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Andrew ATM216: Great review. This sony camera is not cheap...and for that kind of money, people are expecting a pro camera....which sony does not meet those specs....if u wonder what im referring to, check out this video by matt granger, and look at comments by john ishii in matt's video...quite interesting.....

"Is the A7RII Really a PRO camera?"

Sure, but I think it's unreasonable to expect it to excel at all without even much research, which renders the article kinda moot (not that it wasn't interesting). I

t's like expecting an M9 or 5Ds to be good pro sports body, they're not really meant to be and a high price tag doesn't mean they can serve every usage case under the sun equally well.

Any of the A7 bodies are arguably less specialized than those bodies, but there's a wide gap between being versatile and being at all capable for pro sports tho.

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JRFlorendo: So basically this camera is for static subject only, in due time, Sony will figure out the right algorithm setup combined with DSLR lag, that day is coming sooner than later. The question is, will Sony bulk it up(ergonomics) for pros to have a comfortable 6+ of shooting.

In fact, the vast majority of photography carried out (by pros or otherwise) probably lies somewhere between 'still subjects' and 'pro sports'!

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User9362470513: The Sony is clearly not designed to be used as a pro sports camera, though I am not sure it has ever been held out for such use. If you are a pro sports photographer, the usual Canon and Nikon suspects rule supreme.

I suspect the Sony is best used for weddings, landscapes, portraits etc and the sorts of semi-pro usage that 90% of photographers want.

I do not have a Sony (I used to have an A700 - great camera - and now use a Nikon D750 - an incredible camera). I would love to have the money for the Sony A7 cameras too, but I don't. I hate all the brand wars that go on every day on this site and have no axe to grind against Sony or any reason to rave about them.

But this sort of article seems unfair. The camera is being judged in a niche scenario when no serious professional would use this as the equipment of choice. I also echo the views that using ISO 12,000 and a shutter speed of 1/2000 seems wrong in a few cases.

I think unfair might not be the right word, maybe illogical? Sony doesn't make a 1D X or D4s class of camera, I doubt they market any as such... In truth that's a relatively small niche amongst all pros. Makes for an interesting article nonetheless, just not a very relevant one for the vast majority of photographers. If you're trying to decide whether to buy an A7R II or 1D X to shoot your son's baseball game you have more money than sense, and if you're a pro you already should know better.

If this is gonna be followed up by articles covering other more common scenarios already alluded to briefly within the article (weddings, landscape, etc) it might make more sense. In isolation it's kind of an odd and perhaps somewhat unrealistic experiment. I still enjoyed that read tho.

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Andrew ATM216: Great review. This sony camera is not cheap...and for that kind of money, people are expecting a pro camera....which sony does not meet those specs....if u wonder what im referring to, check out this video by matt granger, and look at comments by john ishii in matt's video...quite interesting.....

"Is the A7RII Really a PRO camera?"

Isn't a 1D X still like 50% more than an A7R II? Regardless of the prices in question, I'm not sure why anyone would expect it to be all things for all situations... It's obvious mirrorless overall is still in it's infancy, even Sony is still picking and choosing what niches and usage cases it wants to attack and excel at with different models.

Heck, there's APS-C mirrorless bodies that don't have several of the limitations ascribed to the A7R II here (faster frame rates, lesser EVF blackout, direct AF point selection via screen even while using the EVF, etc). I wouldn't be surprised if pro sports (actual pro sports, not shooting Jimmy's pewee ballgame) remains a DSLR niche for a long time.

Long lenses aren't really gonna be any less bulky by going mirrorless, and body ergonomics are at odds with smaller bodies. There might be some accuracy advantages to a mirrorless body but until many other practical hurdles are overcome and lens catalogs filled out (or less compatibility and support via adapters improved) it's really a moot point...

For other professional scenarios outside of sports, the story can be far different, as DPR points out.

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quiquae: I understand that using a fashionable camera bag is unfashionable on DPR, but let me offer a real-life example where I really did need something like this.

Right now, I'm living out of a suitcase on a string of long overseas business trips, working mainly with executives. I've eked out luggage space for my Canon DSLR and a couple of lenses to enjoy on weekends, but it was hard to justify packing my boxy Lowepro bag in addition. At first, I tried to use my soft business briefcase as a camera bag, using the protective pouches that came with my lenses, but it just did not work well.

So, eventually I gave in and bought Tenba's Messenger DNA. It turned out to be a great 2-in-1 solution: during the week I can take it into a boardroom wearing suit and tie without looking strange, and on Saturday morning I slip in the soft nylon liner to turn it into a camera bag. Very happy with it.

I for one like both the DNA and this new series for exactly those reason. /shrug Clearly enough people care or Tenba wouldn't have the budget to develop new lines.

