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On Nikon 1 V3 First Impressions Review preview (647 comments in total)

Except for image quality, sounds like a great camera.

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And all of this can now be replaced by an air conditioned sheet-rock room in San Jose. The intricate architecture, the experience, the jobs, all in the dustbin of history. Like watching a DVD instead of going to Radio City.

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On Nikon 1 V3 stock shortage prompts official apology article (288 comments in total)
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wetsleet: I'm constantly amused by so many armchair experts pontificating to whichever manufacturer how to fix their cameras and pricing to make them sell, and then just carry on with their mantra regardless when, guess what, the camera sells as-is, due - but of course - to a gullible public who sadly lack the archair experts' expertise and tragically don't realise that they should be buying a different camera at a different price.

Thing is, if the armchair expert happens to be a potential customer, their "expertise" really does matter.

Over and over, the Japanese have shown their mastery of understanding the mindset of western markets. When you work with them, especially in the photo industry, you realize they have a complete understanding of the North American/European/Australian customer.

I'm kidding.

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On Nikon 1 V3 stock shortage prompts official apology article (288 comments in total)

I don't know who's buying these or how many were made but at least Nikon is addressing the situation. Of course, in true Nikon form they're giving themselves a pat on the back by saying it's so good, we're sorry we can't keep up. But it's a step.

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Michael Piziak: I was unaware that the strap that came with my camera was inadequate until now.

Changing the strap will definitely make your SLR less obvious. But that's obvious.

You're in a crowd; people have knapsacks, purses, messenger bags, etc. But not you. As I scan the crowd, looking for something to grab, I see you have a strap that says NIKON in bright gold letters or CANON in equally enormous red letters.

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On Canon and Microsoft sign patent agreement post (73 comments in total)

I wouldn't expect anything exciting from this but at least Canon makes a good product.

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forpetessake: How is Sigma's "try before you buy" any better than buy and return for full refund if not satisfied most vendors offer? In fact it's worse, Sigma offers just one week, while most vendors allow 30 days of use.

The open/demo stuff usually does go back to the manufacturer. Retailers know it's tough to sell a "repack" (and rightly so). Some camera distributors are much easier to deal with regarding returned goods, while others prefer to antagonize the retailer.

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Rupert Bottomsworth: Actor Dennis Hopper gets first London exhibition - 4 years after death

What bad taste this title is. They guy has been dead for 4 years, for god's sake!
It should be: The Hopper Art Trust is showing an exhibition of the late Dennis Hopper's photos.

The point was (I think) that in the art world, your art is appreciated more after your death, even if you were famous in life.

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Antony John: Seems that many posters are upset that Nikon has dared to upgrade' the D800.
If current users don't need the benefits of the D810 then I don't understand why they should be so animated.
In a couple of years there'll be a D810 upgrade (D820 presumably) that will be "The best of the best - with honors" (courtesy of MIB #1).
That Nikon are 'refining' an already excellent camera should be applauded not denigrated. It shows that there was little that needed modification on an already excellent camera with currently available technology.

There's a long tradition of "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything". And since this is mostly preaching to the converted, someone who has spent a lot on Nikon wants to hear that everything they make is wonderful. In fact, by this standard, DPR can be relatively critical.

I like to look at the whole package. What lenses are available? Are any exceptional or any dogs? How often are new items backordered and for how long? Last but not least, what is their tech support and repair service like?

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ET2: "Unkind people might say that ‘early adopter’ is a polite way of saying ‘guinea-pig’."

Early adopters of bitcoin in 2009 and 2010 when it was trading for less than 1 penny and all of them millionaire now would disagree with being called "‘guinea-pig’."

Yes, and this is typical of what happens to people who stand in line to be the first to own new technology. It's always trouble-free and besides, they become millionaires.

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1599 comments in total)
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Parry Johnson: I bought a Fuji S2 in 2002 for over $3000, sold it to a friend in 2006 for $400, and recently sold it again as part of his estate for $79. Resale value should not be a concern in this industry. Usefulness value should. I never expect to get any money back from my camera equipment, but expect it to pay for itself (and then some!) through actual paying clients or through the pure pleasure of the fun of photography.

