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Beautiful. In the overall scheme of things, the nonsense that goes on down here is pretty minor.

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Peter Bendheim: Fuji make wonderful cameras that deliver great image quality and are a pleasure to use. But I'm not sure about their reliability. While the big manufacturers have issues now and again such as the D600 did, there seem to be all sorts of random issues with a number of Fuji products. I don't mind quirky controls but I do mind quirky engineering under the skin and I think that is one of Fuji's biggest issues for widespread pro acceptance.

Let's not forget the tragedy of white orbs. That was to have been the end of Fuji. Somehow life went on, and after a very brief period of denying it was a problem, Fuji admitted it really was a problem and fixed it.

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The obvious question. Do the improved film holders fit the 700/750 and can they be purchased separately?

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GothtinPowers: So how do these compare to dedicated film scanners like the Nikon coolscans?

I've got a V700 and a Coolscan. If you were to do a DxO test, the Epson would rate as good or better than the Coolscan. In reality, the Epson is ok, but for small film (35mm) well behind the Coolscan. For medium format and larger, the Epson really is good enough for a lot of film scanning tasks.

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On Sony shows off upcoming full-frame lenses at Photokina article (337 comments in total)
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raztec: I'm still perplexed why people choose a FF camera and then slap a wide zoom like the 24-240 on it. It will be optically impossible for this lens to be sharp. I doubt the final image will be any sharper than an RX10, so why not just buy that instead for the price of the lens alone?

And not to mention how unbalanced it will be on a A7body.

Because people don't know (or don't care) that it's optically impossible for wide to long-tele lenses to be sharp. It's all about convenience. How many people would give up photography altogether if they had to endure the hardship of carrying rolls of film and waiting for them to be processed? Even carrying a spare battery is apparently a burden.

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With such cool cameras and so many of them, it's amazing they aren't doing better than they are. And it's a shame, because unlike, say, Sony, Fuji has been in imaging for a very long time.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 First Impressions Review preview (1864 comments in total)
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Montana Floozie: This camera has most of what I've been looking for (I'm an ancient film guy) and I'm tempted to pre-order. Having never bought a yet-to-be-released anything, I'm wondering about advantages/disadvantages of a pre-order.
I suspect this will be popular, so will I face a back-order wait if I delay? What about unanticipated glitches and is better production to be expected later in the run than it the first ones out of the factory?
In any case, I'm in for a steep learning curve as my current camera is a FZ-20 from back in the last century....

While there have been some exceptions recently, 99% of the time, the first batch of cameras is fine, especially products made in Japan.

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Dimit: Clear is:Digital photography is a joint venture of electronics as well as optics.
Sony is no.1 in electronics,no doubt.
Zeiss is no.1 in optics.no doubt.
Jointly they'll become no.1 in the near future,that's what logic says.
More lens(no doubt),more a mount cameras(no doubt) is a subdivision of this procedure..all the rest is e-whining,trolls,etc,etc...

Samsung is #1 in electronics and Zeiss lenses are sold in very small numbers.

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TravelPhotog: First!!! :)

I wonder if Canon truly believes they use the best sensor available in each of their cameras? They chose Sony for the G7X but used their own in-house sensor for the 7DII. Maybe they truly believe that, in looking at every facet of the sensor (whatever that means), it actually is the best in terms of overall, final image quality (despite a tradeoff of more shadow noise, thus reducing DR below Sony's sensor).

Of course they know it's not the best but I still think this interview is less disingenuous than the others.

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This interview differs from the others so far. Besides taking tough questions about sub-par sensors, Mr Maeda gives some actual information. Of course he has to say Canon believes their sensors are the best (Nikon believes there's no problem with the D600) but he also says expect more mirrorless and higher megapixel cameras, soon.

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Sony's camera strategy in one sentence: "We noticed the market for cameras was declining, so we decided to jump in!"

