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On Zeiss introduces 'no distortion' Otus 1.4/85mm article (336 comments in total)
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Wedding photographer: Hello all,
I use an old Canon 85/1.8 for everyday tasks: photographing weddings, models and children. His focus speed and quality is more than enough for me. All examples in this section has been shot by them:
or there:
Zeiss probably nice and sharp, but I have no idea how to use his manual focus on any kind of sequential shooting, because a small of aim mistake 1-2 cm (on wide open aperture) and a photo is ready to be sent to the trash.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. We'd like to know it for sure. Of course Zeiss team has wasted a plenty of time to make this lens. Please don't buy it.

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vscd: So, you buy a small (and nice) Fuji X-T1 to show all your friends that mirrorless cams are lightweight, small and able to beat fullframe sensors... and then attach this hump to your cam? Congratulations. You failed.

P.S. By the way, the Zoom rotates the wrong way, again ;)

You've made my day! 100% right. I mean about size.

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On Lomography launches Russar+ for L39 and M mount cameras article (120 comments in total)
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BRPWS: I am surprised with everything the Russia as a nation is doing to other nations that we would talk about their products as acceptable for sale considering restrictions being put on Russia by many other civilized nations.

Sorry, but a ban on Russian products is a ban on Russian products. I am all about wonderful new products but not from them.

Oh yeah!

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On Lomography launches Russar+ for L39 and M mount cameras article (120 comments in total)

The same soviet shiiiit as its elder brothers. I recognize that cr@py naked aluminum finish with an askew engravings. So slow. Have you said "lomo"? Why does it cost as some regular modern lenses? It should cost max $99 per item for export because of so-called "exclusiveness" and 100 roubles per a bucket at the domestic flea markets. Don't be so stupid, pals.

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On Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'? article (370 comments in total)

Now the answer to the article's heading "Yes it is". The same sh.i.t as in rumours.

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D1N0: Polaroid Aim to confuse.

Sensor in lens? Throw away lens when sensor is outdated?
Why need body at all?? Does it have printer?
Sakar? Who is Sakar, some evil toy electronics conglomorate?


Technical Specs

Powered By Android 4.0 (JellyBean) (Thats's 4.1 guys)
Included 10mm-30mm Lens (that would be nice)
3.5" Touch screen LCD Display (it's android duh)
18.1 Mega Pixel (what is 18.1 megapixel?)
Built in Peer 2 Peer WIFI (iM1232W) iM what?
Headphone Output
HDMI Type B Output
Face Auto Exposure (It's got auto exposure! Face it)
HD Video (what do you call HD?)
Panoramic Pictures (of what?)
ISO up to 3200 (shocking!)
Blink Detection
SD card Slot (cool, where's the printer?)
Compact Micro 4/3 Body (Without no sensor, so? What's in the lens?)
Pop up Flash

Yeah. Epic fail! It's just to say "For what is this?"

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