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  • Thank you.  For some reason I thought (maybe I read it somewhere) I had to export with the side car.  What you mentioned worked like a charm.  Thanks again. mike.
  • I think I have figured this out.  What seems to work is the following (this is being done in baby-steps): -Write IPTC metadata to original files. -Export originals with that sidecar thing. -Import ...
  • The file/folder hierarchy is fine and as it should be looking at it through Finder. And, as long as I Import from LR using the "standard" method, i.e., not the AP to LR Plug-in, the file/folder ...
  • Hi, and thank you.  Unfortunately, these settings are not an option when you use LR's built-in AP to LR importer.  And, upon playing with this feature, I was only able to change the file name as ...
  • Hi.  Still experimenting with importing very small libraries from Aperture and seeing what LR does to them.  Using the Import from Aperture Library Plug-in Extra, I choose a small Referenced ...
  • Yes.  I had them exported with that sidecar thing.  I did export as TIF and all was fine.  I have more pressing issues with LR that I am about to start a new thread.
  • Tried that, too.  Still the same.
  • Totally agree!  Seems often enough there is a tick mark I miss somewhere. Did this, too.  From Aperture, exported Originals to a temporary folder on desktop.  confirmed that they are indeed ...
  • Did that.  But there was nothing to reset.  The image LR had up and running was, as far as it's concerned, unedited.  Somehow a small batch of photos ended up this way.  But so far, it is ...
  • After spending about two hours with an Adobe tech, who was very helpful, I still had the same issue.  After a little more testing on my own, the only conclusion I can came up with at this point is ...
  • The same as you have shown on your screen shoot: within LR, using "show in finder."  The image there, in the finder, is the original un-edited RAW file.  I even confirmed that by opening the file ...
  • Hi. I am another recent convert to LR from Aperture. I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and commit to LR CC. I have been playing around with importing very small Aperture libraries to see how ...
  • Have you done this with Fuji files?  I have been successful doing this to Canon files within Aperture, but not Fuji. mike.
  • Hi.  I shot a couple hundred images with my new X-T1 before realizing I had the year incorrectly set.  I tried changing the date using my DAM, currently Aperture, but a dialog box came back ...
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