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DafO: $949 US
So let's guess say 9% sales tax ~ $1034
= £617 inc VAT UK
But UK price is listed as £850

Yes - I was adding US State sales tax of ~ 9%
And the UK price already includes 20% VAT
I realise that may not be 100% fair - but it is the real world prices.

Even ignoring VAT/Sales tax - there is still a disparage.
$949 (without tax) = £563
£850 take away vat = £708

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$949 US
So let's guess say 9% sales tax ~ $1034
= £617 inc VAT UK
But UK price is listed as £850

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On UK's Focus on Imaging photo trade show to close article (19 comments in total)

Is a shame.
Granted - I don't go every year - but it's good to have it.
The closest in my mind (SWPP convention) doesn't come close to covering the same amount of stuff.

Trade fairs are often what you make of them - they don't have to be speicifically interactive or anything - it's just good to get lots of manufacturers & stalls etc in the same place.

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Jonathan F/2: The iPhone is done. Tracking hits on my websites show that Android based phones are in greater use.

Seems 75% of smart phones are now Android

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4K footage hosted on Vimeo that can only do up to 1080 .....?

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On Nikon and Canon UK offer Spring 2013 camera rebates article (16 comments in total)

Nikon UK rebates are always so disappointing - usually limited to lower end stuff.
Never any prosumer lens only rebates.

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)

Give me one of each and I'll be able to vote properly....

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G+ won't catch up on the social side (compared to FB) - it's been too late to the game.

If trying to catch the photographer community - then I think one of it's biggest targets is DPReview!
So curious there's an article that seems such an advert on here.

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jumpmanjay: i wish everyone realized how superior g+ is over fb. the only thing missing on g+ are the people/activity.

It may be better - but it was soooo late to the market - it's totally lost out.

Kind of VHS vs Betamax thing. I'm told that Betamax was actually better, but lost out on the PR thing.

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Great - as a photography geek the photography ability is a major consideration when looking for a new phone, but usual tech sites only give it a fleeting look.

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Any idea on UK / European price?

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