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KL Matt: Ricoh's Pentax Renaissance (so far): bump up sensor size of Q system. Intro true flagship APS/C model with class-leading IQ. Launch entry-level DSLR. Create outstanding mid-range model that catches up to the rest of the world with flip screen and wifi. Release updated 645 with unmatched IQ and even video. Launch new full-frame 135-format flagship with best-in-class IQ. Release full line of professional f/2.8 FF zooms. Make all the above the best value-for-money available. Check, check, check, check, check, check, check and check. All this in in just 5 years people. I think we can safely say Pentax is back.

The 645Z has certainly been successful beyond Ricoh projections and it appears they have another winner with the K1. Ricoh, like Canon and Nikon, has deep pockets, so it's fairly safe to say Pentax is here to stay.

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cirtapfotos: The Winner...Again Nikon D810 at 64 ISO can't be beat.

Except the K1 at ISO 100 matches the ISO 64 performance of the D810 and pulls away from that point on.

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Sid911: The only fly in the soup - The Pentax K1 is mighty heavy - heavier than the D810 and the 5D Mark iii :-(

Spend more time at the gym on the weights if a few ounces difference bothers you.

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dpthoughts: I see two odd things which I dislike.

no 1. it is meaningless to compare a 4-exposure mode like pixelshift to an 1-exposure mode like single-shot in the D810.
If you compare properly, you would do it against a series of four consecutive shots, which are merged in photoshop, with or without the help of an action to automate this.

Then, the alleged noise advantage of pixel shift would be what it is: void ;)

no 2. The K-1 steals its dynamic range advantage by means of cheating (doing denoising on raws). Evidence: the ratio between luminance noise and chroma noise appears to be shifted in favour for choma noise.
If the firmware doesn't do any denoising, then this ratio must always be constant (due to maths).

This is a plausible explanation, why the K-1 will do so well on reviews, w/o having received a new miracle sensor from Sony. Sony wouldn't give such to Ricoh, so that Ricoh's cams appeared as cheaper and better than Sonys own ;) that never happened, of course.

So what? A four frame stacked group in PS from the D810 still won't get your RGB at each pixel. Who cares if Pentax manipulates the RAW a bit for better noise performance. The K1 still outperforms the D810 on resolution and with less visible noise.

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Reilly Diefenbach: 177 MB is a lot of overhead for a bit less moire and no gain in resolution. Good job, Pentax, though.

Lots of gain in apparent resolution. It demonstrates how much a Bayer filter array throws away, regardless of sensor size. Compare the Phase IQ 180 80 meg medium format against the K1 in pixel shift, looking at the etching to left of center or the currency. The K1 matches it.

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EthanX: Pixel Shift is only good for studio tripod-aided shots, but still, even without pixel shift, this camera looks like a real winner.

Good job, Pentax!

The K1 has software to allow pixel shift to be used with scenes with some moderate movement, such as landscapes shot with a tripod.

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Amazing. The number of posters who can't get past the fact the 77mm lens is pretty much recognized as a portrait lens. Pentax makes a number of lenses that are sharper at other focal lengths. What is legitimately amazing to me is how good pixel shift is in spite of the handicap of the lens. Forget comparing it to the 645Z, D810 or the Canon 50D whatever...pull up the Phase IQ 180 80 meg medium format , slide over to the etching left of center on the studio shot or the currency. The K1 pretty much matches the IQ180 in terms of sharpness and I'm betting it will match color accuracy or beat it in a well-controlled comparison, which this preview is not.

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andymuns: There is no such thing as "full frame medium format". Medium Format a sensor or film frame that is bigger then the 135 format (35mm or so called full frame) and smaller 4inch by 5inch format. Please could we get this right for a change.

JordanAT....the designation of medium format also includes 6x8, 6x9, 6x12, 6x17. Those aspect ratios come from film days when the common denominator was 120/220 roll film. As for 6x6, it essentially is 645 by the time it's cropped. Not every shot is a candidate for a square crop.

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iAPX: I see it's not a camera for me, it's not probably a good replacement for a pocket mirrorless, or an action dslr. Some seems to find it "pricey", it surely is, but compared to what???

It's not pricey, it's under $100 per work day, or if you mind, with lenses and accessories largely under 10% of what a professional studio photographer will earn with it.

It's really pricey if you think about vacation's photographies, selfies, crush it while attached to a drone, compare it to a smartphone, if you want top put it on your car desk, or as a home-security camera. Do you really think it has been conceived for that?

The Pentax 645z, like prior film and digital Pentax 645s, is really aimed at the nature/landscape shooter. It has a faster fps capability than Hasselblad, higher maximum shutter speed, higher ISO capability, nearly a pound lighter, and it's highly intuitive to use. Pentax now makes some MF lenses with internal image stabilization. You can easily use the 645Z without a tripod. Use the right tool for the job. On a hike or backpack for landscape or nature shooting I wouldn't even consider the Hasselblad.

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fatdeeman: All Panasonic need to do is a put a twisty hand grip on the GH4 and give it a ridiculously over the top bit rate to appease ignorant broadcasters who think bit rate and IQ are inseparable and they'd have themselves an XC10 killer with RAW photos and interchangeable lenses.

Some broadcasters may have a clue but not all. Most broadcasters compress the hell out of the over the air product, with a bit rate under 20Mbps. As an example, where I live in Hawaii, the CBS and NBC affiliates are owned by the same company. They convert 1080 to 720, and try and squeeze them on the same channel. The result looks like hammered crap. Sports programming of any type with rapid movement is pixel city. Ironically, they send clean, unconverted feeds to the satellite services, resulting in IQ from satellite that looks infinitely better than OTA.

