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kadardr: It is not just the look, but more the feel, when you hold it, manipulate with the knobs and wheels, check out the VF and the menu, so try it. And then if the camera and the price fits you, you buy it. Actually, for instance, the Olympus XA was great, because the looks and feel (and size) was all exceptionally good. And it had no weather sealing. This classic look is more a fashion thing though, but it works in sales, so I do not mind. The message is: try before you buy!

I have 2- in storage- never had a problem.

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On article Adapted Lens Talk: Readers' Showcase and new forum! (195 comments in total)

Just got a highly discounted Lumix GX7 body- focus peaking is a great addition when using a manual focus "legacy" lens. When using some of those very fast primes from days of yore, help is needed for precise work. vroger

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On article Adapted Lens Talk: Readers' Showcase and new forum! (195 comments in total)

Long ago and far away...I wanted to use my Canon 0.95 (modified for my M6) on a digital camera- but was told by my colleagues in the Leica Users Group that it would never happen. You couldn't build a Leica M digital. Then Panasonic brought out the G1 and my life changed....seriously it changed.(Never could afford a digital M) I started using m43 almost exclusively. Lumix G1 through GX-7 and with great "legacy" lenses. Summicron, Elmar, Voigtlander. Lately, Canon 1.2 FD, Konica Hexanon 1.7 - and of course the 0.95 Canon. Spectacular results with one and all. I have used third party lenses (together with m43 lenses) since. I am really glad DP Review has started this forum. PS. Ebay- great place to get super good lenses for a fraction of the original prices.

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TomHudsonVisual: Funny the a6000 didn't make this list. It outperforms most to the cameras here for less money.

Okay, if you have to have 4k video or a camera to take snorkeling, I understand, but some of the options here don't have those functions either.

Actually...the man is right- compact is fixed lens, or fixed lens zoom- m4/3 doesnt enter the picture if it's an ILC....Wait a minute...what does the "C" stand for....

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keeponkeepingon: Y'all need to narrow down what you mean by "travel camera" because your selections are all over the place.

Starting with

"We've picked out our best picks for the photographer who wants to keep things simple by carrying a compact camera rather than one with interchangeable lenses."

If you are going with that as a definition then I would think your travel camera recommendations would cover a wide range of focal lengths (as you can't change the lens) and the recommendations should be small and easy to travel with "a compact camera".

But on your list you have two recommendations with a fixed, very ackward focal length, and a large super zoom that is as big as a DSLR.

FOCUS DPREVIEW! This is not the large sensor compact or the super zoom review. You've left off popular options that fit your definition (Sony HXV90, Nikon S99000) to push your hipster darlings.

When I leave home for a 4 month stretch I always carry backup- I have never been able to travel with just 1 camera. The insecurities of age. VRR

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Dash29: The term 'compact camera' doesn't relate to the product accurately. Regardless that it has been an established marketing term in the camera industry for a couple of decades now, its still wrong and is backed up by posts within this thread. It's not a convenient label for fixed-lens cameras, no matter what the opinion of those who think it is.

Since the camera world has grown, quality and brains has been on the decline with people that use the equipment. Its now a gimmick society.

...and cameras are nothing more than computers on camera straps. How does one teach photography these days?

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davids8560: I just don't know what to do. Fuji. Sony. Lumix. Coopix. All that's clear is that without the right camera, that Pulitzer just seems farther away than ever. And sure can't dodge the fact my accounts render all these reviews irrelevant. Money's been kinda slow. Yeah, sure - daydreamin' is free. So I shut her down and went to the park. Deserted. Took a picture of a crushed Mountain Dew can on a bed of dry leaves with my iPhone. God, it was windy! Wonder if Sharice is ever coming back. So much wasted time! Not enough Friends. Not enough Likes. Nothing when I Google my own name. (Sigh.)

Sounds about right- who's speaking...you or me?

