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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Review preview (386 comments in total)
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Mikofox: I'm a Panasonic fan and user, FZ35 + GX1, and while I think the features of this camera are great, the IQ is not, when looking at the RAW lab comparison. The Olympus M10 beats it clearly, so does the GX7. It's mostly the lack of detail that bothers me.
Technically it would be a great replacement for my FZ35, but at the high price I expect more and it's just expensive enough to make me look at the Fuji XT-1 or the Sony A7. Or wait for the successor of the XT-1, which hopefully will have the same body, but improved video.

neither Fuji XT-1 nor Sony A7 offer you an affordable 400mm lens.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Review preview (386 comments in total)

Incredible. This thing offer better value than buying a Canon DSLR with 100-400L, or buying Panasonic G6 + 100-300mm. I was leaning toward M43 for its 2x crop factor advantage in telephoto, but the more I think about it, the more incredible these LARGE SENSOR point/shoot are. Maybe they the are future. I can see myself carrying 2 L.S.P&S, one for zoom, and one with 35mm f/1.8 type of lens for wide angle portraits

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On Sony Australia releases a3500 with new kit lens article (141 comments in total)
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Thorgrem: Can anybody tell me if the A3000 was successful at all? When that was announced a lot of Sony users said it would break the low market. Did that come true?

AFAIK, Sony A3000 is a sale failure. Its price @$400, Bulky + look like a DSLR, but focus slower than a point/shoot.

Ironically, Sony A3000 is beaten by its own brother: the $329 Sony NEX 3N with 16-50pz lens. Sony Nex 3N is selling very well, its price lower than any mirrorless or DSLR, yet with superior IQ and small size.

I never understood why Sony bother creating A3000 when it already has a similar NEX 3N occupying the same market segment. 3N is smaller, has 180 degree flippy LCD for selfie. Its also the better value since 16-50pz cost nearly $245 for the lens alone.

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On Sony Australia releases a3500 with new kit lens article (141 comments in total)

This Camera is WHY SONY has ZERO RESPECT among photographers. Sony has a nasty habit of making numerous camera model without improvements...or even inferior to the previous generation. This happen before:
Sony A230 is inferior to A200 it replaced. NEX 3N w/250K LCD + no accessory port is inferior to the previous NEX F3 with 920K LCD + accessory port.
In the mean while, there is still no NEX-7 replacement in site. Wake Up Sony!

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Timbukto: The sensor is not even the biggest insult. Its the fact that Canon purposely is using this entry level camera to clear out existing inventory of its OLD kit lens when the sharper and far superior AF STM version is already released.

I actually find this more repulsive...nickle and diming the blue collared consumer or starting enthusiast is a bigger offense to me than Nikon milking the old and rich with the DF or 58. Nikon is doing awesome with entry level. The new collapsible kit lens looks almost good enough for the 24MP sensors. The 18-140 super zoom is looking good too, and the sensors and AF on an entire slew of Nikon entry level is now indisputably just better lately.

Well Said Tim... I think I might go Nikon for my DSLR needs

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xfoto: What year is this?

Year 2000. It would have been competitive 4 years ago

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joexu: 72mm threads that is one huge lens for a mirrorless camera.

72mm is the same as Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC. But Tamron weight only 570g. I wonder why this Samsung weight more???

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On DPReview Gear of the Year: Canon Rebel SL1 / EOS 100D article (270 comments in total)

Great Review Shawn, I agree 100%. I have own numerous camera during last year (Canon T1i, then a Panasonic GF2, then a Sony NEX, and now an EOS-M), Canon SL1 is better than any of them by miles.
One of the least talk-about-feature is the amazing ** HYBRID AF II **. It focus significantly faster than * HYBRID AF 1 * in 650d (T4i) + 700D (T5i) and Eos-M1.

For those who haven't try ** HYBRID AF II **, give it a shot! You're be surprise @the improvement over Hybrid AF 1. So good that I don't need to buy a Canon 70D just for its ** DUAL PIXEL AF **. I find HF2 good enough for me.

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RobertSigmund: I never found the Canon 24 - 105 overwhelming. Maybe it is a calibration issue but with my 5D Mark I I cannot calibrate.

