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Edgar_in_Indy: I've heard from a reliable source that the change was related to issues with the pixie dust.

Too much or too little tho? That's the key.

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On Sony adds XAVC S and high bitrate video to a6000 article (182 comments in total)

Nice update, kinda surprising to see it this late in the game for the a6000 but definitely a good sign of their operating policies.

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On Sony adds XAVC S and high bitrate video to a6000 article (182 comments in total)
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Potemkin_Photo: If SONY adopts Fuji's Kaizen philosophy, they are set to bust things wide open.

Seems like everyone has some decent pancakes except for maybe them and Oly (whose two pancakes just end up looking comparatively worse by virtue of Panasonic's excellent 20mm & 12-32mm)... Not sure how much of a market there is for that kinda thing, but I for one really appreciate the added portability.

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Are you still bound by FB's old 2MP cap or have they raised that? Seems pretty weak with Google offering unlimited 16MP uploads... And Amazon Prime offering unlimited uploads even for RAWs, ands Flickr offering 1TB. Being a separate app I'd expect something better on the back end too, otherwise why bother, it's almost like an admission that their stock sharing parameters aren't up to par...

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On Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge camera review post (98 comments in total)
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Ajlan: I have nexus 5 and use stock google software.After first camera software update which was a must, I am really satisfied with its performace . With HDR mode and some snapseed tuning the results are really pleasing enough to get regular prints up to A5. My elder brother got s6 edge and after initial tests, we conclude samsung done well. No need to expect much from mobile phones untill the hardware set up changes.

Ehh, I'm satisfied with my N5 camera but I barely use it, mostly for shooting reminders of stuff I see in stores or really quick snaps of food, funny stuff, etc. If it was my main camera I'd probably want a phone with a better camera, a quicker one if nothing else.

As a phone I still prefer my N5 to anything else out there tho, except maybe the Z3c... I'd have bought the latter if it had OIS & Qi charging. Hopefully the rumors are true and Google releases another Nexus <5.2" in the near future, I just can't bring myself to deal with a 5.5"+ flagship, shoot I wouldn't even mind a slight shrinkage from the N5.

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On Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge camera review post (98 comments in total)
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danielehrer: I have both Note 4 and S6, with both I´m preparing a food book.

I can tell you, both they rival the D610 with the 105 2.8 and 60 2.8 Micro Nikkor.

They blew up my mind. You go to restaurants and places with available light, a little table tripod makes the job and voila, nobody worries, everybody smile... and almost no color and contrast correction

Clearshot credit card sized tripod, perfect all around always carry tripod for a phone. I got in on the Kickstarter a couple years ago and later bought half a dozen to hand out to my friends during Christmas. I actually use mine for reading on the phone more so than photography, but it works well either way despite the flimsy appearance.

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On Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge camera review post (98 comments in total)
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bed bug: One point that is missing from the review is that the memory for the S6 is now internal only; a micro-SD card can not be inserted. This means if you are using the device as your main camera for traveling then you may need to upload/download images in order to make room. The edge comes in both 32GB and 64GB versions (just obtained mine on the weekend).

It may also be worth mentioning the 'virtual shot' option that allows uses to capture an object from multiple angles, making almost a 3D capture - very interesting feature.

Kind regards

I've never knocked the arguments for mSD even tho I personally can do without it, if you need removable storage for some reason then there's often no way around it...

For photo storage it's not that big a deal tho, in addition to the obvious workarounds (cloud upload ands download to a computer) you can also get an USB OTG drive no larger than your pinky's fingernail and offload photos to that on the go, without even needing an extra OTG dongle.

I like Kingston's since it's tiny, cheap, and USB 3.0 on the PC side.

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Too rich for my blood but I applaud their effort and hope they iterate on it... Has there ever been any hard data on how much Sony sells it's 1" sensor for? Not that I'm blaming it for anything, I'm sure that lens design and the R&D involved all play a big part in it's price. Still, it's like a $300 phone with a $500-600 camera, mashed together for a grand.

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BigShooter: LOL, ignore the Android market, they only have roughly 80% of the smartphone market...

Uh, it does not...

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Ulfric M Douglas: How will you know you want "4K Photo mode" instead of Video and instead of 16mpx Bursts?
What narrow range of uses would it be best for?
How willll yoooo knooooow??

You mean the camera doesn't select a mode for itself by consulting the cloud or the phase of the moon? Goodness, I guess there IS role for the photographer after all...

