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Birddogman: Great photo! Really gives the uninitiated a feel for the power, drive and energy of a fit bird dog. GSP's are great dogs, too - would be my choice if I couldn't have Brittanys.

By his name ("Hunter" in German), do I correctly assume Jager is a working dog as well as a beloved pet? If so, I'd love to see some pics of Jager in action in the uplands. I tend to get vilified by some here when I post such photos of my dogs, but I post anyway.



Those pictures in your Flickr gallery are sensational. Inspiration to get some more good pictures of my GSP.

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On Boing, boing in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge (26 comments in total)
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papa natas: Stop cross dressing a dog as if it were a Kangaroo!!
Or is it the other way around?
This one takes the cake!!
Great caption!!
Congrats to you both!!!
Have a bone and give that dog a cigar!
***Please, please, tell me this wasn't a selfie....***

Definitely agree on that description of a GSP. The best model dog a man can get. Great picture of one too, particularly given the speed at which they can move.

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Staxxx: The new zoom lens with this camera sounds like a good compliment for my RX1. Looks like I'm Sony all the way now....

Maybe Staxxx was being sarcastic, given Sony's lack of FF E-mount lenses. Lots of bodies, few lenses.

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On Quiet Time in the 18-55mm Lens Challenge challenge (1 comment in total)

How is this within the scope of an 18 - 55 mm challenge? Wrong lens.

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On A travel-sized large-format 4x5 camera? article (219 comments in total)
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Frank_BR: The next version will come with a Sony Cybershot hidden inside. So, you can impress girls and other photographers without spending on film.

It's called a patent.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (488 comments in total)
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utomo99: With that price, I prefer to buy Canon G1X mark II. Which have bigger sensor, and cheaper price.
I did not see any good reason to pay more than $799. CMIIW

Good reasons to buy the RX10 vs G1X Mk II:

* longer zoom
* faster lens at the long end (albeit slower at the short end)
* weather sealing

Is $799 an appropriate price for the RX10? That's about the price of the Stylus 1, and the RX10 is substantially better specified. It's expensive but the price seems reasonable for what you're getting.

Of course your preference for the G1X Mk II is entirely legitimate if the extra features of the RX10 are not important to you. It is all about what is the right camera for you and your needs.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review preview (332 comments in total)
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itsastickup: It's a beautiful camera.


Show me the bokeh, show me the bokeh, show me the bokeh!!!

And not at $900, FFS. These clowns won't crack mirroless until they realise that the common man wants everything but his kid's face out of focus. And he gets it from APS-C for less than $200

You bokeh-obsessed trolls are really tiring. It's not all about bokeh. In particular, not every camera has to be about a shallow depth of field. And that's coming from a DSLR shooter, not a mirrorless shooter.

And please nominate the APS-C SLR with lens that will give you a shallow depth of field for less than $200. You can't, because it doesn't exist. Well, unless you buy a 10 year old used DSLR and an old manual focus lens, that might come in under $200.

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On waiting... in the Aircraft during winter challenge (1 comment in total)

There is no aircraft this pic.

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On Saranam Ayyappa-VIII challenge (10 comments in total)

Oh for crying out loud! Not another one of these challenges. 8 of them. Talk about an over-inflated ego for the guy running them.

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vishalchauhan: How many times !!!!!

Admins, I seriously like this forum ...but you cannot keep running similar challenges over and over again.

Repetitive challenges turn dull... and this one is not going to get better if you keep creating the same challenge every week.

It just seems like a scam so that people can milk challenge wins so that they can enter certain other challenges. An abuse of the system really.

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On Ghzall in the Saranam Ayyappa-IV challenge (4 comments in total)

These whole Saranam Ayyappa challenges seem scams for people to score challenge wins so that they can enter certain challenges. Challenge IV had 2 entries, Challenge V had 4, Challenge VI has had only 2 entries and now there is a Challenge VII announced. Is there any way to stop these pointless, repetitive challenges being put up? It's just a scam to manipulate the system.

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Joseph Mama: So, what exactly is so freaking NEW about these? I mean, a 20x compact zoom? We were there 3 years ago with the SX260.

Whats new? Apart from the even lousier aperture numbers...

RAW capture and a control ring on a travel zoom. Together with the EVF that Sergey mentioned that's a fair bit new in this category of camera.

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