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On Winds of Change: Shooting changing landscapes article (50 comments in total)
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babart: Absolutely terrific images. Traveling to all these places, however, could very well cost more than a new Leica and a slew of lenses. It's great that photographers can reach these areas, and I've been to Iceland myself. I suspect, however, that most landscape photographers would find equally good images close to home if they paid attention. I know. No one looks at anything close to home, right. But there is the place you know best in all it's many varied faces, and it's there one should start.

Too, I'm wondering if landscape photography has become the province of the wealthier among us, just like the latest good equipment. Pardon my mild cynicism, but I'm retired and have to be more frugal. If that sounds envious, well it is, frankly.

As much as some photogs deride social media, it can actually an interesting resource to find new local places to go and shoot... There's a cliff facing cave not an hour from my home that was pretty much unknown three years ago, not even a trail leading to it, flash forward a year and a trail has formed after someone "discovered" it and photos started showing up on social media.

Flash forward three years, it's on local TV ads and the guy that owns the land it's on realized what's going on and now they charge an entry fee to give you a helmet, flashlight and permission to traipse thru the jungle and unto the cave. :p In the interim it made some pretty cool looking and unique shots at a very accessible location (there wasn't really any signs of it being private land beforehand).

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On Readers' Showcase: Janne Voutilainen article (35 comments in total)

Very enchanting photos!

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kociasek: "all the advantages of a traditional cable release"
No, not at all. When I use cable release I don't need to stand right behind the camera. For example, I can shoot fireworks lying on the grass, watching the show, lazily pressing the button of the cable release connected to my tripod-mounted camera.
Also, using such feature I'd be afraid of moving behind the camera in case the camera interprets it as a shutter signal.
Also, with cable release I can take a photo at exactly the right moment. With hand waving you don't get such split-second accuracy.

Technically you could do all that via Wi-Fi too... The touchless method seems clever but implemented as a separate app it also seems like more trouble than it's worth. Nice option to have once they integrate it better tho, it'll be the quickest remote trigger option to activate by far, tho not necessarily the most optimal for all the reasons you pointed out.

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Serious Sam: For that kind of money, a QX100 plus an iphone 6 is much better option.

A smaller QX100 with a collapsing prime lens like the CM1's would've been a whole lot more interesting to me and I suspect many enthusiasts. The CM1 is mildly interesting but it's too chunky for a daily use phone and too expensive for a secondary device (might as well get an RX100 etc).

It's like going back to a 3-4 year old Android phone when they first hit 4.3" screen sizes but were like little bricks, think HTC EVO or Sensation (original ones). I hope Panasonic iterates on it, it's doubtful they could make it slimmer but for $650 or so I'd be tempted. The Amazon listing is an import so they're gouging, wasn't the MSRP in Europe like $850 USD?

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Johannes Zander: Next Apple patent: one camera on each corner...

Didn't Amazon already put out a flop of a phone with this? :p

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GaryJP: They might be assuring us they are going to keep Lightroom as a standalone product, but it is a nightmare to get through their site without being signed up to a Creative Cloud you don't want. They are just pushing the standalone right to the periphery.

Liars. As we always knew.

I started off from that link so maybe I had advantage, but it was far from a nightmare... Just clicked buy, selected upgrade, logged in, paid, got my serial # and download links. Took all of five minutes from my phone, the emails I received immediately after clarified my only question (whether I could install this on a clean system without installing my older version first, apparently one can).

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mailman88: How to upgrade to Adobe Lightroom 6
The update to LR6 is available only on Adobe’s site, and it is pretty hidden. To update from LR5 or LR4 to LR6 follow these instructions:
•Head over to Adobe’s site
•Under “Photoshop Lightroom 6 – $149″ click “Buy”
•Change your purchase from “Full” to “Upgrade”
•Next, select the version of LR you actually own
•Check-out and pay $79 for the upgrade

The full version of Adobe Lightroom 6 are on sale for $149: Adorama | B&H Photo

Is the download a standalone install that asks for my previous license? Or will it only run it it detects an existing install? The latter would be a major hassle when reinstalling things in future systems or after major upgrades...

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On Accessory Review: Western Digital My Passport Wireless article (71 comments in total)
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maxnimo: They need to come up with some sort of a universal short-range, encrypted Wi-Fi that can communicate directly and easily between any and all devices.... Like between a TV, camera, laptop over internet, house lights, alarm system, front door, car, fridge, backup storage... etc.

Like Wi-Fi Direct? Or Z-Wave/Zigbee? There's ways of doing these things already, Wi-Fi isn't very efficient power wide tho, generally speaking. There's even Wi-Fi equipped cameras that will let you transfer JPEGs on the fly to a mobile device, but you're gonna burn thru batteries quickly. (and forget RAWs... much less videos) Wi-Fi's great for quick sharing, card readers and wires are still quicker and more convenient for true backup solutions.

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On Accessory Review: Western Digital My Passport Wireless article (71 comments in total)
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James Booba: Android + USB 2.0 Card Reader + MHL-Cable (+128G SD Card) ...

I think you mean OTG cable, MHL is for video out...

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On Accessory Review: Western Digital My Passport Wireless article (71 comments in total)
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steelhead3: I wish the reviewer had used a modern camera that is wifi equipped. Is this NFC enabled?

The camera won't communicate directly with this regardless of whether it's Wi-Fi equipped or not so not sure what you're getting at... It'd be a different choice/alternative altogether, tho Wi-Fi isn't generally very convenient for true backup duties. NFC seems even more irrelevant, it slightly speeds up part of the initial connection but is hardly a game changer.

I have two Wi-Fi equipped cameras (one with NFC) and I do enjoy using it for quick sharing btw, and for remote control... For backup I simply connect a USB hub+reader to my Android phone or tablet and offload everything to cheap and fast flash drives that I connect to the same hub. Not really an option for iOS users unfortunately tho.

