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Marty4650: A really obsessive person would buy one of these to protect their B&W filter....

I'm getting two, for the most expensive front elements I have, my 14-24 and 17TS.

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These are the only filters endorsed by John Cameron Swayze.

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On article Corbis Images content to be distributed by Getty (29 comments in total)

Getty and Bill Gates. Glad to see this business in the hands of folks who really need the money.

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JakeB: As always, people will be blown away by the amazing pictures camera x is capable of when they see what gifted professionals can do with it.

Or amateurs who go someplace interesting and set it on auto.

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Aroart: I think fuji makes great cameras but there asking price for this camera is a bit high.. The XT1 price was lower at launch... I hope they can launch it with lense discounts like olympus does...One thing that's great about fuji they make awesome lenses and only a few suck....

The viewfinder is expensive. But people with cheaper cameras that don't have a viewfinder complain there is no viewfinder.

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Well done and insightful. Not just another "pro" who discovers (spoiler alert) Cuba has lots of brightly colored cars from the 1950s. And of course, the photo with the hood up, the driver trying to fix the car.

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alfredo_tomato: I lived in Eritrea (pre independence) for three years, but never made it down to the Afar region. Some friends travelled there and had an incident. They came upon an Ostrich in the road. They pulled up to it to make it move. It didn't. The driver blew the horn and that startled the Ostrich. It kicked the radiator, causing a leak.

They were lucky they had another car that towed the disabled vehicle to civilization.

What a great story. Those birds have a reputation for being really nasty.

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The Silver Nemesis: In direction, a wise change, this article is...

With no disrespect to DPR, I think its filler between camera announcements and shows. Not to say it's bad but its well covered territory. Admitting that giving everything either a gold or silver award tends to devalue these ratings is a good observation.

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A valid point but the real question for DPR readers is, is the current model dramatically better than the one you already have? Another question is, will switching brands translate to better images? It's human nature, after buying expensive stuff, to convince yourself the answer is yes.

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kharlow: How hard would it be to add a nice little optical viewfinder to these fixed focal length cameras? Maybe even add some parallax correction?

You have to wonder since the original GR-1 film camera has a perfectly decent optical finder. About the closest thing seems to be the Sigma viewfinder for the DP-1. It's surprisingly good and really small.

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Brad Sarno: I think that naysayers to the GR simply don't yet appreciate the astounding IQ and the cult-worthy handling and real world performance and feature set linked with ergonomics and pocketability. It's for a certain type of taste, but it clearly wouldn't have risen to such a cult status if it didn't really bring so much pleasure and such astounding results.

A lot of it's strength comes from what it lacks. A big, fast, mediocre zoom. The kind that takes pillow shaped pictures that have to be massively corrected with software.

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If you're going to make a niche product, do it right, and they did. Just great image quality and an easy to follow interface. And the film version even has a viewfinder.

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On article Otherworldly? Lomography introduces Jupiter 3+ lens (159 comments in total)

That Russian quality control does not come cheap. Not anymore, anyway.

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On article Going Pro: We interview Fujifilm execs in Tokyo (365 comments in total)
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Old Cameras: All of their comments are self reinforcing, they sound a little too sure of themselves. In ten years they'll be in exactly the same market position they're in now. They make cameras that try very hard to look like retro film cameras, and simultaneously can't wait to stop making film. Their products overlap each other and until yesterday they all had the same sensor. Their products are the opposite of innovation. Typical sales guys, toeing the company line. I think they're just throwing cameras against the wall, trying to find one that will stick. I like the style but I can't think of a compelling reason to own one.

They can't wait to stop making film because it isn't cost effective in small quantities (it was pure profit in the glory days.)

As for not innovating, these Fuji are cameras are ideal for people who used to use a rangefinder camera with a wide angle lens; not an experience everybody wants or is familiar with. You can tell when they make comments about how small the frame line is when using a telephoto (which is why a guy would have both a Nikon F and an M4.)

One area in which I think they are on the "cutting edge" is keeping the megapixels down. Customers, although not the DPR crowd, have repeatedly said no more megapixels (Thom Hogan has a good piece on this) but the "innovators" keep piling on the megapixels anyway.

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On article Going Pro: We interview Fujifilm execs in Tokyo (365 comments in total)

You can tell these guys are from a photo company, not an electronics company. Guys at Samsung or Sony for that matter would not be drawing comparisons to 400-800 ASA film and how we got along just fine.

But your conclusions are obviously correct. Sony will not flounder and Fuji will not take their spot anytime soon. On paper at least, Sony will offer more for the money too. Fuji certainly knows medium and large format but who knows how many they could sell.

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On article 1.4 and More: Canon EF 35mm F1.4L II comparison (240 comments in total)

I'd be curious how the Sigma holds up after a year or two of hard use. Roger seems to think it will be ok.

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arhmatic: I like your subtitle "retro slick"

I am still amazed how many people deny the importance of good design "because we are pros and because we need good ergonomics" or "this is a tool, not a fashion statement".

Industrial design does matter.
Well done Fuji, well done Leica.

Who cares, indeed. What is beautiful to one person doesn't even register for another. There's a famous quote about the early sloped back Porsches "It looks ugly until you see what it can do."

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On article A classic reinvented? Domke Chronicle Review (88 comments in total)

Canvas is heavy and cheap (at least to the manufacturer.) This bag is over 4 pounds, empty. Canvas tends to soak up water too, even when treated. The only upside is that it looks like you're roughing it. Those big metal hooks add weight as well, and there's no shoulder pad. Ballistic nylon may not look as cool but it's much lighter and the good stuff is practically waterproof. To each his own.

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mclaren777: The margin on these things must be at least 80% so it's only a matter of time before other companies help drive the price down.

Come on, China, bring on the knock-offs!

You mean they're not made in Italy (smiley face)?

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It would be a shame to give this a silver award because the viewfinder behaves like a Leica M camera. In fact, its surprising people are surprised. If the appearance of the camera doesn't offer a clue, the film simulation should be indication. This camera will seem familiar to people old enough to have used a M3, M2 or M4.

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