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dwill23: I should have added (below) that if they came out with something like my 18-135 EF-S 'vacation' lens in the "M" mount, (so even smaller than EFS) it would be fantastic. ANd I would like it a lot more.

I second rrccad's vote. But unfortunately, the bokeh-depth of field crowd will insist on a 1.4 zoom, then complain about the weight and price. The 55-200 for EOS M is really light, BTW. Has a crappy plastic mount, though.

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wb2trf: People write here as if Canon's only business was cameras. They have a huge portfolio of businesses and I think are managing cameras as a cash cow, which makes perfect sense from a business viewpoint. Cameras are a declining market that would require very high capital investment to lead technologically, in which they have a large market share position. That condition spells: milk it. That's good business and is what they are doing. It is quite obvious, and that is what I would do in their position. For Canon camera owners it is pretty clear now from the A7RII that you'll be able to transition your glass over to Sony, and probably others makers, for a long useful life on other camera brands. (There is every reason to suppose that the fast focus with Canon lenses offered by the A7RII+Metabones will perfect itself and migrate to other bodies and brands in a short while.) I wouldn't be surprised to see Canon just be a lens maker in less than a decade.

No. Canon will make cameras because they have been in the camera business since WWII and the Japanese really hang on to tradition. You could ask why some of the smaller companies that aren't making much/any money stay in, and it's the same thing. Does anybody expect Olympus or Pentax to make a big turnaround? No, but they are great names with great histories.

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darngooddesign: There really should be a discount kit price with the EVF.

You can get the X-T10/18-55 kit for the same money, and its a better lens.

If they need to, they can go back to the body + EVF kits they made to introduce it in Japan. If they need to (and they will) they can reduce the price.

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photomedium: If I was working for Sony I'd be laughing at the news. First you don't sell, then you decide to sell...why? Is Canon using the US to dump his waste? People are wondering...what a blunder.
After years of tired old sensors tech, even the marketing department at Canon is showing signs of fatigue.

Even if they only sell one, that's one less that Sony sells. Hilarious, right?

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Interesting in that Canon already does an amazing job with CA.

Whatever you want to criticize about Canon, there are two things they do really well; sell more cameras than anybody else and make wide angle lenses with very low chromatic aberration.

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R Stacy: It looks remarkably similar to Sony's A6000 except it's only half as fast.

What on earth does anybody need a compact camera that shoots 11 frames in a second? Is this for slow motion pictures of bees or something?

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On article Hands-on with Canon's 'not-coming-to-USA' EOS M3 (598 comments in total)

I bought one of the Japanese kits with the EVF and it was under $500. At that price, having an external viewfinder (which I have used just once) didn't seem like a big deal. The EVF weighs about as much as a postage stamp so I carry it even if I never use it.

With the stabilized 11-22 lens it's an excellent camera. Not in DxO terms but in actual picture-taking terms. Focus is still a little slow but much better than the EOS M1. It's built as well as the other EOS M except for the hinge on the LCD which is flimsy. In short, not cutting edge anything, just a big sensor in a small body with reasonably priced lenses.

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CNY_AP: Saw it on ebay (I think from Japan), so we could buy one, but not sure if it's NTCS and 30FPS or 25FPS. M2 is on ebay too, of course.

Like all digital cameras, it can be switched to either type of video.

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Can they tow a trailer? I think this translates as "the coatings on these filters are harder than the previous ones."

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Ruy Penalva: Do we are in the XXI century? A 16 MP sensor sounds like a sub smart phone sensor. If it were only video dedicated may be but a mixed still and video sensor should have more pixels.

50 megapixels and 7-axis image stabilization. At a minimum.

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Mike FL: So Olympus is leaning from SONY - King of the mirrorless for marketing strategy to make multiple OMDs just liking RX100s to block the competitions.

Better than Panasonic as Panasonic is still could not find one model that is real salable comparing to OMDs.

Panasonic needs to put some efforts for developing 5-axis IBIS which is at least as good as older EM5.

That would be bodies and cameras not "body's" and "camera's".

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II: Real-world ISO invariance study (369 comments in total)

Very interesting and will definitely be interested in the next model which, since Sony moves so quickly, should not be far off. One thing--I placed the little selection rectangle over the red highlight on the left side (above the tree) and it appears in completely different colors, depending on the ISO. It's red at ISO 100 and green at ISO 200.

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If they ship on time, it's proof they are on the ball. If they don't ship on time, it's their attention to detail, making sure they get things right. If there's a problem, Nikon customers accuse other Nikon customers of "hating on" poor Nikon. I own a lot of Nikon and some products are just outstanding but like any other company Nikon sometimes has problems and I don't see any reason to defend them.

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On article Readers' Showcase: Zhi Yuen Yap (60 comments in total)

Beautiful shots. How can it be that these were shot without a D810 and a 14-24? It's just not possible! (Joking, of course.)

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Shiranai: Its funny how everyone is talking Canon down nowadays but somehow they still sweep these awards with their old and unadvanced imaging processors and DSLR tech. And its the experts and pros who give these awards.

These awards don't mean anything. Selling more cameras and lenses than anybody else means a lot. All the more so in a declining business.

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RStyga: BS made in Leica...
I once dropped a Nikon AF400 from an army guard post, about 8 meters high, on rocks and concrete, and was only very slightly marked on its corner, as good as before in every respect, still working fine (after 20 years). The camera was complete unprotected (no half case like that Leica, nothing).

I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got there, I'll never know. The Leica Passport program started as an unconditional lifetime warranty. But fixing all that stuff that never breaks was just too costly.

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But will this delay result in ready availability anywhere in the world...or will the lens show up on eBay, 2-8 weeks before any are available in the US or Europe? It wouldn't be a big deal if Nikon had a reasonable gray policy, but they don't.

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blink667: When Sony creates a $3200 camera that can AF in moderately low light without the need of a $1600 lens, call me.

Good for you.

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On article Samsung introduces PM1633a, world's first 2.5" 16TB SSD (121 comments in total)
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dwill23: I read some comments and the same ol and ol comes up again and again. "Too much capacity is too risky to use". I call HOGWASH on that.

When I sold 32MB (yes mega byte) CF cards for $100 at Ritz camera NO ONE DARED to buy the 64MB cards and the 96MB cards for the exact same fear. "I might lose everything if the card fails".

Now a days we have photographers not wanting 128GB when they USED to be scared to dead of 64GB. This is an endless silliness that I'm so sick of.

"I'd rather have two girls at 21 than one at 42." W.C. Fields.

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kawasakiman: Who cares????? Big deal so it focuses in low light.....I'm not into taking pictures in the dark!

Excellent point, Rishi. It's like when people say there is no need for stabilization in a wide angle lens. What they mean is, they read it somewhere (which means it's true) and they haven't found a use for it.

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