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sentro: If some of the posters over here would know how to use the Internet and do some research, they will find out that other brands of cameras out there DO come in other colors as well, not only Black. Even Nikon has a horrible kinda red DSLR.....doh!

Panasonic has red, pink, orange, sky blue, green, and even brown cameras... Sadly half those colors never make it to the U.S. I'd totally buy a GM in green or brown leatherette, not black but not quite as loud as the blue/orange options we did get. :P

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Sounds like they had a pretty well thought out method to every part of the recovery, very nice effort on Ricoh's part and the volunteers. Toshiba or Hitachi (or whomever owns them now) should've jumped in and offered to recover data from found HDDs and flash media, I imagine they must've been just as plentiful as prints and albums.

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On Red introduces 'Weapon' camera with 8K sensor option article (104 comments in total)
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lovEU: Btw, how does 8K translate into storage requirements?

Considering this class of camera moved on to SSD storage systems quite a while ago, if you have to ask it's probably not for you (or me). :p That has as much to do with the codecs and fps in use as with base resolution tho.

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RichRMA: Anyone know what the lifespan is for an SSD drive used for continued back-up of files?

Your math was way off or grey or you mistook a particular device's limitations for a USB bottleneck... Even USB 2.0 could manage close to 40MB/s with overhead, USB 3.0 is more than enough for any reasonable SSD and off loading duties, Thunderbolt is terrible overkill for a drive like this.

Thunderbolt is in danger of becoming the next FireWire despite the huge promise it held at the outset... Newer USB specs and protocols are already promising even more capabilities than what TB has delivered. It might retain a niche for high capacity directly attached drive banks (with multiple SSD in RAID taking advantage of the bandwith h.

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On Datacolor offers Spyder5 with redesigned calibrator article (113 comments in total)
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Russell Fielding: Sigh - can't they just release one decent product that works for everyone? Hey look at all these choices! We'll make you feel bad if you choose the cheapest - for only a bit more money you could have this other superior product! Well I tell you what, I just won't buy any of your products because sometimes it would be nice to just have one decent option and not have to make decisions. Hey this meets all your colour calibration needs! Great I'll have it.

Was this an ironic comment describing Apple's costumer base or something? Generally speaking, having options and a choice is a good thing, a few minutes of research won't kill you.

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Mk7: Do you plan to test light-duty/mirrorless ball heads?

Looking forward to it, the work is much appreciated.

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On Nikon 1 J5: What you need to know article (493 comments in total)
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Just a Photographer: These camera specifications are hilarious and funny...

"The new Time-Lapse Movie mode that captures up to 300 stills and replays them as a 10-second sequence. An interval timer has been added as well, allowing up to 999 images to be recorded in intervals between 5 seconds and up to nearly 100 minutes (99:59) to create time-lapse movies"

Now take a look at the specifications about battery life:
Battery life (CIPA) - 250.

Or what about the 4K video at 15fps....

Who on earth with Nikon thinks that customers fall for those misleads and marketing tricks?

If this press release would have gone out yesterday. I would have believed that it was an April Fools joke. Unfortunately it isn't.

Its a sad day for Nikon today.

CIPA battery ratings for mirrorless are kinda pointless, measuring battery life by shots taken is meaningless written you can eke out 20 or 2,000 shots depending on how you use it, how long it remains on, how long the LCD is powered etc.

They need to come up with a better system, even if it's just a supplemental metric that measures powered-uptime. My GM1 can take pretty long time lapses that defy it's piddly battery specs, my GF more so, etc. Then there's obviously AC adapters and couplers for like $20.

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On Photos now accessible in Google Drive post (2 comments in total)

The segregation and disconnect of G+ continues. I never minded either way, I never had the phobia some seem to never over been "forced" into a social network, this makes Photos more useful and easier to manage regardless tho... And G+ remains a great place for sharing photos.

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ecube: I'm highly satisfied with my Samsung Tab.
For REAL computing, my MacBookPro has everything I need and more. Best thing with this combo, I don't have to worry about virus and both system are very stable.

I'm happy with my Android tablet for lightweight consumption tasks, on the couch etc. For REAL computing I have a self built desktop that does things no $3000 laptop can handle for a fraction of the price, with multiple high res displays, GPUs, SSDs, 32GB RAM, a real mechanical keyboard, etc...

For something in between, this Surface looks like quite a good option. Imagine that, a usage case different than your own, will wonders never cease.

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Papi61: This should have been the original Surface from the start. Don't know why MS bothered with a crippled Windows version, it was easy to predict it wouldn't be successful.

The success of the SP3 is proof that people will definitely buy a non-Apple premium product, despite the efforts from Cupertino, their minions in the media and their fanatical fanboys to paint anyone who doesn't buy into their cult as "unsophisticated peasants who wished they had money to buy something Apple."

I'm not excusing RT as a product, it was worthless, but it was absolutely necessary from a strategic point of view; and yea they may have lost millions, to MS the venture will still have been successful either way. Even Android was encroaching a bit with x86 support (which hasn't really gone anywhere)... RT will live on in the embedded market anyway where WinCE has long toiled in obscurity.

Intel needed a swift kick tho, which RT provided even as a flop, they would've focused on mobile regardless because it's where the market's gone, but not on low cost mobile. They have fanless Core M SKUs, sure, look up their bulk price tho... It's at least 2x that of an Atom, you'll never see a Core M in a $500 hybrid. Getting a modern Atom for was spurred in large part by MS.

Even something like RAM limits was an issue for the original Atom which could only run x86 and not x64... You wouldn't be able to build an Atom system with 4GB and use it fully even if ya wanted.

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