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Lives in United States Portland, OR, United States
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He Sees The Tracks.  She Sees Where They're Leading.It's Like A Discussion About The Future In Past-TenseShe Drove It Like She Stole ItI Said Maybe20200-201120200-2010Traffic Moves Faster In A Black And White World.Though She Says She Doesn't Love Him, He Knows It Is A Lie.  She Loves Him In The Way The Moon Does Love The Sky.  Every Night She Drifts Away.  She Never Says Goodbye.  But Tomorrow Is Another Day, And Once Again, She'll Try.This Is What Happens When A Satanic Couple Gets A Divorce.That Witch Is Everywhere!Shine, AiightShe's Rosey, Even When Dressed In Gray.  And She Can Be Nosy Though She Doesn't Mean To Be That Way.Oh, The Contrast Along The Line Which Divides Conviction And Courage.I Had A Girlfriend Like That Once.Did You Buy That iPhone, Or Are You Just Borrowing ItBeware Of Electric Man's Right Hand And Left Foot.With Cheek Bone To Cell Phone, She's Well Known Yet AloneWhen You Get What You Want Will You Still Want What You GotCarve Your Heart Out YourselfDressed Up Like NebraskaFrom A Mountain In The Middle Of The CabinsHere's Your LetterI Don't Want Your This And I Don't Want Your That.  You Thought You Made Me Smile, But It Was Just Your Cat.Just About 'The Only' BluesLove Is the MovementNot AllowedOrangeworkerSpoken ForThe ResolutionWhich Side Are You OnYou Don't Love MeConjectures In Textures - 3 of 5Constant Reminiscing On The Life She's Been Missing Keeps Her Stuck In The Past With A Heart That Won't LastDon't Even Bother To Say It If You Let Your Reflection Betray ItEitherBe Careful Not To Find Yourself On The Wrong End Of A Staring ContestFrom The Best I Can Tell, There Will Be Water In Hell, But I Wouldn't Suggest You Drink ItHe Is Not Vain To Be Right As Rain, But It's The Snow That's In The KnowHow Much Of You Is History And How Much Of You Is Still A MysteryI May Not Have Drawn This Line In Your Sand, But I Use It To Find The Heart Of Your LandIt was a good year for Jackson.  Andrew, not Michael.Sweet Memories Of Smelly PlacesThe Give And Take In The Strength You FakeThe Red And The Blue Between Me And YouThe Size Of His Heart Was Not Confined By The Width Of His ChestThe Skins Of An Onion As Seen By Paul BunyanThis Is How Barb's Heart Is WiredThough Every House Is Not A Home, Every Heart Was Not Made To RoamWhat Could Be Greater Than A World Without Math