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  • Commented on Nikon D5300 preview

    Seeing the comparison pictures with the Canon 700D/T5i one wonders why Nikon could not have added a button or two to the D5300 body (say ISO and White Balance) and is so sparse with that... Just...

  • Replied in Sunset photos
    I would say the shots are a bit underexposed, but take that with a grain of salt from a beginner (too) :)
  • Thx jbf! Valid points, though the lack of experience on my side is as of yet undeniable :) But as you also say, everyone has their own style and look they like, so with all the different tastes ...
  • Thx darklamp! As you say, it takes time to get a trained eye and these are just my beginnings :) In fact, all shots were done in color and those in B&W were only done in PP. "Reflections" were ...
  • Replied in The viewer
    The issue with the Canon A4000 is that the only controllable value is the ISO. It does not have an Aperture iris (no Av mode), nor does it support controlling the Shutter speed (so no Tv mode either).
  • Replied in The viewer
    Hi darklamp, thx! These are my first serious tries with the A4000 and given that the only thing I can influence is the ISO (though today I installed CHDK to at least have the shutter speed control ...
  • I decided to dust off my wife's Canon A4000 IS, bearing in mind the phrases "The best camera is the one you have with you right now" and "It's about the shooter, not the camera" and went to work ...
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    Empty TrainEmpty Train
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    Reflection(s)A4000 on a trip
  • As Layla said (and this is also coming from an amateur), the Depth of Field is too narrow on f/1.8. Also, what I noticed, your White Balance is leaning into blueish colors, so depending on if you ...
  • Thx Norman! Yes, it is cropped on the right slightly, but that is the way it was shot, or rather captured (in that usual child-moving speed :)). As per WB, I do not remember the light conditions ...
  • Thx! For an amateur (as I am) it looks nice... I do not know any special requirements that landscape photography has or the "best practices" therefor, so my comment is "really nice" :) I do not see ...
  • Replied in Sunset photos
    The second one does not work, because clearly the woman is doing something, but we do not see what...
  • Replied in GOOD NEWS
    Reminder for me (and possibly others) then - always update all the image data internally on your PC :-P But looking forward to the aforementioned upgrades!
  • Thx jbf! Now that you mention it, yes, the eyes could use a small amount of PP with a touch of sharpening and "livening up"... Glad you like it!
  • It's quite hard to say something, because the image is so small... do you have a larger version perhaps?
  • Replied in Night seascape
    Nice shot but two landscape mistakes for me: 1. tilted slightly - the water line has to be straight level, that is how our eyes tend to watch it (if tilted, the whole image starts "falling" to one ...
  • Shot this one earlier today as my children were fresh out of bed and full of energy... Came out nice, even if one of the eyes is cropped slightly... For me the only deficiency, but for you...? Fast ...
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  • Hi jbf, 1. yes, following the ball in the first pic is the missing piece of info, so a wider shot with at least part of my dad would serve more. 2. one way of removing these distractions would be ...
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