Does it AF?
    True, but the FE also started with a higher RRP and then Amazon got to work with it ;-) Assuming the lens quality is on a par with the FE, I think this looks very interesting! Nikko
  • David There are some wise words in the thread above. If you're new to photo editing then Apple's bundled iPhoto is the place to start. You can't get better than free and it's very simple to use. ...
  • I wouldn't say that. Dude was an outright bully and scared people off. I was always taught to stand up to people like that and I make no apologies for it. Nikko
  • I think the key consideration is whether you need to share content with others. If the answer to that is "yes" then you really should buy the Office suite for Mac. Many of my colleagues use Macs ...
  • Dude was on an ego trip and he was responsible for driving others away (see: ).  Good riddance IMHO. Nikko
  • Oh dear me. Who wrote this: "Appealing to authority, which in this case is you. That's a logical fallacy." Atta boy, Basabore.
  • Folks First day skiing here in Austria.  I kept the Oly 75mm f/1.8 on the camera.  Short story was that the AF-S/MF combo was a disaster for recording video of my fast skiing boys.  I changed to ...
  • I have the Oly f/2.0.  I have found it to flare (maybe it's poor technique, Bob) but I solved that by buying the rip-off Oly lens hood, which also is said to improve the contrast, not that I've ...
  • Gravi - i have the latest firmware and have selected the very small focus box.  But you still can't see it in video mode.  But it works OK. Thx for all your help. Nikko
  • Thanks for your input everyone.  I think Gravi has come up with the solution.  Heyseuss, I've experimented and his technique works exactly as advertised.  To enable it, go into Menu gears option A ...
  • Replied in RAID 0 anyone?
    It's a big topic, Mustapha. I suggest you spend a couple of hours reading Lloyd Chamber's excellent web site here: He's a pro photographer and long-standing MacPro ...
  • +1 for CCC
  • Mike I looked at your web site - stunning home page photo BTW! It's obvious from the Commercial tab of your site that you make decent money from photography.  Why not just buy a loaded MacPro and ...
  • Hi folks My kids are banging on about wanting to record their skiing exploits on video.  I bought the oldest one a GoPro for his b'day but I want to balance the 1st person action shots with some ...
  • I was just wondering, when you say that the external Thunderbolt drive is "mirrored", do you mean that it's set up in RAID1, meaning that whatever is written to the array is written both to drive ...
  • Replied in Add'l info
    I use one managed library of around 500Gb stored on a 1Tb RAID0 SSD.  If I ever want to partition it (say, to create archive of older projects that I can store on cheap spinning media) then its ...
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