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Maeda-san, isn't he the man who recently claimed there' wasn't enough space on the 5DS / 5DSr for a headphone jack because the body shell was "recycled" from the 5D Mk. III (in my own words)?

So they introduce a new 50 MP camera for approx. 4000 $ and slightly modifying the magnesium casting tool to allow for a headphone jack is too expensive or what?

Also, "pixel-level quality" is mainly counted by colors and dynamic range. Let's see how the 5DS/5DSr performs in that respect. Otherwise, it might be time to ask Canon to fulfill Mr. Maeda's promise and install a Sony sensor.

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Several clones surfaced and submerged over the years while Photoshop stayed on top all along. As of yet, the most successful challengers seem to be Pixelmator and The Gimp, each for different reasons.

I'm not convinced we need yet another contender.

If anything, a slimmed down program with hugely simplified interface might be more successful these days.

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On Apple to cease development of Aperture article (425 comments in total)

Aperture is still the application with the best UI for pro users to manage large image libraries. No tedious switching between modules, full flexibility in comparing images while adjusting them, complete keyboard shortcut customization ... I already switched to Lightroom because of its better sharpening, integrated distortion correction etc., but miss the Aperture UI each day.

Sorry to see that Apple has become a toy company. They care more about the iPhones in 13 years old teenagers' pockets than about their (former) loyal pro user base. I remember how the presentation at Photokina 2006 finally convinced me to use Aperture, it was completely targeted at pro and enthusiast photographers. But boy, did they spiral down since.

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On Sony a6000 Review preview (801 comments in total)

I don't understand the complaining about a lack of portrait primes in the review, because there's the amazing SEL 50mm f1.8 OSS which I love (!!) for its pleasant bokeh and great overall optical performance - plus stabilization. Not to mention the very reasonable price tag. The A6000 is an APS-C camera - no reason to ignore this one.

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On Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' article (552 comments in total)

Somtimes I take my FE2 out of the cabinet just to turn the dials, try the switches and press the DOF lever while looking through this magnificent viewfinder with its analog needle metering indicator and mechanical mode thumb. Boy, do I wish to have this kind of immediate controls on a digital SLR.

And I don't even wish that to cost less than a present full frame DSLR. Not just the FM3a, but all of the FM/FE series, not even to mention the F3, weren't exactly cheap in their era either.

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On Nikon D610 preview (627 comments in total)

Is it possible with the D610 to adjust aperture during DOF preview/live view/video, as it is on the D800 but not on the D600?

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On NTM 2013 photo in jarud's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

It's called "Rafale", not "Rafael". Otherwise: Great shot!!

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On Best Digital Cameras for Kids article (142 comments in total)

My children never wanted such silly looking stuff but preferred serious cameras like those daddy uses right from the start. Especially the boys always preferred those with many switches and metal body.

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On Photokina 2012: Interview - Dirk Jasper of Nikon article (216 comments in total)

This interview reflects a very good approach towards their customers by Nikon, including respecting the wishes of owners of legacy lenses - talk of long-term commitment in opposite to ever-faster "innovation" cycles and planned obsolescence. Congratulations - in fact if I'd not be invested in a Canon full frame system already, I'd seriously consider returning to Nikon completely today (having been a Nikon user in the film era for some time, but I wasn't completely happy with their AF bodies and some of the lenses back then).

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On Zebras on the MacBook Pro - how the picture was taken article (69 comments in total)

No word about when the picture was taken? Film was still supreme until just a few years ago. Anyway, an interesting "making-of" report.

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On First Impressions: Using the Nikon D800 article (307 comments in total)

Very useful article but I'd not share complaints about the MF/AF switch no longer having dedicated AF-S and AF-C positions, since the new concept with just AF/MF positions and a button at the center allows the AF mode to be stored in custom memory settings, something which was a small but serious shortcoming on previous Nikons IMO.

Btw. it would be nice if a set of deliberately under- and overexposed RAWs (esp. at low ISO) could be provided for being able to try out the sensor's capabilities regarding highlight recovery and shadow noise.

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On Mamiya and Leaf brands and lineups consolidate article (23 comments in total)

Seems a sensible move. I also appreciate backs and bodies being sold separately - and hopefully being upgradeable independently.

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On Challenge of Challenges 2011 Winner announced article (110 comments in total)

Congratulations! Sometimes in photography everything is about the right moment.

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W5JCK: A PDF is NOT an eBook. An eBook is in a format that is readable on electronic reader devices like the Kindle, Sony Readers, Nook, et cetera. For example, a format like MOBI or ePub. A PDF is just a crappy, bloated, antiquated format developed a generation ago by Adobe to allow the secure transfer of documents designed to be printed.

"A PDF is just a crappy, bloated, antiquated format"

- obviously you haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about. The PDF specification is pretty sophisticated and that something doesn't fit in your brain as easily as five simple HTML tags won't make it crappy. Quite the contrary. PDF is one of the most versatile formats for integrated document exchange, including full 2D and 3D vector support. Simple HTML-based formats which feature no innovation except proprietary encryption/DRM and compression might be called crappy. PDF is definitely not.

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On Pentax unveils Optio RZ18 compact superzoom article (33 comments in total)

Interestingly styled, maybe except for the speaker/mic grilles. The recessed, textured grip surfaces might turn bulky protrusions obsolete.

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On Photo Tip: Five for Five article (111 comments in total)

Great article; in fact this is the way I've always worked since film days, and continue doing so in the digital era. Except that I'm not counting seconds, yet five seconds is a reasonable rule of thumb to start with.

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