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You have to give them credit for cranking this stuff out. It's been almost a week since there was any news from Sony. Gold award.

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DuxX: New sensor? Is there any clue about how much this sensor is really new? What this NEW sensor will bring to us regarding to image quality? Any data about DR for example? Is this mean that we'll have whole new generation of Canon cameras based on old sensor technology?? 8/

photomedium has extensively tested this camera, knows all the answers, does not care but posts anyway. Where is Ken Rockwell on this?

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spiderhunter: It would be good if advancement in technology meant smaller camera sizes.

It would be great if he lenses were smaller and lighter too.

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J A C S: This is a wonderful forum giving the opportunity to anybody who never owned and never will own such a camera, or does not even know what it is for, to express his expert opinion. Yes, me included.

It's like sports. People go crazy for this team or that. With these cameras, DxO gives this one 88.232132 and that one 89.21245 and the fans make an issue of it. There may be a rare case where a specific capability is missing from one particular camera but not often these days.

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (605 comments in total)

As with lenses, where nobody disputes they know what they're doing, this is the type of camera where Canon really excels. Even for those who don't need this capability, it's good to know its there and your lenses will fit, no adapters needed.

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Even without manipulation, its a standard student image. You tell them to position themselves so something surrounds something else. Its supposed to show the photographer was observant, patient and noticed the juxtaposition, by waiting for the plane to fly overhead.

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Biowizard: Nice article, Damien, but one point of order; quote:

"Olympus generally didn’t use big top-plate shutter speed dials until the OM series of 35mm SLRs"

When the OM-1 arrived, one of its best design features was that, unlike any other SLR, its shutter speed dial was NOT on the top-plate: it was a ring around the lens mount throat. Placing it there meant you could control both shutter speed and aperture from similar locations!

No need to talk to Ivor Matanle to confirm this one - I still have my once-new 1976 Olympus OM-1N and set of 4 prime Zuikos, in full working order!


Footnote: when I went to buy my Olympus OM-D E-M1 at Park Cameras a couple of years ago, I took the OM-1N with me to compare them. They are so nearly the identical size, and the styling is incredibly similar. Even more so, than with the two Pen-F cameras you are writing about!

Honestly, somebody writing for the web's premier camera site should know how the shutter speeds were set on an OM camera.

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On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (396 comments in total)

It stands to reason that older people are more likely to have the money for an expensive hobby. These people remember when cameras were cameras, mostly metal, with gorgeous black enamel finishes, intended to be used for years. So even if it's just nostalgia, it makes sense to cater to these sentiments.

The designers of the cameras are probably fans of classic cameras too. And if anybody still at Olympus remembers the Ecru and O-Product, they also know what not to do.

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odpisan: Every market comes to the point when there is no buyers any moore - or there is less buyers as a year before.

So ... what?

This stupid philosophy "market MUST grow every year" looks like the managers want to fill one litre bottle with two litres of water.


Of course you're right, but in a publicly traded company, it's impossible to say "We did such a good job of meeting our customer's needs that they are satisfied with what they have."

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princecody: Somehow I don't believe this.

Why not? Just because every other article in DPR is about Sony does not mean they have a great business in cameras. Nobody does.

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These folks have done something professional journalists can't seem to manage. They've taken photos that show something positive and joyful.

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Miron09: Leica at the top of their game with special editions. At least 10k margin per piece. Competitors look on and weep. Those who look with disdain, remember Hasselblad´s Sony clones. Leica are the masters of marketing

Those Sony bodies with the wooden handles were a huge success.

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historianx: Cant people read here? it's the *Japanese* market the price increases affect.

And no price increases, anywhere else in the world until 3050, guaranteed.

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nunatak: at this rate it may take another century to reach current Leica prices.

People love Nikon. They'll pay. No matter what Nikon does, they'll pay. But what if the price increases aren't enough?

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iudex: To all those bashing Pentax for this pics: the pictures have no other meaning than remind that the introduction of K-1 is close (rumoured date is 18th February).
Ricoh does not want to reveal anything in advance, even not the resolution, thus the resolution is so small (so proclamations like "this could have been shot with an iPhone" are out of place). Anyhow it is a public secret within Pentaxian community that the sensor will be Sony 36 MPx, the same as in D810. But before people start sayng something like "oh, Nikon has got this sensor for 2 years now" please wait for the price. That will explain everything (rumoured MRSP should be cca. 2000 USD, what is 1000 USD! less than the D810).

Sounds great. The only thing that's certain is that Pentax is arriving very, very late to an already saturated market. It could well be a spectacular camera but even Sony has not made that big a dent despite throwing tons of money. The reason this matters is that prospective customers will have to consider what they're buying into and how long it will be around.

I still have fond memories of my Pentax 67, a fabulous, all metal camera and a great value. But that was then.

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Rouseabout: It's an interesting choice in timing to try carving out a market share in the ff dslr market..

Now there's an understatement.

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Don Diafragma: This is the second price increase this year.

As of January they also increased prices in between 17% and 30%, now add this new price hike to the previous one and we are at a whopping 36% to 48%.

Looks like Nikon entered a storm and have come into troubled waters.

Nikon's "job" is to charge as much as they can and that's that. Customers may be big fans of Nikon but Nikon is a business and does not run a fan club for it's customers (quite the contrary.)

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Greynerd: It is interesting that people seem to be thinking Samsung's departure from cameras is a result of internal factors specific to Samsung. It seems more of a case of a deep malaise in the camera market and Samsung are financially astute enough to know when the party is over and with enough irons in enough fires to make it a matter of little consequence to them.
Edit: I think there will always be kit around but the choice will be less and we will all need to tighten our belts. The DSLR collapse in to a fringe market could to be very nasty. Of course if mass compact sales have been funding the whole business things look very bleak.

If Samsung was really astute they would not have gotten into the camera business. I know, choice is great, etc. but that's looking at things as a consumer, not as a manufacturer.

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cgarrard: Inflation is nothing new. It's just harder to absorb in a weak economy. Yes its weak, don't pretend it isn't. No need to get on the camera companies about it.

I actually like paying more.

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Photoman: Ouch!!! Puts me off buying Nikon at the moment.

I'm sure Nikon thinks so. You can't afford not to buy more Nikon.

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