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Foveon cameras are sharp, slow and noisy. If it's possible to make a big improvement in Foveon it will take somebody with more resources than Sigma. Still, it's an interesting novelty and Foveon colors are unique. A mystery why Sigma got into this but at least they realized the world doesn't need any more conventional digital cameras.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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Peng Bian: It most likely won't get to 3000, interest has peaked with this camera, until the full review comes out I think.

Maybe they should mark the comments with "Certified Buyer". Easy enough to track who buys from Amazon. The other comments, including this one are like dead people going to the polls.

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On Adobe teases new 'Focus masks' feature article (58 comments in total)

Everything new is new again. With slogans like this they should get out of graphics and go into advertising.

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On Nikon Coolpix A firmware 1.11 available article (21 comments in total)
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Deutsch: Yes, the Coolpix A does not have VR, has a fixed lens, is/was priced high compared to competition, etc. But, I had bought one, instead of the Ricoh, and really like the Coolpix A. Yes, I'm limited in some areas but it sure has a great lens, a nice APS-C sensor, made very well, performs well, and just does a good job. So I don't disagree with some of the comments on why a firmware update now, but 8 inches different in normal focus mode isn't a big point that made much of a difference for me. A little faster AF is good, but it wasn't bad before. My main point is the bottom-line, do I get a good photo for it and does it do what I want. Yes. It all comes down to just taking photos. I'm sure Ansel Adams would have been thrilled with such a camera instead of lugging everything else around. But bottom line was was going out and shooting some great photos. You can do that with this camera, and the Ricoh, and many others. So it's getting a camera that suits you and shooting.

Was there something about the Ricoh that made you feel it was worth paying more for the Nikon? Just curious.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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JanMatthys: Seriously, how much is Sony paying you (DPreview) to do these daily infomercials on the RX100III?? What's tomorrow's preview infomercial? A look at the sony battery, charger and neck strap?

2600 comments attests to the fact that people have nothing better to do than leave comments. On something they haven't even tried, no less. Like saying "Man, what an awesome car but I've never driven one".

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Great video but it's amazing how this has grown from something that was easier to use than Photoshop, to what it is now.

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SushiEater: Heard about it few times but never paid any attention.
What bothers me is that Canon sent lawyers to shut down the truth and there is something about Phil Askey and Amazon doing the same. Not nice at all. Truth can't be shut down and any attempts will only bite you on the ass in the end.

But what is truth? If you're a Canon fan, all L lenses are superb because, well, they're L lenses. If you're a Nikon fan the complaints about the D600 were a vicious personal attack on your favorite company.

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tkbslc: It's funny when you first hear of someone at their retirement. I never knew fake Chuck existed.

Ken Rockwell is going to reveal who Edward Snowden is.

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Fake Chuck had me fooled. Despite the vulgarity and exaggeration I honestly thought he worked in the photo industry because so many of his comments were spot-on. But in the end, Fake Chuck was in a lonely place. Canon fans didn't want to hear the sensor in their camera was noisy and Nikon fans didn't want to hear their D600 had oil. And you know what? The top management at these companies didn't want to hear it, either.

The jury is still out on whether you can shame a company into making a better product but Fake Chuck certainly tried.

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On 1939: England in Color (part 3) article (90 comments in total)


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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)

Question. Was the Motel sign curved? The bottom of the sign appears to be pointing straight up but the top half points "away" as if the sign was wrapped around a ball. The flowers look nice and sharp, though.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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Donnie G: Does 2500 comments here translate into 2500 sales, or is that just wishful thinking for Sony? Just curious, since the rangefinder style compact system camera category has become so crowded of late.

Not 2500 sales but lots of free publicity. And then there's the enthusiasm which for now is off the charts. You've got people saying they can make professional level 20x30 prints from it, which most people would say requires a full frame camera. It's the biggest thing since the Df and pure photography.

