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falconeyes: This Pentax FF looks tempting.

I hope for Pentax the D810 successor expected for about Spring too does not ruin the party.

Unlikely. This pentax fullframe is designed for loyal pentaxians who have been waiting for ages, and the current 645z users.

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phoenix15: I am confused between new SDM and DC motor now. Which is superior ? 150-450 is using DC, 70-200mm will use DC also, but then this 24-70 is SDM
My opinion, disregard to the past traumatic syndrome, SDM is better to spell.

My concern is, what if the new SDM is faster and quitter than Pentax's DC motor on 70-200 and 150-450, which are more expensive.
I am not affraid with the old saying SDM was sudden death motor. I believe new SDM is reliable. But, I wonder how new SDM is compared to the Pentax's DC motor.

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I am confused between new SDM and DC motor now. Which is superior ? 150-450 is using DC, 70-200mm will use DC also, but then this 24-70 is SDM
My opinion, disregard to the past traumatic syndrome, SDM is better to spell.

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On article Ricoh teases spring 2016 full-frame Pentax DSLR debut (524 comments in total)

I will definitely get this baby by next year. But before that coming, I want to see what they can do with the lens. It is the most crucial part, as the body tend to be short investment, the lens will stay forever. I heard the rumours that this year is zoom FF lenses, and next year will be prime FF lenses. I wonder if they can make it as they had planned.

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On article Fujifilm announces X-T1 IR for infrared photography (204 comments in total)

Fuji is extending the use of the current sensor with non-essential variant like this. I think Fuji need to try Sony BSI sensor, and make progress.

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King of Song: This changes everything, at least for me. I knew this was going to happen. I was searching for a reason to buy the new Canon 5DSr, just because I'm already invested in the Canon system. But I already knew the Canon is obsolete, even before it is released. The mirrorless is just a better concept altogether. Sony has just done the seemingly impossible. That's break into to exclusive pro market, forever dominated by Nikon and Canon.

Does anybody want to buy a Canon 6D, with 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art, 50mm 2.5 macro, and 100 2.0 Canon lenses, all mint, for cheap? haha

PS> If Sony was really smart, they wouldn't sell this new sensor to Nikon...

Sony is making business with the sensor. They want to gain 40% market share, so there is no reason not to sell it to Nikon, Ricoh, or Leica.

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Ricoh please, use this sensor for the next Pentax FF body.

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On Connect post DPReview recommends: Best smartphone cameras (365 comments in total)

I consider Nexus 6 is the best buy now. I would consider Nokia/Microsoft if they change the body design. I don't understand why Nokia/Microsoft keep using old design from Lumia 800, which already out date and boring.

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ogl: Future version of DFA* 24-70/2.8 for Pentax

Are you really sure ?

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On Preview:nikon-d7200 (1114 comments in total)

Why I think Nikon will NOT release D400:
1. They use Sony sensor, and it is better than Canon 7DII's. What need to worry if the sensor is far superior ? And remember D7200 is 700 USD cheaper.
2. Tough competition in pro DX body, while the market is declining. Pentax K-3II is only 1000 USD, with rugged body, 8.3 FPS, GPS, astrotracer, and the sensor is also same class with D7200. Will they charge 1700 USD for body only, and expecting it to be a best seller ? I doubt it.
3. State of art AF system in D7200 is one of the best, in class with Nikon D750 and D810. This is just telling us, D7200 is what Nikonian expect to see in the D400.
4. Fullframe camera is getting cheaper, and there is much pressure now from the mirrorless system. Introducing D400 with cropped sensor is wasting time and resources, must be better to compete Sony with their A7 series.

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On Preview:nikon-d7200 (1114 comments in total)
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zakaria: What the point of rebadjed the 7100 to the7200?
nikon is following Sony behaviour..many cameras with no new features or something like what olympus and pentax are doing.

What D7200 is better than K-3 II:
1. Autofocus with 51 points
2. Video
3. LCD
4. Flash
5. Wifi
6. Battery life

Good enough to keep Nikonian happy. They don't need D400, because it will only cost them 1700 USD

Posted on May 3, 2015 at 14:24 UTC
On article Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II (531 comments in total)
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K0d: It does have optional WiFi built in.
Upgradeable, full network compatibility and multiple OS - Just take out the card and its in flight mode.

Actually in Japan K-3II is more expensive than nikon D7200

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On Samsung NX1 Review (1263 comments in total)

"Overall, the NX1's autofocus system is fast and effective, however it can struggle in low light. Although we haven't been able to precisely quantify the limit at which this occurs, there's definitely a point at which AF performance drops off noticeably in real world use."

It is not easy to develop precise and fast focusing at low light situations. Canon 7DII and Pentax K-3 are still the winner in this regard. But overall, I like to see Samsung entering pro-APSC segment.

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I like the idea of Samyang use Ultra Multi Coating (UMC) in naming their coating technology. Well, it is just like Pentax's SMC coating was stolen and improved, from super to Ultra.

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On Nikon D5500 Review (371 comments in total)
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zakaria: OR getting the pentax ks2 which has weather sealed body and af motor!!plus IS!!

With the D5500's price, you can even get Pentax K-3.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review (845 comments in total)

This camera deserves gold award. I can't understand DPR judgment.

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Mike FL: "We believe that this new product will meet the expectations of our loyal users."

"loyal users"? No kidding.

I bought a Pentax before Ricoh bought Pentax, and it was not a bad camera comparing to Nikon and Canon.

Pentax went to bad since it was adopted by Ricoh.

Ok, One thing that I like amazon is that users/buyers will leave review/"Average Customer Review", as well Amazon has "Amazon Best Sellers Rank".

Pentax K-S1 is the best example of TASTELESS at the best. NOW what's the NORMAL people/buyers thinking about K-S1?

Let's checking the amazon for "Average Customer Review" and "Amazon Best Sellers Rank".

Check it out, and let us know what do u thinking.


Most of them, only 3 stocks are remaining. Yes ?

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Mike FL: "full-frame DSLR may have 'something extra built-in'"

What's the 'something extra built-in'?

- Good = IBIS
- Ugly = Disco LED lights

BTW: Pentax K-S1 is the most tasteless camera we ever see.

Disco LED lights. What a shame.

Most of the mfc are trying to make a $500 camera looks like a $1000 camera while Ricoh asked Pentax to make a $500 looks like a $250 camera.

Now what? 'something extra built-in'?

LED light is small thing compared to image quality offered by K-S1 for 500 USD or less. So you like more MFC that look like 1000 USD camera, but image quality that look like 200 USD ?
I will take Iphone anyday than MFC

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samhain: If Ricoh would re-hire Jun Hirakawa to design new Pentax FF lenses...
I could honestly see Pentax being a serious competitor to Canon/Nikon.

Imo- Dslr bodies come & go. But the lenses- that's what makes all the difference.
Innovation will move a brand up the food chain. Fast, unique, well made glass will keep em there.

Jun is specialized for prime lens. For the zoom, there is Masakazu Saori who designed for 70-200mm, also before 50-135mm.

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baldeagle21b: Seems like a half-hearted effort on the part of DPR, and that's being generous. Imaging Resource has a much better interview.

If you listen to the live interview, it is quite difficult to understand his english. Plus, the marketing guy don't really have great vision, if you compared to Sigma CEO. This is as good as anyone can get from Mr. Saiki's interview

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