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A few from the Occupy movement (M8 + 40mm Summicron-C) Leica Talk Nov 27, 2011
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Slowest Handheld Shutter Speed w/ GF1 + 20mm? Micro Four Thirds Talk Oct 13, 2010
Film shooters, need scanner, suggestions? Leica Talk Oct 5, 2010
Leica users look like... Leica Talk Oct 3, 2010
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Capoeira in Golden Gate Park Leica Talk Jul 14, 2010
How to make photos with sloppy borders (Mac)? Retouching Jul 14, 2010
Favourite walkabout lens on your M8/M9 Leica Talk Jun 22, 2010
Any serious Leica R forum to check ? Leica Talk Jun 21, 2010
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How to change location of Lightroom and Aperture photos? Open Talk Jun 4, 2010
Ready to give up on Leica :-( Leica Talk Apr 12, 2010
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Small case for M8 with no spare lenses? Leica Talk Apr 8, 2010
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GF1 Shutter Life ? Micro Four Thirds Talk Mar 30, 2010
Value of this Rolleiflex Leather Case? Open Talk Mar 29, 2010
GF1 + 50mm Leica Summicron-R in San Francisco Micro Four Thirds Talk Mar 23, 2010
DOF comparison shots of m4/3 and crop factor 1,5/1,6 cameras? Micro Four Thirds Talk Mar 8, 2010
Possible to use Lightroom and Aperture on same RAWs with No Duplicates? Mac Talk Mar 7, 2010
Aperture or Lightroom Preset to do this? Mac Talk Mar 7, 2010
And a few GF1 RAW Pics from Yesterday's Protest Micro Four Thirds Talk Mar 5, 2010
GF1 Dynamic B&W JPEGS From SF Protest March Forth Micro Four Thirds Talk Mar 5, 2010
My wife says I'm cheating..... Micro Four Thirds Talk Feb 21, 2010
A few more from Haight Street GF1 + 20mm Micro Four Thirds Talk Feb 19, 2010
GF1 + 20/1.7 at the Farmers Market Micro Four Thirds Talk Feb 8, 2010
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GF1 + 20mm f/1.7 Goes to a Concert (ISO 1600) Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 22, 2010
Anything AGAINST the 20mm lens? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 19, 2010
Do you add grain to M8 ISO 1250 B&W in PP? Leica Talk Jan 17, 2010