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  • Thanks to all for the kind comments. I shoot in raw and then play around with the image in Photoshop. I lighten and darken areas and often darken a little around the outside. I often will use a ...
  • Trees at Highlands Golf Course Panorama of Trees Wide Panorama of Trees Trees at Highlands Golf Course I had a Panasonic G7 modified for Infrared with a 720nm filter and went for a walk on the golf ...
  • Replied in Stationary Bird
    The only birds that I have success shooting are ones that stand there and don't move. Ring Neck Pheasant
  • I had a G1 converted a number of years ago plus I recently had a G7 converted by Lifepixel in the US. The cameras will focus well because the focus is done by contrast detect on the sensor. The G1 ...
  • I shot with a Pentax 6x7 and then a 4x5 for many years. I printed 20x24 regularly and sometimes made prints about 32x42. What I find is the prints with the micro 4/3 at 20x24  are very close to ...
  • April 1 posting of my mother.
  • Replied in Christmas Time
    Thanks for the comments. The background with the lines of the structure is very distracting no matter what is done so I may have to insert a new background. Jim
  • Replied in IR BW
    These are all panoramas shot on an old Panasonic G1 modified for IR at 720nm. The IR gives a much darker sky so the clouds are enhanced and the vegetation is lighter. Summer Storm Graveyard Ukraini ...
  • Replied in Christmas Time
    Muttart Conservatory Muttart Conservatory Muttart Conservatory
  • I sent an email to Fuji and Panasonic at the end of May because I was in the market for a new camera to convert to Infrared. I thought I would check to see if there were any hints of a new sensor ...
  • Ice forming in Edmonton Midnight Sun Solarized in Topaz Old Farm Buildings Old House These are manipulated in Photoshop and Topaz. www.jimcox.ca
  • Thanks for the comments from several photographers.  The Infrared shots are taken with a G1 modified for Infrared with a 720nm cutoff filter. They are panoramas and I lighten, darken areas, select ...
  • I really like the 'wrong shadow'. It makes you look around the photo to see what is going on. Great shot. Jim
  • Incense Rogues Gallery Ukrainian Historic Village Ukrainian Historic Church Train Station at Ukrainian Historic Village www.jimcox.ca
  • The flash is located about 3 feet from the side and the 60mm is my 'very expensive' Sigma f2.8 which I use at the closest distance, I think it gives about a 2-3" section of smoke. I prefocus on ...
  • With the smoke shots I will take over 500 exposures and keep about 100 to play around with. I use about 4 or 5 sticks of incense for about 5 hours (they last about an hour each) so I do it when I ...
  • St. Albert Car Show Grill Lights Fender The next three are smoke from incense illuminated with a flash against a black velvet background. Face Face 2 Dance inverted or negative. www.jimcox.ca
  • I'm sorry I did not get back to you earlier. Here is a picture of my mother and the Harley. Lots of Bugs My mother at Jurassic Forest The combination with a bit of Photoshop www.jimcox.ca
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    Mae on a Harley
  • I picked up the G7 and sold my G6. The viewfinder is much nicer and night shots with long exposures seem to work better. I shot some Northern lights with a 20 second exposure and they have less ...
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