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On article Western Digital announces plan to acquire SanDisk (70 comments in total)

Pretty indifferent towards this myself... My last couple SD cards were Lexar/Micron, Sony, or even Transcend. My last couple PC drives were all Samsung SSD. SanDisk makes decent cards, SSD, and NAND of course, WD still makes decent HDD that we'll need for a long time (if not at home for backups then in data centers); this easily makes them the biggest supplier capable of serving both mediums.

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SirSamkin: I don't understand... They haven't named any qualities that lean towards either gender... A female photographer uses the same equipment I do. Judging by the way they emphasize the materials ("rare earth" magnet closures), I'm guessing it's supposed to be fancier? I don't know. Looks like the standard camera bag to me...

Actually, rare earth is a pretty common nomenclature for a particular kind of magnet that's way stronger than your average fridge magnet... They may have used flowery language elsewhere but that's not part of it, and rare earth or neodymium magnets are a pretty worthwhile feature regardless of gender.

The rare earth magnets on the legs of a mini mini tripod I have can hold it horizontal under it's own support even with a small mirrorless body on it, they're downright dangerous if swallowed, etc. I'm not sure whether neodymium is the more common way of calling them, but I've seen them called rare earth even on Mythbusters.

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I really like how Fuji is fleshing out it's lens lineup, they're a bit expensive compared to my M4/3 stuff (nevermind older FF lens designs and models), but there's certainly plenty of options. A weather sealed prime (that's not a fisheye or a macro) is like the *one* thing I'm still hoping for within M4/3, we already have sooo many choices around 28-60mm equivalent tho, seems unlikely...

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On article Bang for the Buck: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Review (674 comments in total)
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Mikoyan: Just wonder. How tough is this model without the weather seal?

My shooting style is quite adventurous, the camera is expected to be exposed to minor dust, splash, and some impact from rocking back and forth.

I used to say that Olympus is the AK of the camera world, this prove to be true with my old E-420, which took quite a punishment throughout her 7 years of service. But... that's a DSLR, I'm not sure if I can say the same to Mirrorless camera with the presence of many electronic components like this.

Why would a mirrorless body have significantly more electronics? Asides from the EVF (ands the DSLR still has an electronic AF sensor up there) it's made of mostly the same components, minus the mechanical mirror box... If anything this makes it MORE likely to survive an impact or fall, there's less things to break without a mirror an OVF assembly... Whether it'll survive the elements is more likely a game of chance, specially with no sealing to help matters.

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On article Manfrotto launches Pixi Evo mini tripods for DSLRs (38 comments in total)
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Samuel Jessop: Very interested in one of these for travel. Part of me wishes it had a quick release plate, but that's the part of my Compact Series tripod which is the least stable.

Mine has traveled on a carry on over half a dozen times ands they've never pulled me over to check it out... Then again, it probably doesn't stand out amongst all the crap and electronics I carry. My current bag has a full size travel tripod from Sirui at the bottom, the Cullmann standing atop it, a bunch of sunglass cases around them, a couple lenses that don't fit in my small camera waist pack, and metal built headphones atop it all... TSA doesn't bat an eye, guess I'm just lucky.

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On article Manfrotto launches Pixi Evo mini tripods for DSLRs (38 comments in total)
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neatnclean: "... is designed, in part, to support entry-level DSLRs with large lenses."
yeah right. Entry level DSLR with a large 600/4 on it. hehe!

Fugly design. Too much plastic. Way overpriced. Prefer my Cullman Copter Magnesit.

Those ratings can be very subjective, I'd take the Copter over the original Pixi any day and twice on Sunday. The original lacked a portrait drop slot, many samples were pretty darn hard to adjust, and it just wasn't up to the build quality of the Cullmann in general IMO.

The Evo does look more versatile tho, I don't think the different leg lengths really amount too much by itself (still shorter than the Copter at it's highest, and bulkier when stored) but combined with the different angles it should allow for much more freedom in positioning it on uneven surfaces while retaining solid balance...

That's something a Gorilapod would often be called upon for but they're never quite as stable as solidly built models IMO. The Evo also added the portrait drop slot of course, if the QC on the ballhead is better and it turns smoother the single button adjustment could be seen as quicker to use than a knob, jury's out on that one.