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ManuelVilardeMacedo: Hmm, what have we got here? A manufacturer that makes the best lenses south of Leica and Zeiss, with a wonderful tradition of quality throughout its history. They make no less than six full-frame models, all of them highly respected by their image quality; they are at the forefront of their industry in terms of effective, useful innovation and, despite relying almost exclusively on their cameras and lenses, they are still the second largest photography manufacturer. Professionals all over the world use Nikon for the most demanding jobs. I'd say they deserve some respect for all this, but how do people react to a simple interview?
- We want 4K;
- We want cropped sensors;
- We want crappy mirrorless;
- We don't care for wonderfully bright viewfinders, we just want dumb electronic ones;
- We want E-mount;
- And X- mount;
- We want useless features that add nothing to image quality.
The photography community has gone insane.

Why don't you start a club, website or write a book about Nikon's greatness? Plenty of people have. This is a discussion of what customers would like to see if Nikon wants them to keep replacing their excellent, current Nikon cameras with new cameras. It's looking forward, not back and nobody's being very sentimental.

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Scottelly: It amazes me that Canon would under-spec a camera so much. At least they put two memory card slots in this thing.

They STILL haven't caught up with the Sony A77, which is 24 MP and shoots at 12 fps, has a fold-out, completely articulating screen, and comes with a really good, weather sealed 16-50mm f2.8 lens . . . for $1,400.


. . . and the new Sony A77 II body, with Wi-Fi, is under $1,100.


I think Canon is cautious by nature, especially in this lousy market environment. But maybe Canon can hire someone away from Sony, to show them how, with cutting edge innovation, they can move from first place in camera sales, to third place.

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Darn. Was going to delete this and it won't let me.

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Len_Gee: How is it that many "own it" or say they've " had it " when it hasn't even been released yet?
I don't understand how that could be so.

One might infer that not everything on DPR is entirely accurate.

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If you read carefully, there's a lot of information here. There's lots of interest in the D750 (like there were so many other exciting products at the show). The D610, which costs less than the D750, should appeal to people who want to spend less. We hope what happened with the D600 won't happen again but can't promise.

Some people who use DX cameras have already moved to FX. Others would like to and there are also some who aren't interested. Listening to customers seems like a good idea. Most importantly, we haven't ruled anything in or ruled anything out.

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On Photokina 2014 Video: The Canon G7 X article (143 comments in total)

Why not wait for some real users (not DxO) to try this camera and see if the image quality is better or worse than the Sony? From what I've seen so far, it's not even as good as the Sony, and if that's the case, who cares if it is innovative?

How much barrel distortion? How far do the pixels have to be moved to get straight lines? How soft are the corners at the wide setting? Are all four corners equally sharp (or soft)? How much less dynamic range vs. the Sony? These things are at least as important as how fast the lens is or whether it has a viewfinder. After all, that's the point of buying this type of camera instead of something much less expensive.

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On Hands-on with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 article (441 comments in total)

Looks good, although those space ship caps don't really seal out dust. One of my Olympus cameras would get a little Mercedes emblem on the lens, from dust passing through the cap. Now, if the filter can remain on the lens when the cap is closed, this is truly a breakthrough.

I think you're making too much of the location of the tripod thread. These cameras are about convenience and if you're going to carry a tripod you can just as easily carry a bag with a bigger camera.

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On Opinion: Bring on the 70-200mm equivalents article (340 comments in total)
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Wes Syposz: this is getting sillier all the time, nobody talks about image creation and creativity, the equivalency of F-stop at different format is for calculating DOF and nothing to do with the metering system, if one wants to change the DOF, all one has to do is to change the distance to the photographed subject, problem with so called BOKEH, chose different background, too much silly discussion, reminds me of Monty Python episode Department of silly walks...

That's Ministry of Silly Walks, not Department.

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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1418 comments in total)

I think the answer to most of the comments here is: "to make it cheaper" Or, if you are a Nikon fan, "to make it less expensive." It's not a D700 with a better sensor because the D700 was a $3000 body. It should still be an excellent camera and good value for the money.

I wish they had done this with the D700 shell but if they did, it would be a lower resolution D800 for almost the same price. It wouldn't attract full frame buyers on a budget and for everyone else, it would be one less D810 sale for every D750 sold.

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