Me neither, tried 2 copies, each is less sharp than an EF-S 17-55/2.8. The new Sigma is interesting. If performance is near its 35/1.4 and 50/1.4, it'll be an easy choice over the canon 24-105

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On Ricoh announces 'HD' update to Pentax DA Limited primes article (198 comments in total)

Love the lens, hate the price. I had the pleasure of using the older 21mm + 70mm pancake. The hands-on experience is incredible, as good as my father's real West-German Made Zeiss.
But Pentax lens are just TOO EXPENSIVE. I'm mean $749 for a 70mm f/2.4 "TOO SLOW". Make it a 70mm F/1.4 ~ F/1.8, then we're talking. Until then, I can go get a much (1) Sharper (2) Faster Olympus 75mm f/1.8 for the same price, or go cheap for a $230 Sigma 60mm f/2.8. As long as Pentax keep over-charging its own loyal consumer, its market-share will continue to shrink.
How much lower can Pentax go. The companyh has been sold twice already.

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On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1333 comments in total)
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Mikhail Tal: DPR I would like to point out to you that the Canon 70D received and 8-page preview (not counting studio comparison and sample image gallery and just now topped 700 comments, while the Panasonic GX7 (mirrorless) only got a minimal one-page preview, yet got over 700 comments even though it was just a single page and did not include the image gallery (posted separately) or the studio comparison (posted later but not directly comparable because it is the new studio compare).

So my point is that people are talking more about the mirrorless GX7 than the DSLR 70D and presumably creating at least as much if not more viewer traffic, yet you give more content to the 70D. I understand you may not have foreseen the amount of traffic the GX7 would get, but I would like to suggest that in the future you provide full-length previews to mirrorless cameras just as you would DSLRs because the evidence is there that if you post the previews and reviews then people will come and view them.

You should BLAME YOURSELF. You're the one who is posting "Mirrorless is DYING! We've GOT to SAVE IT!" thread.

So why should DPR give review-priority on a dying system?
why not put review-priority on the most Significant sensor improvement today, that is 70d.

Posted on Aug 17, 2013 at 00:59 UTC
On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1333 comments in total)
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Christoph Stephan: "why bother with the bulk of an SLR?" Simply, framing with the screen at arms length
1. negates any advantage image stabilisation may offer, and this gets even worse with huge telephoto lenses like te EF 100-400mm L IS
2. is still a pain in bright light making composition - the essence of creative photography - guesswork
3. Optical finders consume less battery power than screens and EVF. Battery empty - no photos.

For me the EOS M and other viewfinderless garbage will always be a cup which I will let pass by, give me an SLR with decent OVF anytime.

wow, so much hate for EOS-M. You don't have to buy it you know ;-)

Posted on Aug 17, 2013 at 00:55 UTC
On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1333 comments in total)

wrong section

Posted on Aug 17, 2013 at 00:55 UTC as 225th comment
On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1333 comments in total)
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TCampbell: I've not seen anyone mention that the SD slot is now actually a UHS-I slot. Even Andy Westlake missed that point.

UHS-I has a bus speed of 312 Megabytes per second -- which means with a fast enough card, the bus can transfer data faster than the camera can shoot.

For example... assume an average RAW file size of 25 MB and given the camera's 7 fps in continuous mode, you'd need 175 MB/sec. The UHS-I slot is almost double that speed.

The "catch" is, of course, that nobody actually makes a card that write at the full speed of the UHS-I bus. Sandisks fastest spec cards are claiming 95 MB/sec.

It's still a cool feature. Previously only a camera with CF cards could transfer data that fast. BTW, the 2nd card slot in the 5D III (the 5D III has two slots... one CF and one SD) is _not_ a UHS-I slot. So if you want fast write performance you have to use the CF slot. It's nice to see high performance card slots making it into this body.

Sandisk 95 mb/s is a theortical. In reality, camera CPU cannot even push that fast. Fastest card top out about 60 mb/s on Nikon D800. You also need a much faster camera with faster cpu to push the limits of card's write speed.

