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  • jim,  thanks for the advice.   i was aware of a few software offerings that might have worked but a bit hesitant to put anything else on his computer that might linger in the background. and after ...
  • Replied in stolen moments
    thanks for taking time to take a look and comment.    i really enjoy using the eosm and feel it did great in this situation. i'm familiar with the now jazz standard and great to listen to other ...
  • Created discussions stolen moments
    i was late getting there and surprised that ceremony had not started yet. i found her waiting in the library. the m is so unassuming in appearance and quiet. i would not have taken these shots had ...
  • ok,  nevermind.   i took a stab at a similar model in the NV line that supported the same os and found a driver that loaded and works. but thanks anyway.   you all seem to always have the answer. el
  • this is a co-worker's gateway nv59c.   about a yr and half ago his hard drive died.   i convinced him to try a ssd (made by crucial).   installed it and os with no problems.    it died the other ...
  • i recently purchased a refurb from td with windows 7 64bit and was worried about a similar message in red type in the lower right side of the screen.    it stayed there until i 'activated windows' ...
  • tom,   at a time when there was only one computer in the house,  i had a panic attack when a hard drive failed on me.    my solution was as yours...  make up two hard drives on 'day one'.    ...
  • pay close attention to the advice on protecting your camera.    wind blows sand in virtually all the time.    just take one flash picture and take a look at what it captures. we were there a few ...
  • as long as you are out there,  you might also get into new mexico for this....
  • we came through shiprock n.m. early october a few years back as a huge powwow had just ended.    it may be an annual event and very close to where you will be.   try to do some research.  this one ...
  • Created discussions re finding vivian maier
    sorry if this has already been brought up.    just got this link this morning.   hope you live somewhere that will show the movie.
  • deed, you think those fees are scary, you should look at the detailed billing on a U.S. telephone bill. i rent at the airport for convenience mainly. in the rental lobby, at least four or five ...
  • Replied in Lego pictures
    just a couple suggestions. kids gravitate more to colors than black and white things. get in closer.  fill the frame with your subject.  even try some extreme close up of lego parts. print big ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry ben
    along with inflation this face becomes more familiar.
    Placed 52nd in the challenge. along with inflation this face becomes more familiar.
  • Commented on Make Way For Ambulance! in the Old&Forgotten Toys challenge

    this brought back some memories. i was unstoppable with a screwdriver and pliers when i was young. had to find out how anything worked. a lot of these had small friction motors. what i...

  • Commented on Santa Fe El Capitan in the Macro - Toy(s) challenge

    nice entry.
    we took the super chief (same train but with sleeper cars) to califorina to see my grandparents sometime in the mid fifties. will never forget it. i have this train in 'n' gauge...

  • Commented on Macro - Toy(s) challenge

    well after first go through, cuteness factor and nostalgia are dominating my preferences. and then within those, presentation will have to win out.

  • Submitted a challenge entry R-32
    put the five cent piece to give a sense of scale.   this lives in a box.   had almost forgot about it.   i love the true to life details and remember now why it stays in a box.
    Placed 6th in the challenge. put the five cent piece to give a sense of scale. this lives in a box. had almost forgot about it. i love the true to life details and remember now why it stays in a box.
  • Submitted a challenge entry brick house
    Placed 14th in the challenge.
  • great shot lloyd!!   good luck with the sale.   would make a great poster for the event. i'm familiar with that area and would never imagine they could host that large of an event.  it just seems ...
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