I liked the idea of the button on the original on paper, in actual use it was often a bit of a hassle depending on the weight and the leverage you had on it. The little Cullmann ballhead performs pretty well got such a small ball.

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Joed700: The big question is what will happen to Nikon's future? Since Nikon solely depended on Sony sensors for their FF DSLRs, Sony could easily drive Nikon out of business by not supplying Nikon with newer least Canon is making their own...

Why would a more independent sensor division do that? If anything they'd do the complete opposite; they can now double down on sales and design requests for/from Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, just about every smartphone OEM, etc etc.

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belle100: It's Only logical. It's just like Advanced Micro Devices' former manufacturing arm spinoff to GlobalFoundries.

It's been a pretty rocky path for both since, perhaps not the best analogy... That was an actual spin off and complete split tho, this doesn't seem to be. There's also a lot of R&D and design on both parts of this split, whereas AMD/GloFo was more of an even design/manufacture split...

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On article Manfrotto launches Pixi Evo mini tripods for DSLRs (38 comments in total)

$50 at B&H, and I thought my Cullmann Copter was pricey at $30... At least they added the portrait drop slot which the original lacked and almost every mini tripod in this class has. The leg extensions are probably not all that useful but the legs do fold out to a nearly flat position which is not nearly as common a feature, that's kinda useful.

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On article Manfrotto launches Pixi Evo mini tripods for DSLRs (38 comments in total)
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Samuel Jessop: Very interested in one of these for travel. Part of me wishes it had a quick release plate, but that's the part of my Compact Series tripod which is the least stable.

Slap a Kirk 1" clamp on it, presto Arca Swiss QR and still compact. It's perfectly sized for this kinda tripod, I have a Pixi I've used with out it tho I favor the Cullmann Magnesit Copter (better built and the top plate is removable in lieu of the aforementioned clamp, tho it's not something that's strictly necessary). Sunwayfoto has a cheaper equivalent, the Kirk looked better built to me tho and it feels the part.

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It's not exactly spun off if it's still operated and managed under the Sony group... More independent and/or nimble, perhaps, but it's not like the camera group will now go buy sensors off Panasonic or the sensor div wasn't already what buttered the bread over there... If they couldn't make their own decisions under the previous structure that just shows the nearsightedness of the devices group management.

I'm kinda curious which of the two divisions retains the investment in Olympus tho, probably doesn't mean much a far as sensor sourcing (they already sold to everyone else already) but still...

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On article LowePro expands ProTactic lineup with four new bags (23 comments in total)
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electrophoto: "urban inspired PRO TACTIC"...

marketing.... I'm speechless.

Dell XPS 13 fits a 13" display in the frame of an 11.6" MBA, hopefully all high end laptops start adopting similarly thin bezels soon, makes a huge difference... In any case, many people travel with a laptop for purposes other than spending hours editing in it's small screen. For a pro or a hardcore enthusiast, any kind of laptop is pretty cramped regardless of screen size... You can pry my 3x24" setup from my cold dead hands, unless it's to swap them with a 40" 4K display.

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ecka84: So, with these f/0.95 lenses and small sensors, is there any difference when it's at 0.95 or at 1.4? Because the images look almost identical. Same blur, same EV...

Same difference as f2 & f2.8 on FF... Tho as with all lenses regardless of sensor size, I imagine there's some fudging and rounding of specs and aperture size, unless you happen to have a bunch of cine lenses with T stop markings instead.

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On article Crazy 8: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 sample gallery (111 comments in total)
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snapshtr: For this price you can get an awful lot of capability from an APS-C or entry-level full-frame camera. Shooting video or travelling light would need to be high on your list of priorities to consider this model.

Lenses are part of the equation too, I can carry 3-5 MFT lenses in a small waist pack... I know that probably falls under "traveling light" for most but it's a huge part of what makes a MFT body this large still seem relevant to me (not to mention the wide choice of lenses up and down the price scale).

Not gonna lie tho, the size increase over the GX7 is the main negative for me... Mostly because it'll probably mean I can't fit it along with a GM1 in the same bag as the aforementioned 3-5 lenses, something I could do before. It's a big downside I'm still weighing while I await reviews.

