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  • Commented on Happy Holidays from dpreview article

    Season Greetings DPreview.

    I'm looking forward to reading about all the exciting new technology in 2015.

  • primeshooter, QC on a modern camera is most likely very different to the way you imagine it to be. If being a user is stressing you out, I can only imagine how you'd fare as an engineer.
  • Most people who have THAT much money for gear can probably afford to trade in. The health benefits of being content with your hobby/profession are worth it. But be warned. No brand offers 100% ...
  • You are right Todd. But you know that some people will just move on to complaining about their new brand if they switch. For some people (by no means all), complaining is a state of mind. And you ...
  • Nader, I've had more issues with Sony mirrorless cameras than with Nikon, despite shooting with Nikon much longer. I still like Sony gear though. The occasional freeze up, or malfunction is to be ...
  • iAPX and xMichaelx, Flickr sought legal advise on the matter. Your interpretation, while it may make perfect sense to you, does not match the legal interpretation or advice they received. To know...

  • Edgar, you might keep your insults for a time when you haven't made an utter fool of yourself.

    Cul in this instance is the first three letters of a server name here, not a person's name. Server...

  • Professional photographers will find your argument both silly and naive.

    Photographers are entitled to determine the type of license used for the images. Any change requires their permission....

  • Edgar, they were using them to make money. Plain and simple.

    Or do you think that Flickr Wall Art is a charity for people who like images?

  • It is easy to sort the pro photographers from the happy snappers in this debate.

    Flickr would sell the shirt off your back if they could. They would not have backed down if they hadn't seen a...

  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    jkokich, the only way for YOU to see YOUR kind of shots is for YOU to give it a test run when YOU can get YOUR hands on it.

    Thanks to DPReview for the great review.

  • There are some very nice looking bags there!

  • @Richard Murdey. Nothing strange at all about the comment. As others have pointed out, the gear tends to be designed for the purpose. It has evolved based on function, not based on gender.

  • Yes. I was referring to working professional photographers. Glad someone can read.

  • Nice to see people giving back.

    I can't help but notice the contrast with a Phase One story on the same page, where Phase One are merely going to let a competition winner hold their cheapest...

  • Many women I have spoken to in the business would be a little miffed if they thought you were suggesting that their gear or bags needed to look more feminine for them.

  • Yes, I'll get used to seeing it :)

    And I do wonder about companies that make pink alternatives and target them at women. Surely, that's part of the definition of sexism. But they get away with it.

  • And regular camera gear is male-oriented?

    I know many female photographers who are every bit as talented and comfortable with camera gear as the best male photographers I come across. From...

  • Oh fear not Barney. Just a joke. I saw the ladies bag on the front page, where I expected to see something more associated with photography ;)

  • I think DPReview has been hacked by a ladies bag manufacturer.

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