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nerd2: Here's some facts.

-Iphone 6s still lacks OIS
-Iphone 6s/6s+ has EXACTLY SAME sensor size and optics (which means the same f2.2 aperture)
-Now they crammed 1.5x more pixel into same sized sensor, so now pixel pitch is 1.22um down from 1.5um of IP6

Let's compare this to Samsung GS6.

-f2.2 optics is 34% slower than f1.9 optics of GS6.
-Each pixel is 18% larger (in area) than 1.12um pixels of GS6.
-So GS6's each pixel takes 13% more light than IP6s.
-And GS6 has 33% more pixel count than IP6s.

This simple calculation says that for low light photography, GS6 has theoretical 50% advantage over IP6s. Oh GS6 has OIS too....

No. That's not the reason DPR exists nor is it the reason Amazon bought DPR. The difference between scientific evaluation of images and great images is why DxO information is of such little value to photographers. To statisticians, it's priceless.

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Promit: Okay, let's get a couple of the common ones out of the way, shall we?

"Canon keeps making a great camera even better."
"Finally Canon is acknowledging that their flagship sports DSLR still needs work."
"Now if only Canon could fix the dynamic range in a firmware update."
"Pointless, just buy a A7R II instead. DSLRs are dead."
"This level of of commitment to pros is why Canon will never lose marketshare to other brands."
"Good to see they're not charging for firmware updates like Panasonic."
"Sony <whatever> is better."
"Nikon <whatever> is better."
"Overpriced camera that still doesn't focus well."
"The best crop DSLR on the market keeps getting better."
"I had a 7D2 and it was the worst camera ever made. Now I shoot with four D810s and thirty thousand dollars of lenses."
"I had a D810 and it was the worst camera ever made. Now I shoot with the 7D2 and only these Canon lenses."
"My iPhone still focuses faster."
"No EVF, no point."
"Nikon needs to release the D400 immediately."

You forgot one. When Fuji corrects a problem: "Thank you Fuji for making a great camera even better!!!" For some reason, this enthusiasm for firmware updates applies only to Fuji.

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krazeyez: So Canon seems to be feeling the heat from some other places and it is trying to future proof itself and assure their customer base that "hey we can do innovation too, look at what can we make up out of thin air".

Smells like desperation to me.

It seems they have difficulty with the digital product cycle. There was a time when you spent a few thousand on a camera and it was all you needed for 5-10 years. It still wasn't an "investment" but it was good value, at least.

Now, Sony makes your camera old in a year and obsolete in two and Canon is having trouble thinking up legitimate reasons for consumers to keep buying. 120 mp files will be great for a cover story in Popular Science, though.

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On Heavy lifting: Leica S (Type 007) sample gallery article (195 comments in total)

There is some irony that Leica should be the one to demonstrate medium format is still better.

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exapixel: Does that camera have a mirror or not? I don't know whether I'm supposed to mindlessly loathe it or mindlessly defend its ergonomic faults.

Anything, so long as its mindless.

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It's a run-up to their expo this month. Typical Canon, following the money, aiming for lucrative industrial and government sales. The way the world is going, security and surveillance are going to be bigger businesses than consumer cameras.

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Very cool. And aligning themselves with Google isn't a bad idea either.

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They are in a bind because people won't pay for the ink. That's the bottom line. The money's in the ink and people will not pay for OEM ink. DPR readers may, but not the general public.

The reason the printers clog (besides the pigments) is that home users don't use the printers often enough. The reason they don't use the printers often is that the ink is too expensive.

Kodak saw this problem and offered printers with cheaper ink. That worked out great.

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The Silver Nemesis: Good! But why the 45 mm? Why now?

Because they ran out of ideas for anything else and because Sigma has done well with their Art lenses.

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bernardf12: Good for Tamron to bring fast stabilized primes to the market. I am not aware of any IBIS patents for Canikon, although Nikon may end up sharing with Sony / Olympus.

Stabilized lenses are bigger and more expensive so IBIS is the way to go, as Panasonic and Sony found out recently.

Canikon will now have to play catch-up again.

Maybe Nikon and Canon like the idea that by purchasing one of their lenses you'll get something you usually won't get if you buy a different brand of lens.

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nerd2: They have impressively short minimum focus distance but way too big and heavy for prime lenses. Nikon 50mm 1.8g is only 185gr, (now old) 35mm f2 is 205gr. And both these lenses weigh around 500gr... no thanks.

VC is cool and all but I don't think anyone really need VC with 1.8 lens with modern FF camera either.

Sorry but a Tamron lens--even one with "new design values" is not a Ferrari. Build quality looks better than typical Tamron and image stabilization is great but does not guarantee image quality. And because they're so easy to make, standard 50/1.8 and 35/2 lenses are generally excellent anyway.

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To summarize, Tamron has discovered its easier to make a really good fixed focal length lens than it is to make a decent zoom.

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cinemascope: Yay! Can't wait for the fire sale.
Just in time for black friday in a few months :)

Let's check back on black Friday and see how accurate your prediction was.

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On A lot to like: Real-world Leica Q gallery posted article (349 comments in total)
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brownie314: Wonder how long it will take CaNikon to realize there is a market for this type of camera. With cell phones destroying the bottom end of the market, it should be obvious that they should be looking for more high end markets to get into. This is an obvious one. But, not products yet.

Maybe Nikon noticed the reaction to the Coolpix A which had a pretty large sensor, 28mm lens, much lower price and they closed it out for less than 1/3 of the original price.

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lacikuss: A fantasric litlle camera with a good selection of high quality Canon affordable lenses.

Please, don't say anything positive as it will attract nonsense comments from experts & pros who have never even held the camera. Even DPR is using an old photo (the experts complained about the nail polish, I recall.)

The next round will come when DxO rates the Sony 92 and the Canon 87.

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It's true that a computer and software can take the fun out of anything. But what's killing cameras is that existing cameras are more than good enough.

Only on DPR can you read things like "The sensor is almost 2 years old." So what? This probably works in the fashion industry, where you can't afford to have last year's style.

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On The new Canon 35L II will be a thing of beauty article (225 comments in total)
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loewena: 35 mm portraits are fine if you like bulby noses and small ears

I prefer a fisheye for portraits. It's all art so, like HDR there is no such thing as "wrong". Might look really bad, but it's not wrong.

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I think Sachtler still has spring loaded QR releases that are basically instant. Expensive but nice if a simple Arca mount is too slow. Sachtler even had a release where you could tension the spring in advance and it would snap onto the QR plate when the camera was placed in the "socket." The idea is basically like RRS but with a spring loaded lever.

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Ok, enough.

All the EOS M3 bodies can display multiple languages, including English. Doesn't matter where you get one.

Yes, you can use the EVF and flash simultaneously

No, the sensor is not made by Sony (wish it was.)

Yes, the focusing is faster than previous models but it's still not an SLR

No, the dynamic range is not improved and is typical of a Canon camera

Yes, it takes pictures comparable to a Canon APS SLR (which is fine for many people) but in a smaller package. The lenses, in particular are much smaller.

Yes, the focus peaking makes using uncoupled lenses very easy.

Yes, the price will go down. Like all digital cameras it will be replaced before long (already M4 rumors.)

No, it is not state of the art. But you have to wonder what Canon gains if a customer who was going to buy a Rebel buys an M3 instead. It's a wash.

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MikeFairbanks: It's already available in the U.S. There's this thing called the internet and ebay, and....

Ah, nevermind.

No need to assume. Like all digital cameras, the menus are in multiple languages. It took 2 minutes to figure out how to set English although the Japanese did look awfully cool.

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