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On Fujifilm X100T successor rumored to feature new lens article (297 comments in total)

mechanical focus is enough. weatherproofing is nice as is an articulating screen but my X-100 is perfectly fine without either of those...don't get "lens big."

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On #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE article (238 comments in total)
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SideshowSurfer: Wow, a lot of haters on this thread. I definitely want one! Why? Because I already have my phone in my pocket always. And now all I need is this tiny thing in my pocket and I have a rather decent quality camera that's going to take pretty good low light indoor pics. I see this as the perfect camera to take out partying, or just to have with you all day long, every day. So no, it is not the same as an RX100 etc, because then I have to somehow fit my phone, my wallet, keys, AND an RX100 in my pockets. Not possible. But with this little thing, Possible!!!

1. "regular people" whoever they may be may in fact do many things at once. I for one have enough difficulty doing one thing at a time.

2. I shot iPhone as primary camera for 3 years. "Airplane Mode" stops phone from interfering with the camera. If it's important they'll call back. Battery life? Really? Do you suppose that in 6 generations of iPhones it's users haven't figured out how to deal with the dreaded non replaceable battery yet?
3. I don't care for or use replaceable lenses. 32mm is quite fine.
4. In a way this hints at my only concern. Nikon sold a 1" camera for a very dear price. Later they went on "fire sale" destroying any resale or trade-in value for the early adopters. I hope this isn't what happens with this camera. That Nikon V1 (bought on fire sale) taught me that the "noise" is actually quite manageable, particularly if any film emulation software is used. I don't expect low light problems.

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GabrielZ: On the other hand, you could just carry a smallish large sensor compact for a similar price in another pocket...

the point is to bring the images effortlessly into the iPhone for it's brand of processing.

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On #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE article (238 comments in total)
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khunpapa: Hope the phone has enough juice left when I badly want to use it as the MOBILE PHONE.

Oh, you talk about spare batteries? OMG .. now the combination is as large and heavy as the old dSLR.

seriously? Keeping a charge on a photographically used iPhone has always been a challenge. Even I figured out how to do it, I'm sure you can too.

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On #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE article (238 comments in total)

A lot of opinions and skepticism are being shared but there's one big thing that's being missed. The iPhone is a magnificent photography device. Images from more traditional cameras are often processed on the iPhone. I have used an Apple created SD card reader for years to bring images to my iPhone or iPad.

Camera manufacturers are recognizing this and offering (still rudimentary) wifi connections. I have a Fuji X-100 without wifi capability, and an X-M1 with wifi. The JPG's each create are incredible but the wifi is truthfully not worth using.

I've pre ordered this camera and have hopes for quality JPG's which will transfer effortlessly to my iPhone for processing. Would I rather have wifi connection? Yes I would, but not this generation's connections and likely not the next gen's connections either.

I'm also hopeful that a lightning connection "extension cord" can be fabricated. I would think it could.

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"protect the 'federal' wilderness from commercial exploitation...." "Federal Wilderness" as in "The King's own woods?" Wilderness belongs to the federal government now? "Protect...from commercial exploitation?" What's next...calling commercial interests "running dog capitalist?" Where in the he[[ do they think we live?

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On Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad article (43 comments in total)

1600 x 1600? C'mon. Does Adobe really think they can play in this market with that resolution? 4 stars? 1600 x 1600 invalidates the App.

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