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RichRMA: A lot of these bags still look like purses. What they should do is make them purposely "out of style" for whatever purse style is prevalent this season. That way, no one will confuse them for purses. :)

Hmm, doesn't look that purse-ish to me, unless you relate that heather grey hue with purses. Kinda big to be called a murse too... Better than a black bag that screams camera gear IMO but that's a pretty subjective thing.

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ProfHankD: I stopped using these shockingly-expensive designer camera bag/holder thingies long ago. Am I the only one here who regularly uses things like a little backpack soft cooler ($7 from Walmart) to carry serious camera gear?

To be precise, on longish trips I'll usually nest a smaller $5 bag in that densely holding 3-4 lenses, batteries, memory cards, cleaning supplies, passport, etc. Then I can easily fit my A7II, NEX-7, and a waterproof compact camera on top of that nested bag in the backpack, all loose but padded by half the lenses being in padded pouches in addition to the bag padding. That $7 outer bag is even very waterproof; it kept everything dry visiting Niagara Falls Cave of the Winds. Heck, it even has external mesh pockets for a water bottle!

My cheap solution is way more functional. I can flexibly subset my gear and use the smaller bag alone for side trips. I also can nest that whole little backpack in my regular backpack that holds my laptop, chargers, etc.

Since my M4/3 system is so small it doesn't even warrant a shoulder bag (and that was my attraction to it), I use a bunch of different suffing brand waist packs... Not all at once, I have 2-3 styles and sizes for different occasions (the one with the camo pattern doesn't play well in a formal setting etc). Thought about adding some padding to them but haven't really bothered since I hardly take them off or put them down anywhere.

Those waist packs are all like $20 max and people around here use them a lot for their keys, phone, etc... So no one really expects a grand worth of lenses and camera in one. Still, this Peak bag looks pretty interesting as a travel bag, it's not any pricier than high end laptop bags from the likes of Timbuk2 etc... All the Kickstarter hate on DP review is hilarious too, might as well just be screaming "get off my lawn".

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Francis Carver: Man invents the canvas camera bag. Now, at what price does he do it?

Let me see now... USD $195 is the discount price. Which is off by a whopping $55 from the "regular price." Oh, really?

1. Why is this bag's normal price $250 -- instead of say $70, max?

2. How can you have a discount on something that is not even produced yet, maybe produced in six months time, or maybe never get to be produced?

It's already met it's funding goal, in fact they'd done it before your comment, and everything Peak has launched via Kickstarter has launched pretty much without drama. Just fyi.

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straylightrun: Why couldn't they make it all black? This heather grey colour makes it look cheap.

There's a brown option too.

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On article The big beast: hands on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 (1286 comments in total)
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Howard: Honest question:
What is the advantage of this camera over the Sony A6000?

As well as, electronic shutter, better AF in low light, wider variety of lens choices, etc etc. They're both great, but definitely in different classes. I do think the GX8 is a little overpriced for what it is whereas the A6000 has been a little underpriced at times during sales etc. Biggest trump card the A6000 had over most midrange mirrorless bodies in general was it'd C-AF but that will become more commonplace, I'm curious to see what Sony brings with the A7000 even tho I'm firmly invested in M4/3.

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On article The big beast: hands on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 (1286 comments in total)
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what_i_saw: So much for the mirror less cameras being small in size. At this rate soon the smallish to normal sized DSLR will be at par on size and feature front. And with their usual fast focusing abilities + comparatively cheaper lenses, soon we will have to take a re-look at them.

You don't even have to go that far ($1K tele zoom), there's either a size or basic variety of choice advantage almost all throughout the lens catalog unless you need the longest of teles or T/S. How many primes wider than 35mm can you get for an APS-C body? Most are for FF so they end up not so wide on crop. Compare your standard 3x kit zoom size wise vs a Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 or 14-140 (or don't bother, they're about the same).

How about pancakes brighter than f2? Sure there's some large M4/3 lenses too, but the system is spoiled for choices and after Olympus and Panasonic release the last 2-3 teles that have been announced there'll be very few holes. Only other system that comes close is Fuji and it's all larger and/or more expensive. If you're shooting NFL games you sure need a DSLR, but outside of that APS-C DSLR end up with a lot of compromises by virtue of sharing a catalog with FF.

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