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On Sony: An eye on focus article (763 comments in total)
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bluevellet: "nearest eye AF on the A7RII"

Welcome to 2010, Sony.

Haha...jealous like a kid!!!

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Skipper494: I agree with others, why compare chalk and cheese? Comparing a M4/3 with a FF is absolute nonsense, particularly harping on video when we all know that video cameras take much better video. It would also be nice to see 'professional' standard sample photos, instead of the usual snapshots. For instance, I chose a Fuji S2 Pro long ago after downloading the extra sharp London Bridge shot.

We expect to see the ultimate capabilities of cameras in these reviews, not amateur examples. That an a7S was used to shoot a Chev commercial is hardly a recommendation, an Airbus or even a BMW, maybe.

My Pan M4/3 system is sitting in its bag, waiting for a buyer, but my NEX 7 and Samsung NX20/200 are kept busy.

Absolutely agree with you. Comparing a FF with a Micro-third sensor is like comparing an apple with an orange!

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)

"we're a little worried that it might be another great camera that we just can't love"

We all know dp can't love Sony cameras! It's an open secret, isn't it!!?

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Jahled: I'm genuinely scratching my head as to the point of such a small body that will need an external recorder if their Quad HD or Ultra HD is one of the selling points.. am I missing something?

You are missing IQ!

Just kidding!!

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1608 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: One thing that bodes well for Sony is that their fan base seems almost as fired up as Nikon (who simply cannot do anything wrong). In a world full of excellent cameras, having customers who take comments about anything less than perfection as vicious slander, this unquestioning loyalty is nice to have.

It's fun to be a Canon fanboy and I understand that!

Did you use the a7/r? Read all the reviews on the Net and read the dpreview one and see how biased it is. The camera is not perfect and no camera does. The shutter noise is worse than even any other Sony cameras, but saying JPEG image quality is worse is a deliberately misleading information IMHO.

It does not cost to be honest and being neutral my friend! :)

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1608 comments in total)

@ Shawn Barnett

Did you actually test/shoot the a7/r JPEG? Just wondering! :)

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1608 comments in total)

Ha! Ha!! Amused at Dpreview a7/r review! I thought a7/r has the best JPEG image so far by Sony and close to Nikon D800.

The review seems biased and from a fanboy perspective rather a neutral camera reviewer?

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)

Sony Cyber-shot RX1

^^^ the coolest camera of 2012 IMHO.

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On Just Posted: Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review article (498 comments in total)

LOL @ zinedi!!!

Never used an a77 or a99 EVF eh??
a99 EVF is stunning - use one then comment.

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@ steven_k

It will depends on high ISO noise - looks like a great cam for CaNikon to afraid of!!

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On Just Posted: Sony NEX-6 and 16-50mm power zoom preview article (63 comments in total)

A fantastic addition indeed. Congrats Sony.

I am waiting for the Nex FF though :)

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It's not for you Mr Weir then! :)

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