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photominion: Doesn't that only work with a global shutter?

For candid portraits, kids, and lots of other unpredictable situations it seems like it could be pretty darn useful. You can dismiss it and attach a negative moniker to it or you can view it as just another tool, it still requires a meat bag behind the controls to see the moment and choose to capture the moment.

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Treeshade: 8MP photos @25fps for friends & family sharing : the best way to pick the moment when you look good and everyone else look funny.

I care about decent IQ online, even at FB res a phone is severely limited in low light... I bought a M4/3 camera in large part after noticing how awful a good chunk of my stream was. /shrug There's other social networks and forms of sharing that surpass FB's antiquated res cap regardless.

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winkalman: This should probably be renamed to "Spray and Pray" mode.

Fear of change, threatened by technology that makes things easier instead of embracing how much more they can do with it, plain old get off my lawn syndrome, take your pick...

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zalans: Will anyone be interested in still photographs in a few years time or will everyone just look at a short 2-3sec movie clip capturing the best moment and how it evolves over a short time? Most people look at photos on digital media now anyway.

There's room for both, clearly, as well as GIFs and longer movies, maybe even VR down the road (maybe even photos within VR!). If the last 15 years didn't diminish any interest in stills I doubt the next 15 will.

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akjos: This REALLY takes the magic out of actual photography... Im sure Im not the only one feeling this way .
Capturing perfect photo in perfect moment - that is real photography one can be proud of if getting THE shot.
This....This is bs...5 yo can push a button a thats it .

You're attaching magical properties to some arbitrary limitation of gear... It's not about getting the moment so much as seeing the moment, once you stop getting hung up on how much easier something can now be done you can enjoy all the extra possibilities... Doesn't mean you have to use it either way, someone else sure will tho.

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G1Houston: So why not just shoot burst mode in still mode? At what point higher frame rate is no longer relevant? While the 4k Photo Mode is good for still, it is no longer ideal for real 4k video. On the other hand, grabbing a still frame from a typical 4k video shoot can be a real bonus since you end up with both the video and still. Of course the shutter speed may be a problem ...

It's a compromise either way, but there's obviously a benefit to a lower res (8MP) burst rate of 30 fps or more vs 6-8 fps higher res stills... At what point you'd prefer one or the other would come down to your particular usage case.

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On Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on full frame BSI CMOS sensor article (1273 comments in total)
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PaulDavis: I have never seen so many positive comments for any product on this website. Way to go Sony.

How do you make better use of the mirror/OVF assembly? Mechanically it always seemed like a bit of an albatross... I'm surprised no one's trying to compete directly with Sony in this space yet. You would think either Canon or Nikon could develop both a newer lens catalog quicker AND better compatibility with their existing catalog.

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On Sony a7R II has 42.4MP on full frame BSI CMOS sensor article (1273 comments in total)
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Anadrol: Am I the only one shocked by the price ? 3200 $ !!!

The A7R cost initially 2300 USD...

Ehh, not being in the market for a FF camera, to me it signals that Sony no longer thinks they need to undercut Canon/Nikon in order to move bodies... Whether that's a Good Thing™ or not is open to interpretation. Interesting release nonetheless.

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On Sony RX100 IV compact shoots 4k, uses a stacked sensor article (310 comments in total)

$1,000 huh... Looks like the G7x, LX100, et al haven't provided quite enough competition to the RX100 line, Sony keeps bumping the price every year. Way to dash my hopes of picking up a cheaper V when the IV came out Sony... Tho the GM1 had diminished my lust for it to a certain extent already. Maybe they'll launch what I'd really like, a cheaper/slimmer stripped down RX90 (RX1000?) sans flip screen, EVF, hotshoe, etc.

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On Samsung launches rugged Galaxy S6 Active post (23 comments in total)
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Glen Barrington: I hope the water seal for the charging and connection port is more rugged than the one on my S5, it wore out and broke off after about a year.

Not a big issue for me personally, but I could see that some people would be put out.

There's quite a few Qi pads combined with car mounts out there, doesn't have any special power requirements beyond what a regular 5V charger supplies... There's even cars with built in wireless charging already.

I've been using Qi pads around the house & office since I got a Nexus 5, didn't bother getting one for the car because a) I like my Frankenstein mount better than most universal mounts (Joby phone holder on a stick on JVC tripod lug) b) charging wireless in the car is bound to build up a ton of heat if mounted by a windshield.

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