So, for those well-heeled amateurs, go for it! For those not-so-well-heeled professionals and professional-wannabees-who-have-another-actual-full-time-job like me, euh... maybe, but only if it's really going to "pay off."

Investing in a high end digital camera is like investing in a BMW. You tell yourself its an investment but unless they stop making them after the first 500 pieces it never is.

You could argue these things are too cheap. Medium format digital is still for professionals because of the price but $3000 SLRs have created an army of new professionals.

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On Nikon D810: What You Need to Know article (142 comments in total)
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JKP: Has enyone figured out, what specifically Nikon means when that say D800E has effects of AA filter 'canceled', while 810 has it entirely left out? What is the difference between the two cameras?

With the D800e, they had a AA filter but figured a clever way to negate its effects. With the D810, they left it out altogether but the customer still pays an upcharge for not having it. Like "yes, we have no bananas" only it's an AA filter instead of bananas.

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eastwestphoto: For the money the A7r is a well featured DSLM camera Vs. the other so called Pro DSLR cameras. Adding the 100 adapters i have for legacy lenses and my Sony FE lenses; my image quality has been outstanding. True i use tricks, always focus with DMF, always use a polarizer filter to add help too the Contrast AF focusing system. Throw away the plastic sunshade and get a collapsible 55mm rubber for using Polarizer filter. Shooting great video, I am now wishing that websites upgrade their obsolete submission protocols to take 25 meg files or 1080P video on YOUTUBE or others. Still my ISP cannot handle more than a 10 meg jpeg image, so YOU SEE that the cameras are light years ahead of the web services already! Regards, Don@Eastwestphoto

Having a few more adapters might be helpful.

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1599 comments in total)
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Donnie G: Combining the D800 and D800E into one camera will cut production costs and justify the bump in price for the D810. That's 2 wins for Nikon and one for D810 customers who will no longer be forced to choose between AA filter or none. IMO, this is the Nikon D800 that should have been made in the first place. Still, better late than never. Go Nikon!

Making it in Thailand will cut production costs and having a single model will mean that customers won't have to make Solomon's choice although I doubt very many people spent the extra for the D800e.

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1599 comments in total)
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Kaj E: The highlight weighted metering may be a good solution for optimizing exposure for RAW-shooters.

Much quicker than spot metering and recomposing.

Still add RAW RGB histograms and we are there.

I thought Nikon's dynamic range was so superior to everyone else that you just could not blow out the highlights.

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1599 comments in total)
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57even: Perfect. Such a relief. I have no need to upgrade my D800.

Now back to the 1980s when I only had to upgrade a camera every 10 years because I wore it out. That's worth spending $3k for.

"Improvements" that allow you to do something you could not do before, are worthwhile.

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On Tamrac brand and assets acquired by Gura Gear article (30 comments in total)

As with cameras, there are too many brands of bags in the marketplace and that's not even counting no-name, OEM and eBay. But I give Tamrac a lot of credit. They took Tenba's concept and left them in the dust. For a while.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Review preview (830 comments in total)

This is classic DPR. Your RX100 may exhibit some soft corners or a soft edge but heck, blame it on the 20 megapixels. And besides, we can point to lots of compact cameras that aren't any better.

This translates roughly, to "It's the best you're gonna get in this size body but if you care enough about image quality to spend $800, and you insist on a zoom lens in a camera this size, don't expect miracles."

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Stephen_C: Nothing says "Success" like dropping the price so low. The problem is that I am reminded of Admiral Ackbar's famous line when it comes to getting invested in an open ended subscription with a program that uses proprietary image files.

They have a near-monopoly so they're not going broke. But they do need to tell the folks who thought subscriptions would be popular that it's time to clean up their work area and stop by personnel for an exit interview.

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Super convenient, perhaps but not super.

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