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  • Yes I used sports mode just to see how it handled the job. I don't see myself using it much although it did pretty well. I prefer the ability to set up to my taste as a rule. I'm going to try it ...
  • Well as you will have guessed I didn't have high hopes for the G3X's tracking ability and what I got was better than I expected. Especially the screen refresh rate and buffer capacity in JPG. ...
  • Please don't be sorry :) For me the sensor size and IQ are why I say it would need to be a DSLR Agree they can take great shots but if you had to shoot an event, wedding etc would you pick up a 1" ...
  • This is true. The nearest would be a high spec DSLR with a collection of lenses and good flash system. Of course carrying 20lbs plus weight of gear isn't something you want to do all the time :D Th ...
  • because I didn't expect it to have such a good buffer, tracking and screen refresh rate to enable me to track the cars You walk at 9km per hour? I'm impressed again :D also you picked probably the ...
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  • You are an analyst? are you sure? I wrote " I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to track the cars pretty well and buffer wasn't a problem" and you read "OOHHHH... what a FAST cam "
  • Created discussions G3X focus tracking moving cars
    There's been some discussion about the focus tracking ability of the G3X and I hadn't had chance to try it myself. We don't have cars and motorbikes etc on the island where I live so I took the ...
  • I like the back-lit look. I also like flowers (well most things really) and the max zoom is handy when they are hiding out in a pond
  • I'm impressed! My few attempts at acquiring a bird have been pathetic, I'm going to borrow an EVF and try again.
  • Slower that a DSLR but I haven't noticed a problem with what I've been shooting so far. I just tried shooting stopwatch function on my PC and it looked to be .2 sec. I haven't tried often at BIF ...
  • http://search-hk.canon-asia.com/canon__hk_en__hk_en/search.x?ct=Support&hf=category%09zubaken&d=MANUALS&cf=model_sm:PowerShot+G3+X
  • for those who asked :)
  • OK try this. Hold your camera and take a shot of a building where you can see the whole width of the building with the camera pointing straight forward at eye level, don't worry about other ...
  • What you have there is perspective distortion because your camera sensor wasn't vertical, your camera was pointing down. So to avoid it keep the camera vertical but it can limit POV. The ...
  • Hi Bab If you want shots of the grandkids running around (do they every stop?) I'd go with the SL-1 as the focus will be faster. I have the original M and the 550D and to shoot the grandkids the ...
  • Sorry I thought I uploaded this in the other thread which is now at limit. It's the RAW before and after LR adjustment. Both cropped
  • Replied in 600mm
    JPEG DR correction was off. Agree JPEG is pretty good! I've some more in this gallery near the top, if you mouse over them a caption will show "from JPEG)
  • Replied in 600mm
    OK here's version from the RAW processed with the jpeg version hidden :) it's cropped but not resized exposure -0.5 highlights -37 blacks -14 vibrance +17 lights +11 darks =11 shadows -45 sharpening 25
  • Replied in 600mm
    OK I just realized this was from the jpeg :) LRCC exposure -.05 (don't remember doing that) highlights -59 vibrance =14 That's it Now I'm going to look at the RAW :D
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