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  • I bought one for $299 not that long ago. Is it perfect? No, but it is an awfully good camera for that price, and the image quality is excellent.

  • People like Ben Lowy and Annie Liebowitz are just fine with the iPhone. No, they don't use it for everything, but they use it. Face the fact that it is one more useful tool that can produce real...

  • As soon as you lift a traditional camera to your eye it changes the whole context of the photograph. That should be obvious to everybody here. I never said that smart phones were the right tool...

  • Hello Kitty? See, this is what I mean. Just arrogant ignorance. If you think only really crappy photos are being shot with an iPhone you are truly out of it. I see a lot of threatened, frightened...

  • Go on being dismissive, even venomous. I realize you think you are defending quality photography, but in fact you do not understand that a lot of traditional cameras are just obtrusive.

  • One uses a smartphone because there are certain photos you can only get with a smartphone. Anyone who thinks you cannot make a good photograph with an iPhone not only has been asleep the last few...

  • A lot of palaver here about market value. Tell me how the Nikon DF is worth $3000. Tell me how the Leica is worth its price. What someone is willing to pay does not necessarily reflect the...

  • Well, calking, I own and have used many cameras. I use the best tool for the photography I want to do. For me, honestly, this is the iPhone. You would have to look at the photos I take to...

  • I never said it was the best camera available. I do think that $1300 is an excessive price for what you're getting here. "Retro cool" does not justify a $1000 price differential.

  • I will match my work against yours any time, and by the way I generally use an iPhone. :) You geek types are funny. Photography is not about specs. If you want to pay $1300 for that camera go...

  • Name three. Then i will counter.

    The focusing system is probably superior, but anything else? The price differential is huge.

  • This is better than the EOS M I bought for $299 how exactly?

  • Not that slow--i have one--same size and half the price, with a bigger sensor. I am not saying it is a perfect camera, just that it deserves to be compared with this group of compacts.

  • Iit's the small APS-C camera I bought for $299--and you didn't.

  • What about comparing this to the EOS M.

  • Commented on Panasonic DMC-GM1 preview

    Compare to EOS M at $299?

  • It is not about "retro," it is about changing the emotional coloration of the image.

  • So much anti-mobile snobbery.. Would love to see all the great "real" photography I am being denied.

  • Commented on Is the snapshot dead? post

    He could not be more mistaken. Has he ever looked at the galleries on Instagram?

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