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On Connect post Snapseed for Android update brings DNG Raw editing (24 comments in total)

Pretty awesome, I'd used Photomate R2 in the past and it's like... Lightroom Lite, if you go back a few versions of Lr, still not bad. For quicker tinkering Snapseed is just the ticket tho, now we just need to get manufacturers to enable RAW export on their Wi-Fi apps and I could stop shooting RAW + JPEG.

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Sportsgal501: Oh my...was reading a few reports of knobs falling off the E-M5 II,still looking forward to getting (M10 II) one around black Friday.

There's always a few reports of knobs falling off like every Olympus body, or worse, strap lugs... I really dunno if it's because the M4/3 forums are tilted heavily in favor of Olympus users or what (so there's more people using and abusing their gear and likely more complaints), but ya rarely see that kinda gripe about Panasonic bodies.

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On Connect post Samsung launches enormous 18.4-inch Galaxy View tablet (87 comments in total)

I'm not one of those people the thinks they need Windows for everything, but this kinda device (specially at this price) would be a whole lot more capable with Windows 10 even on a new gen Atom. Android generally scales well with res and everything, unlike other mobile OS, but a panel that large really deserves native multi window multitasking (not Samsung's implementation either), amongst other things.

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On article Studio tests and samples: Leica SL (beta) (750 comments in total)
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WGVanDyck: Please understand that I am not anti-Leica. They have produced some of the best glass in the industry and some marvelous film cameras. I would love to see them succeed in the digital field, but they are not. Look at the comparisons above, the Leica SL begins running into trouble at ISOs as low as 800. Are these result indicative of a camera and lens you want to spend $12400 on when you can buy a camera that produces so much better images for less than 1/3 the price? And, the other manufacturers don't charge you $255 for a lens hood! Leica is entering the realm of the absurd.

You're confused marc, it's $100 for the battery and $150 for the battery door attached to the bottom of it. Watch out for the upcoming premium option with a hand crafted titanium lid. ;p

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Everlast66: If you want an expensive toy, instead of dropping £10k - £15k on this Leica and lenses, its certainly better to get a Porsche. They start at £50k and will be more fun and will last longer.

Floppies were pretty outdated by 2000... Even Zip disks were kind of old gained by then. By 2000 I was burning tons of discs and was all in on USB already, and both techs have endured the rest of time (USB more so than discs if you're really geeky, digital distribution has made optical media less relevant).

Just picking mercilessly on your analogy, don't mind me.. CompactFlash might've been a better one as that was *the* norm in 2000 and even beyond. SD cards have made a pretty good go of moving to faster bus speeds while mostly retaining backwards compatibility but who knows if that'll keep up.

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On article Video: What's in the future for Sony's Alpha system? (269 comments in total)
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Mike in Taiwan: "A6000 was a huge success in Europe. The camera sells very well, and the specification is still outstanding. We do not feel so rushed to introduce a new product." Such statements sound more in line with the conservative philosophies of Canon and Nikon and that is worrisome...

Well, focusing on FF while tossing crop shooters a bone here and there was always Canikon's MO, so it shouldn't be very surprising they'd sound like that. At least they don't try and hide the fact that they're actively focused on FF. I guess the bigger question is whether they see a sustainable crop market going forward, or whether there's one... I'd hope so, given FF prices and zoom sizes, but I honestly don't know. The market's probably gonna contract more before it settles...

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On article Video: What's in the future for Sony's Alpha system? (269 comments in total)
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Henry Curric: @Rishi - well done interview. You bring up some interesting points WRT RAW based image previews, highlight warnings etc. I had never even considered that but it's very valid. I would be surprised if Sony prioritized this, but one can hope.

My small list of desires for a future A7R type body is USB3. I am a studio shooter and always shoot tethered. I haven't used the newest camera with the RAW firmware update, but the file size is only going to cause increased wait times for images to appear in Capture One. I am very much hoping that Sony's decision to stay with USB2 is not based on support for USB charging of batteries in body, and that becomes something that holds them back.

USB Type C is actually not tied to 3.1, they could do 3.0 or even 2.1 Type C if they wanted and there's already Type C battery packs (tho any regular battery pack would work with the appropriate cable). Faster bus spec would be a waste on most cameras with smaller RAW files and on most shooters who just take the card out to offload, probably why no one's bothered.

Heck, a lot of other brands are still clinging to proprietary USB ports developed prior to micro USB... Standardizing on Type C can't happen fast enough, 3.1 would probably be more costly than it's worth right now (Intel hasn't even integrated it on their Northridge) but they could easily do 3.0/Typ C or just micro if they think C would throw too many people off.

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On article Western Digital announces plan to acquire SanDisk (70 comments in total)

Pretty indifferent towards this myself... My last couple SD cards were Lexar/Micron, Sony, or even Transcend. My last couple PC drives were all Samsung SSD. SanDisk makes decent cards, SSD, and NAND of course, WD still makes decent HDD that we'll need for a long time (if not at home for backups then in data centers); this easily makes them the biggest supplier capable of serving both mediums.