Posted on Jul 2, 2013 at 15:19 UTC
On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1333 comments in total)
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The Lotus Eater: Canon chickened out putting an EVF into this camera. The obvious reason is that they would have upset a lot of people, and that's fair enough, but how much more can they improve their APS-C OVFs? EVFs are getting better and better, and many EVFs already surpass APS-C OVFs in terms of both view and functionality.

How good is Canon's on-sensor PDAF? If it is as fast as the off-sensor PDAF module, then Canon should have removed the OVF, mirror and PDAF module. Does the fact that they haven't indicate that it isn't as fast, or is it purely for the reason of avoiding alienation? If the latter, then one could argue that it is a compromised design.

Nobody would buy a Canon DSLR stuck with an EVF. The entire reason why people buy DSLR is for OPTICAL VIEWFINDER. Yes, they're superior and doesn't consume battery

Posted on Jul 2, 2013 at 15:16 UTC
On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1333 comments in total)
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Gomali: I'm a video shooter and it's a huge disappointment for me.

Despite the overwhelming demand from users, Canon has once again decided to intentionally omit a (50 Cent) Headphone Jack. Gee, let's not drive any business away from the 5DMKIII.

The problem for me isn't the higher price of a 5DMKIII (for live event videography) - it's that Canon simply doesn't make a fast wide zoom lens with I.S. - Tamron has their 24-70mm F/2.8 VC, but I was disappointed with the unflattering look of the barrel distortion on the talent at 24mm.

I don't have the same issue on APS-C DLSRs when using either the Canon EF-S 17-55mm F/2.8 IS or the Sigma 17-50mm F/2.8 O.S.

The second important feature omitted - Dual Card Slots - we are still at the mercy of a single card failure.

I wish Nikon could step up to the plate, but after purchasing a D7100 I realized that it had its own idiosyncrasies for shooting video which drove me back to my trusty Canon 60D.

Nikon d7100 cannot change aperture when filming is a serious omission. You must buy the expensive D800 for that feature. Where as Canon, I have full control over aperture/shutter-speed even in a 4yrs old Rebel T2i.
The truth is the grass only look greener on the other side.

Posted on Jul 2, 2013 at 12:23 UTC
On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1333 comments in total)

>> Stunning Upgrade <<. I'm giving Canon credit where credit is due. After years of mild-warm-over-yawn evolution, Canon finally release a camera that is Major Leap over its predecessor.

A PDAF Live View is a serious upgrade. It erased the single major weakness of any CDAF mirrorless camera (m43 + NEX). Finally a DSLR that is equally capable at Moves + Live View as it is at shooting sports actions.

I'm most surprised by 19pts AF taken from Canon 7D (wow!) No point in buying Canon 7D now. Well done Canon!

Posted on Jul 2, 2013 at 12:19 UTC as 425th comment
On Best DSLRs and ILCs for less than $1000 article (276 comments in total)
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Skrocki: For $479 the Canon EOS-M with 22mm F/2 STM pancake lens is a much better camera than the Panasonic GX1.

I like both EOS-M and GX1 - plan to buy both. But EOS-M is NOT the better camera: canon is missing (1) Ultra-Fast AF, GX1 is about 3~5x faster than EOS-M in focusing, no joke, even with the firmware 2.02 update; (2) GX1 has a Build-in Bounce-able Flash that canon lacks. When you add Canon speed lite EX-90 to EOS-M, the SIZE has gotten to BIG that you're better off buying a Canon Rebel SL1.

Where canon wins is in price, I can buy a cheap 22mm F/2 STM lens new of ebay for around $110. Where as Panasonic 20/1.7 cost me nearly $350. Ouch....

I like Canon EOS-M because of overall price with 22mm STM. But if you compare camera-to-camera, function for functions, Panasonic GX1 wins.

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On Forum updates article (68 comments in total)
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007peter: ** MAJOR PROBLEM ** I can no longer UPLOAD any photo. There is challenge ending tomorrow. Any chance if FIXING this problem. I try using 3 browser to upload the. Nothing happen. The upload button is grey out!


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On Forum updates article (68 comments in total)

** MAJOR PROBLEM ** I can no longer UPLOAD any photo. There is challenge ending tomorrow. Any chance if FIXING this problem. I try using 3 browser to upload the. Nothing happen. The upload button is grey out!

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