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These days I travel with the Lumix LX100 (Leica 109 iteration), the Lumix FZ200 (with the f2.8 constant aperture) and a couple of Lumix G cameras ( GX1 and G3). This with a 0.95 Mitakon 50 and a couple of zooms allows me 4 months of travel in which I can, hopefully, get what I want. For general everyday use, I have the Typ 109 (LX100) which is a marvelous piece of equipment. I can also sneak a Canon M in my luggage for when I need a larger sensor. The M is awful to use, but the IQ is excellent. VRR

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DanielFjall: Bah.. I want a 135mm 0.95 that fits im my jean pocket

Look at their 0.95 25mm- you might get that 135mm yet-VRR

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The IQ is very good- I am not surprised. I picked up the Mitakon 25mm 0.95 at PhotoPlusExpo for m4/3 (efl 50mm) for $400.00- tiny lens (way smaller than the Voigtlander and 1/2 the price) and have gotten consistently good results. Mitakon will be a force with which to be reckoned in the future. VRR

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This is absolutely the point I have made in myriad postings. Panasonic gives consumers the innovation they want and in this case even if it wasn't demand that spurred them on, it certainly is a brilliant and useful tool. I love Lumix. vroger

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Donnie G: Marketplace Darwinism strikes again. Won't be much longer before the two M4/3rd camera companies become extinct too. Now you see them, soon you won't. :))

Disagree strongly- with my investment in MFT I have to... vroger

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technotic: This is scary news. Is the camera industry doomed? How are companies like Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus doing?

I would imagine Panasonic is still succeeding- they give consumers (me included) the digicams with the features we want. vroger

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King Penguin: And the moral of this story is don't buy into a system for the body, buy into a system for the lenses......then, when they upgrade the body in a year or so, if you wish you can upgrade seamlessly.......

That's what millions and millions of photographers do for the long term......and that's why Canon, Nikon and Leica are still in business.....

I'd add Lumix to the mix- with the amazing products with which Sony has come out, Samsung is now excess baggage. Who would have thought that electronics guys like Panasonic and Sony would loom so large in the image industry? vroger

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I dunno- with the predicted decline of the DSLR in favour of Mirrorless, is this a good move? Surely not in the long term.

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On article In pictures: PhotoPlus Expo 2015 (26 comments in total)
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Jim Evidon: The pictures are nice and all that, but how about some articles about what is new at PPE 2015, if anything? You know, real words and stuff.

Hi Jim: Only one thing to report on. At the show I went to see and bought the 25mm (for m43) Mitakon 0.95. ($399) After years of struggling with the weight of a Canon 0.95, the new lens is absolutely tiny. The results thus far have been good. The lens is a bit softer than the Canon wide open. I'll continue to test it. VRR

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1500 comments in total)
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SnappyUK: Wow. When I first saw this, I didn't realise just how mahoosive it actually is. Does the ridiculous pricing is down to the scrap value of the metal used in its construction?
I just don't see the point in it being so big, given that it's perfectly possible to put an FF sensor into a smaller body - and the lenses are ridiculous. After a day's shooting with my 70-210 2.8 my arms get tired; maybe the price also includes someone to come along and carry your gear for you.
I know Leica is as much (if not more) about making a statement as it is a means of taking pictures, but by that measure, the M series is a classic sportscar and this is a pimped-out SUV. One is classy and brings admiring glances from people 'in the know', while the other makes everyone think you're a w@nker*.

*see also Hasselblad Lunar & Stellar.

I love the SUV metaphor. It's right on the money...and I do mean money.

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Marty4650: The Canon EOS M series was NOT designed to compete in the MILC market.

It's sole function is to provide Canon brand loyalists with a MILC camera to prevent them from buying a competitive brand. And when you look at it that way, it has been a raging success.

If you want a better MILC camera and a better value, then Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Samsung, and Panasonic all have one for you. It just won't have a Canon name on it.

Absolutely right- my last Canon was a 40D which is in storage with my analogue stuff. Everything I buy is Panasonic made.

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Rather than edit my last message- it is rather galling to realize that the basic reason for these digicams is that Canon won't compete with itself and its EOS line. The future is written out there. Mirrored digicams will inevitably decline in popularity as mirrorless become the new standard. Canon will either get on board or will be left in the dust.

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Soooo...no evf- no hot shoe provision for an accessory evf... a digicam (G5X) with an evf with just a 1" sensor? What will R&D say? That we consumers are never satisfied? My position has not changed- Canon just doesn't care about what consumers want.

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