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SirSamkin: I don't understand... They haven't named any qualities that lean towards either gender... A female photographer uses the same equipment I do. Judging by the way they emphasize the materials ("rare earth" magnet closures), I'm guessing it's supposed to be fancier? I don't know. Looks like the standard camera bag to me...

Actually, rare earth is a pretty common nomenclature for a particular kind of magnet that's way stronger than your average fridge magnet... They may have used flowery language elsewhere but that's not part of it, and rare earth or neodymium magnets are a pretty worthwhile feature regardless of gender.

The rare earth magnets on the legs of a mini mini tripod I have can hold it horizontal under it's own support even with a small mirrorless body on it, they're downright dangerous if swallowed, etc. I'm not sure whether neodymium is the more common way of calling them, but I've seen them called rare earth even on Mythbusters.

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I really like how Fuji is fleshing out it's lens lineup, they're a bit expensive compared to my M4/3 stuff (nevermind older FF lens designs and models), but there's certainly plenty of options. A weather sealed prime (that's not a fisheye or a macro) is like the *one* thing I'm still hoping for within M4/3, we already have sooo many choices around 28-60mm equivalent tho, seems unlikely...

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On article Bang for the Buck: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Review (693 comments in total)
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Mikoyan: Just wonder. How tough is this model without the weather seal?

My shooting style is quite adventurous, the camera is expected to be exposed to minor dust, splash, and some impact from rocking back and forth.

I used to say that Olympus is the AK of the camera world, this prove to be true with my old E-420, which took quite a punishment throughout her 7 years of service. But... that's a DSLR, I'm not sure if I can say the same to Mirrorless camera with the presence of many electronic components like this.

Why would a mirrorless body have significantly more electronics? Asides from the EVF (ands the DSLR still has an electronic AF sensor up there) it's made of mostly the same components, minus the mechanical mirror box... If anything this makes it MORE likely to survive an impact or fall, there's less things to break without a mirror an OVF assembly... Whether it'll survive the elements is more likely a game of chance, specially with no sealing to help matters.

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On article Manfrotto launches Pixi Evo mini tripods for DSLRs (34 comments in total)
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Samuel Jessop: Very interested in one of these for travel. Part of me wishes it had a quick release plate, but that's the part of my Compact Series tripod which is the least stable.

Mine has traveled on a carry on over half a dozen times ands they've never pulled me over to check it out... Then again, it probably doesn't stand out amongst all the crap and electronics I carry. My current bag has a full size travel tripod from Sirui at the bottom, the Cullmann standing atop it, a bunch of sunglass cases around them, a couple lenses that don't fit in my small camera waist pack, and metal built headphones atop it all... TSA doesn't bat an eye, guess I'm just lucky.

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On article Manfrotto launches Pixi Evo mini tripods for DSLRs (34 comments in total)
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neatnclean: "... is designed, in part, to support entry-level DSLRs with large lenses."
yeah right. Entry level DSLR with a large 600/4 on it. hehe!

Fugly design. Too much plastic. Way overpriced. Prefer my Cullman Copter Magnesit.

Those ratings can be very subjective, I'd take the Copter over the original Pixi any day and twice on Sunday. The original lacked a portrait drop slot, many samples were pretty darn hard to adjust, and it just wasn't up to the build quality of the Cullmann in general IMO.

The Evo does look more versatile tho, I don't think the different leg lengths really amount too much by itself (still shorter than the Copter at it's highest, and bulkier when stored) but combined with the different angles it should allow for much more freedom in positioning it on uneven surfaces while retaining solid balance...

That's something a Gorilapod would often be called upon for but they're never quite as stable as solidly built models IMO. The Evo also added the portrait drop slot of course, if the QC on the ballhead is better and it turns smoother the single button adjustment could be seen as quicker to use than a knob, jury's out on that one.

I liked the idea of the button on the original on paper, in actual use it was often a bit of a hassle depending on the weight and the leverage you had on it. The little Cullmann ballhead performs pretty well got such a small ball.

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Joed700: The big question is what will happen to Nikon's future? Since Nikon solely depended on Sony sensors for their FF DSLRs, Sony could easily drive Nikon out of business by not supplying Nikon with newer least Canon is making their own...

Why would a more independent sensor division do that? If anything they'd do the complete opposite; they can now double down on sales and design requests for/from Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, just about every smartphone OEM, etc etc.

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belle100: It's Only logical. It's just like Advanced Micro Devices' former manufacturing arm spinoff to GlobalFoundries.

It's been a pretty rocky path for both since, perhaps not the best analogy... That was an actual spin off and complete split tho, this doesn't seem to be. There's also a lot of R&D and design on both parts of this split, whereas AMD/GloFo was more of an even design/manufacture split...

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