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This was inevitable. Everything else is automatic so why not? The next thing will be a true program mode. Just set it to "wedding", "landscape", "portrait", "over saturated for Flickr", "HDR max" and so on.

You push the button (if you insist.) We do the rest.

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peevee1: Oh come on! What does that have to do with digital photography?

You might as well ask what does digital photography have to do with photography. I enjoy looking at charts as much as the next person and software that's too difficult to use is even more fun. But sometimes we lose sight of the end product.

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PhotoKhan: This is SO funny...

Brands are so embroiled in competing at any cost that they actually end up cannibalizing their own line-ups most probably, because in glorious corporate tradition, groups of persons inside are more busy taking care of their own "clout" then actually looking for the company interests.
...and then comes a photography site diligently and engagingly trying to make sense of it all by deeply analyzing (mostly) non-existing differences.

SOOO funny...

It isn't funny, but you're partly right because those people trying to create sometimes imaginary differentiation, have bosses too. And they have bosses too, especially in giant companies like Sony or Fuji.

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bernardly: With all the profits Canon is making from its camera division and considering the vast resources of the company, one would think Canon would do the right thing for its loyal customers and support all RAW enabled cameras in DPP version 4.x. It does not seem to be forthcoming though. Even the newly released 7Dmkll and G7X get support only in DPP version 3.x with the old & crusty user interface. This is marketing Balkanisation at its worst.

Considering the price, I can excuse them not supporting cameras that haven't even been shipped yet.

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On Photoshop comes to Chrome OS in limited beta article (93 comments in total)

Assuming the appeal of Chromebooks is the low price, when they figure a way to make Photoshop work on a $400 Chromebook as well as it works on a MacBook, they'll have something.

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I knew this reminded me of something. Nikon has a "boutique" catalog in Japan with lots of this stuff. Since it's Japan-only, quantities are small and most or all of it isn't even made by Nikon.



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On Photokina 2014: Quiet but significant article (165 comments in total)

My first Photokina in 1980, I worked two booths because one company paid for my air and another for hotel. I was too busy to see everything but there was real excitement because photography was photography, video was too expensive and electronics meant Walkman.

All these years later, everything good is still expensive but instead of buying a Linhof and keeping it 25 years or a Nikon for 10, manufacturers expect you to upgrade or even switch every year or two. And instead of getting a mechanical jewel that's like a fine watch, now you get an electronic watch.

For now, technology has overtaken itself. Current cameras aren't just more than adequate--they have to compete with other electronic toys while we wait for pocket-sized video cameras with such high resolution you can shoot continuously and pick the best frame. In fact, the computer will tell you which frame is the best.

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If Leica came up with this, it would be called a ripoff and snapped up quickly.

If Apple did it, there would be a video with Jony Ives, with that pained expression of his, explaining this revolutionary new concept.

But since it's Canon, they probably had too many white bodies and somebody figured, what the hell, this could be a good way to unload them.

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On Photokina 2014: Quiet but significant article (165 comments in total)
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Michael Piziak: I get the feeling that an entire industry is slowly dying before our eyes.

Evolving into what? It started with "You push the button, we do the rest" so that part was covered pretty early.

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xrokx: Fuji should make a special limited run of fixed lens (about 35 mm) FF cameras. It doesnt matter if they are a little on the big side. It could be a collectors item; it wouldnt hurt their sales of aps-c if they price it high enough. Half the price of a LEICA maybe . As long as it is fast and sharp.

In other words, divert resources from their existing "map", go to the time and expense of developing a full frame sensor and lenses and strictly limit the number for sale.

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Beautiful. In the overall scheme of things, the nonsense that goes on down here is pretty minor.

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Peter Bendheim: Fuji make wonderful cameras that deliver great image quality and are a pleasure to use. But I'm not sure about their reliability. While the big manufacturers have issues now and again such as the D600 did, there seem to be all sorts of random issues with a number of Fuji products. I don't mind quirky controls but I do mind quirky engineering under the skin and I think that is one of Fuji's biggest issues for widespread pro acceptance.

Let's not forget the tragedy of white orbs. That was to have been the end of Fuji. Somehow life went on, and after a very brief period of denying it was a problem, Fuji admitted it really was a problem and fixed it.

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The obvious question. Do the improved film holders fit the 700/750 and can they be purchased separately?

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GothtinPowers: So how do these compare to dedicated film scanners like the Nikon coolscans?

I've got a V700 and a Coolscan. If you were to do a DxO test, the Epson would rate as good or better than the Coolscan. In reality, the Epson is ok, but for small film (35mm) well behind the Coolscan. For medium format and larger, the Epson really is good enough for a lot of film scanning tasks.

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On Sony shows off upcoming full-frame lenses at Photokina article (324 comments in total)
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raztec: I'm still perplexed why people choose a FF camera and then slap a wide zoom like the 24-240 on it. It will be optically impossible for this lens to be sharp. I doubt the final image will be any sharper than an RX10, so why not just buy that instead for the price of the lens alone?

And not to mention how unbalanced it will be on a A7body.

Because people don't know (or don't care) that it's optically impossible for wide to long-tele lenses to be sharp. It's all about convenience. How many people would give up photography altogether if they had to endure the hardship of carrying rolls of film and waiting for them to be processed? Even carrying a spare battery is apparently a burden.

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With such cool cameras and so many of them, it's amazing they aren't doing better than they are. And it's a shame, because unlike, say, Sony, Fuji has been in imaging for a very long time.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 First Impressions Review preview (1415 comments in total)
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Montana Floozie: This camera has most of what I've been looking for (I'm an ancient film guy) and I'm tempted to pre-order. Having never bought a yet-to-be-released anything, I'm wondering about advantages/disadvantages of a pre-order.
I suspect this will be popular, so will I face a back-order wait if I delay? What about unanticipated glitches and is better production to be expected later in the run than it the first ones out of the factory?
In any case, I'm in for a steep learning curve as my current camera is a FZ-20 from back in the last century....

While there have been some exceptions recently, 99% of the time, the first batch of cameras is fine, especially products made in Japan.

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Dimit: Clear is:Digital photography is a joint venture of electronics as well as optics.
Sony is no.1 in electronics,no doubt.
Zeiss is no.1 in optics.no doubt.
Jointly they'll become no.1 in the near future,that's what logic says.
More lens(no doubt),more a mount cameras(no doubt) is a subdivision of this procedure..all the rest is e-whining,trolls,etc,etc...

Samsung is #1 in electronics and Zeiss lenses are sold in very small numbers.

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TravelPhotog: First!!! :)

I wonder if Canon truly believes they use the best sensor available in each of their cameras? They chose Sony for the G7X but used their own in-house sensor for the 7DII. Maybe they truly believe that, in looking at every facet of the sensor (whatever that means), it actually is the best in terms of overall, final image quality (despite a tradeoff of more shadow noise, thus reducing DR below Sony's sensor).

Of course they know it's not the best but I still think this interview is less disingenuous than the others.

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This interview differs from the others so far. Besides taking tough questions about sub-par sensors, Mr Maeda gives some actual information. Of course he has to say Canon believes their sensors are the best (Nikon believes there's no problem with the D600) but he also says expect more mirrorless and higher megapixel cameras, soon.

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