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On Rare photos of Nagasaki destruction auctioned article (109 comments in total)

If I may interrupt the trading of insults for a moment, making money off these is pretty low.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (658 comments in total)
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Antony Dean: I got the Mk1 G1X the day it came out (broke my G7, had been looking at the G1X and Nikon 1 variants anyway). Quick count... 24k shots and 276GB later (videos, not raws) I have few regrets - I'm going to sound like an emotive (or worse) type when I say all the technical details I don't really care about any more, and that carries on to the G1X Mk2. I used to worry a lot about corner sharpness, aperture, NR, integer ratio scaling, readout noise and on and on (and that worked out well when choosing a small sensor camera like the G7). But for anything that can take shots handheld in the full moon, the tech specs start to matter less. The main regret I do have though, is that the G1X is SLOOOOW. Painfully, frustratingly slow. Not the AF speed, or burst speed or anything, which is all fine for a P&S - but driving the thing through menus - shoot, review, quickly change something, try to get it back to "seeing" again, and so on. I've lost far too many good opportunities for shots that way.

I have the Busch book (the G1X doesn't even come with a printed manual; Canon must have been copying Apple). Even with Busch's tips, I find the G1X very slow. The image quality is on an SLR level, the sensor is big enough so you can crop if you need closeups, the viewfinder can be ignored but there's no denying it's slow enough to be writing one pixel at a time. I learned to live with the G1X for the images it produces. Except for the image quality, the Sonys are superior in every way.

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W5JCK: I didn't know that Amazon owns DPR. That explains a lot. Amazon has ignored user requests for years to change some of the idiotic formatting on Kindles, just like DPR refuses to get rid of the idiotic white text on black background that makes you see stripes in front of your eyes. I'm sure this new Amazon device will sell dozens of units just like its latest sibling the AmazonTV. Bwahahahjahjahaha!!!!!!!!

When I look at that test scene, I see stripes in front of my eyes. Sometimes I see stars, too.

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On Ricoh releases GR firmware 4.0 article (58 comments in total)
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TransientEye: Excellent support from Ricoh. The new AF speed seems to be quite a bit faster - comparable to the better u4/3 cameras. And the new firmware finally fixes the lockups when syncing with Lightroom on a Mac.

The GR may well be a one-trick-pony, but it is a very very good trick (sharp 28mm equivalent with APSC sensor and great controls), and it is nice to see a company supporting its products with these updates.

Yep. This is what you get when you focus on a large sensor and a fixed focal length lens. Do one thing well...or do many things just average or even poorly.

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Why the emotional attachment? If you are a Nikon user but not a fan, this is just an unfortunate case of mismanagement. It doesn't have any bearing on any other Nikon product. If you are a fan, there's betrayal, lost of trust, etc.

They made a mistake, they denied it, they got caught. It's not like G.M. having a safety issue going unaddressed for 9 years.

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iAPX: I don't understand why they didn't do it at first???

I will cost much more for Nikon to repair or exchange D600, and restore confidence, than to have done the right thing at the right time! Dumb!

It's business. They thought they could ride it out.

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instamatic: Nikon sales must really be hurting so they launched this campaign. Good, but too little and too late.

I hope Nikon is not oblivious to the notion that DSLRs are slowly progressing on a way to extinction. In my opinion it's not only about rebuilding user confidence in the brand, but also about deciding where to take the company next.

Hint: The Nikon 1 system is great in hands-on practice, but poorly marketed, and unappealing to the Western consumer. Why? The Western consumer wants large numbers, i.e. large sensors, large ISO values, large etc., and at the same time he wants full manual control. Actually none of those things are needed in practice because Nikon 1 is so surprisingly smart in taking photos in auto mode, but the consumer won't know this until they use the camera, and to use it they need to buy it - because now cameras are mostly bought online not in a brick and mortar store when they can be tried first. Nikon 1 is expensive - the consumer concludes to skip it.

Legal action was taken against them. That is why they launched this "campaign".

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