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jonny1976: then pentax will come out with a 100 million camera 645z2 that will cost 8000 euro.

Tella, I think that if you compared the 50mp versions of all three current brand models, you'd find little difference. Post processing and RAW converter choice will affect images the most. It's obvious Hasselblad and Phase are more oriented towards fashion, studio and wedding photography. For landscape and nature work, the 645Z is rugged, nimble and more satisfying to use. Your mileage may vary.

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jonny1976: then pentax will come out with a 100 million camera 645z2 that will cost 8000 euro.

Well, hopefully your photography skills are better than your comprehension skills. The discussion here has been about the 645z, not the D. And your comments regarding dynamic range, noise performance, bit depth, etc., are irrelevant as applied to the Z.

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jonny1976: then pentax will come out with a 100 million camera 645z2 that will cost 8000 euro.

Here is a link to a site with a screen shot of the DXO test results for the 645Z before the page was pulled. Funny that DXO wouldn't say why they were not going to publish the full test....pressure perhaps from Pentax competitors? Regardless, the test results speak for themselves. The 50 meg sensor in the Z (also the same as in the Phase and Hasselblad, as implemented in the Z gives up nothing to the competitors in that category and outperforms the A7RII and 810 in dramatic fashion in terms of noise performance.

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jonny1976: then pentax will come out with a 100 million camera 645z2 that will cost 8000 euro.

I own the 645Z and I can underexpose five stops and push it in LR. Let me assure you, the comment regarding the darkest two stops being noise is pure bullsh--. Also, it's a 14 bit sensor in the Pentax, Hasselblad and Phase. The 16 bit nonsense has been debunked numerous times online by numerous experts. PKCPGA is a troll.

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biggercountry: Well, to each their own. Living a state over from Idaho, having gone to college there, and with in-laws who live there, I've seen a lot of it. Not that it isn't pretty, but to me California has all of that and much more. But I wouldn't want to live in California. :-) Beaches and deserts for me.

Likewise, Utah, AZ, CO, were my favorites for many years. Now that I'm finished with the desert, I'm enjoying Hawaii. Idaho was never on my radar for many reasons.

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digitalhecht: Based on conversations we've had with others here, Idaho is one of several places on the radar of soon-to-be burned out Silicon Valley refugees (along with Washington state, Oregon and Montana), myself included. (I've heard of complaints of all the ex-Californians driving up real estate prices in Oregon...) Though these shots, stunning as they are, are giving me pause: I am a "Diaspora Buffalonian" who has been running from winter since high school. Maybe just a cheaper area of California after all. :)

The California influence on real estate prices in Oregon and the Pacific NW started decades ago. I remember in the early 80s there were so many Californians moving from the Bay Area to Ashland, Oregon, that the local joke was that Ashland was the northernmost city in Marin County.

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1115 comments in total)

Lots of moire in the Leica image on the studio scene. While the cameras are aimed at two entirely different groups of shooters, it's interesting that the lowly Pentax K3II in the pixel shift mode, stunningly outperforms the Leica, for thousands of dollars less. Compare the two, looking at the text copy above the center of the studio scene. Moire is disappointingly bad on the Leica.

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colesf: "Part of the reason for all the interest in a full-frame Pentax is the vast collection of K-mount lenses that exist around the world."

Boy , oh boy. This lame argument needs to die a quiet death. It was lame in 2000, but now in 2016, it's irrelevant except for a few diehards eBay junkies. And that does not a market make. Do Nikon users jump up and down because they can use the old dust-filled relics in their closet? Do Sony users trumpet their AF lenses from the Clinton era? No, only Pentax and its fans use this bizarre marketing strategy. It would be like a third-tier car maker, like Suzuki, adding a cassette player to their cars so that baby boomers could play their precious English Beat and Journey tapes.

Besides the issue of lens availability, what exactly is the point of 36 mp? I think most photographers got over printing 4x6 foot prints when they realized huge prints are just narcissistic.

You miss the point of the K1, completely. Go play with your point and shoot or iPhone, post your pictures online, leave others to photography. You obviously have no clue why some amateur and professional photographers have a legitimate use for 36 megs or larger.

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volks 1: Canon D6 or Nikon D750 are better choices, maybe not on paper but everywhere else where it counts. But hey, who am I to judge.

The K1 is likely to equal any existing body that is utilizing the SONY 36 meg sensor in terms of ISO performance. For a landscape/night scape shooter it will best anything being offered by Nikon or Canon at this point in time. With 5 axis stabilization, the percentage of keepers when shooting action/sports, is likely to be pretty high. I don't find any DSLR in either Nikon or Canon's lineup that is as compelling at this point. Judging from what I've read of the color processing employed by the K1 in the pixel shift mode, it's color and B&W renditions are likely to be superior as well. Your mileage may vary, of course, if you're not shooting landscapes.

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LewToo: Lenses ... the outstanding feature about Pentax.

My collection of lenses dating back to a circa 1955 500mm f4.5 m42 screw mount will still work on their newest cameras. NO other manufacturer can make that claim. In fact for most manufacturers you need a roadmap and a reference book to see what lense will fit what body.

My Pentax lenses also work on my Sony A6000.

I'll likely buy a K1 as a secondary body alongside my 645Z. As a landscape and astrophotographer AF is meaningless to me. For quick grab shots my GH4 works perfectly well. There are some very sharp 645 lenses and with an adapter, plus a couple of Rokinon wide angles, investment in new lenses will be minimal, less than the cost of an equivalent Nikon or Canon FF body.

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