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On Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' article (333 comments in total)

Not sure whether someone already got this pun yet

Oh My God

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"like the pros use" "shoot like a pro" yadda yadda

nuff' said - I guess they mean "empty your wallet like a pro" :-)

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1607 comments in total)
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Anastigmat: Sony should hire somebody to design the body. Ever since the D900, they have the dubious distinction of being the brand with the least attractive full frame models on the market. The 7R carries on that tradition. It brings back the origami style seen in the Japanese autos of the 1970s. There are more lines and creases and folds than you can find on Keith Richard's face.

Oh yeah what a failure the Sony A900 was - at launch it was a pityiful 5000$ less than the D3x, while sharing the same Exmor sensor. In terms of DR it was already beating the socks off the 5dII which was possibly Canon's biggest DR failure to date.

And I'm not even mentioning the AF, weathersealing all superior to the 5dII. Ah yeah the 5dII had video. Big deal indeed for photographers. Bigger deal even when you consider that models such as the Nikon Df now have video intentionally removed.

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On Coming soon: Lens Reviews to return to dpreview.com article (274 comments in total)
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hansolo82: Great news IF you don't use their mystical "DxOMark Score" and put that in the front page of your site (i.e. meaningless because using only one data point on the overall test, and that's for lenses AND sensors). Anyone who digs a bit deeper in their tests (and other's) will soon see that it takes more than one number to caracterize a lens (especially zoom) or a sensor. Take the canon 70-200mm f/2.8 I & II for reference.

That's why my No1 reference for lenses is now Roger Cicala's lensrental blog because :
1 - he tests as many copies as he can because he knows sample variation is important, even for a 50 000$ cinema lenses.

2 - tries to test at different focal length

3 - Gives the (average) resolution for the center and for an average over the entire coverage (although he should also gives the maximum and minimum he got in a batch)

Just unfortunate that he does really have the time to test everything he got (but at least seems to test everything that's new).

The "one number magical score" is meant for people in a hurry. For all the others DxO provides data which is detailed enough to carry out a finer analysis.

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On Sony Alpha SLT-A99 preview (326 comments in total)

I own an A900, I would be all in the A99 for better focusing.

However I see that they have done it again, the same APS-C AF and layout used in a full frame camera, same as they did with A700-A900.

What a pity. A top-notch AF system that forces you to focus and recompose each time you do off-center composition. Not to mention the issues with moving subjects.

Oh well, I guess my turn will come with the A99 successor. It seems that Sony listens to customers as they have implemented auto-iso in M mode this time. So next time Sony, PLEASE IMPLEMENT A DEDICATED FULL-FRAME AF MODULE WITH SENSIBLE LAYOUT. Please.

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