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Peiasdf: A warning shot to Canon and Nikon, no one will pay for overpriced crap forever when new comers can deliver more for less. The few Japanese brands and Yongnuo are slowly killing overpriced OEMs.

And a lot of the OEM flashes aren't made by the OEM.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (2538 comments in total)
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P Hartung: As a Nikon guy, I'm always rooting for Canon to advance the technology since it benefits everyone (forcing the R&D of competitors to bring to market better products, especially Nikon). While I applaud Canon for updating their best APS-C body, I'm not sure Nikon will respond in kind - much less try to leapfrog their offering. The format appears to be focused on consumers anymore rather than producers.

My guess is, their focus is on customers. At least they should be. Great lenses (mostly) and perfectly usable bodies. They won't make the cover of Popular Science but heck, if every employee of DxO bought a Canon camera, how much difference would that really make.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (2538 comments in total)
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ozturert: Summary of some comments:

1) I think this is a horrible camera because I don't need it.
2) This is perfect because it's Canon.
3) This is terrible because it's Canon.
4) X camera is much better because...
5) I cannot afford it, so it's bad.
6) It must be bad because I've just bought another camera, so mine should of course be better. See xxx forum if you don't believe me!
7) It's ISO25600 is worse than A7, so why should waste my money?
8) It's bad because DxO says so.
9) 7DMarkII is way behind its competitors like A7s.
10) This is old technology compared to xxx.
11) There is no WiFi so it's bad.
12) Fixed LCD? Come ooooon!
13) No touch LCD is a deal breaker for me, I'll continue using my IPhone.
14) Only 20MP? This is 2014!
15) The old 70D sensor!
16) The best camera ever! Does it have Instagram-like effects?
17) My camera has more effects!
18) Sony is kicking aeass, Canikon is waaay behind!

Have you ever had to sit through a meeting where people ask questions they already know the answers to, just to prove how smart they are?

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (2538 comments in total)
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topstuff: To me, it looks like something from the last decade.

I know its got killer AF and the BIF guys will love it, but to anyone who doesn't need the sports/BIF AF capability, its just a big heavy brick with average IQ, IMHO.

I don't know who Bif is, but this seems like a pointless exchange of irrelevant information unless Canon is making record players and iPods. And yes, the price will come down. It always does and Canon has really decent rebates several times a year.

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Dr_Jon: Very sad, they and Yongnuo are IMHO the best 3rd party flash manufacturers.

At the risk of the obvious, Germany can't compete with China. Even Japan can't compete with China. Not with TVs and flash, anyway.

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JurijTurnsek: There is still room for A7 in Sony's line-up. Some people don't need IBIS and are happy with the low price and lower weight and bulk, excellent performance of the original A7. Maybe Sony will prolong its productions as it did with the RX100 series.

The only practical drawback or IBIS, IS, VR, etc is that you don't get to boast about how long you held the camera steady. Instead of asking why is it needed with a wide angle lens, people should be asking what harm does it do?

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atamola: - do you hear that?
- ...nope.
- don't you hear that?
- No, I don't. What?
- That silence. That deep silence at Canikon HQs.

Actually, when the Sony's shutter goes off it's very easy to hear.

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4.5 stops if true, is impressive. The "III" should be near-perfect, and not far off.

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Why not use it in reverse and just tell the camera to go take a photo of something? The camera can look up the location with GPS, auto-focus, auto-expose and use facial recognition to make a nice composition. Not every photo will be perfect but humans don't hit a home run every time, either.

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On Casio targets golfers with Japan-only Exilim EX-FC500S article (31 comments in total)

Say goodbye to lost balls with this handy device.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review preview (681 comments in total)
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larryr: This review makes me want to push the buy button!

The review is very good shows how to use the camera, and being creative with aspect ratio which I have only changed infrequently.

Softness apparently isn't the issue that some claim, except for defective camera. It is there but not a real life problem and more users are showing sharp images. One can decrease the aperture in most situations too.

Still wondering if the camera is still shaking out build problems with things like Doppler adj., focus problems. Still no rush as raw isn't in PS yet.

So many options these days, like those he mentioned at the end of his review.

A very nice camera but it seems pretty obvious that a higher megapixel version with a slightly longer zoom range can't be far off. Even non-innovating Canon managed to extend the range of the G1X zoom.

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ecube: Will this gold plated edition improve the performance and picture quality over the standard edition? I doubt very much it will. If you could afford to buy this edition, how ofter will you use it? I am guessing the owner of this toy will have it boxed in an air sealed glass for viewing. I assume half of the buyers of this toy might consider this an investment, which would make sense if the gold content is at least 18karat and substantial, however, a mere 5 grams at the current open market price of $1,195 / ounce of 24karat would amount to $210, assuming the gold plating is 24k. This is not for me for any purpose. I am highly satisfied with my D800 and D5100 with my collection of Prime Nikkors.

Good luck to those "collectors"

Because it won't sell for the same price and because the gold will wear off the strap lugs the first time the camera is used.

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The amount of feedback here is enough to justify the effort put into this. Nikon is still a powerful brand and there are actually people with good things to say about this rare exotic version. The gold name part looks more like tobacco stained to me, but I've had to deal with trying to sell gold and lizard skin cameras so I'm jaded. Maybe a jade camera....

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On Sony debuts 21MP stacked CMOS sensor for smartphones article (88 comments in total)
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AshMills: Pentax 645 days are numbered obviously. ;-)

Unless they add a keypad, annoying ringtone and make the Pentax vibrate.

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On Sony debuts 21MP stacked CMOS sensor for smartphones article (88 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: I can’t think of two fundamentally different devices than a phone and a camera. Yet we still find a way to make them one and the same.

The ultimate goal should be for Sony to make a phone that is so good, they can't sell any cameras.

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MJJSevilla: I had a Hasselblad X-pan. A great camera which I sold with great reluctance. Obviously, it wasn´t a real Hasselblad either but they didn´t mark it up to a ridculous price that insulted the customer and it was a good, functional product that I loved using.

Friends of mine who were into photography were always impressed by it. Those who weren´t, couldn´t have cared less and some even assumed it was some cheap Chinese knock off brand because it wasn´t a Nikon or a Canon or something they´d heard of....This was H´s problem I think. It´s a brand that appeals to photographers, not to the general public (let´s include the mega rich here for once, if only in the sense that they aren´t usually photographers). It has a certain cache but among people who know what they´re doing and people who know about photography aren´t going to be an obscenely expensive Sony. A leica maybe, if they´ve got the cash, but not that.

Loved my Xpan and sold it at a profit. But you're right; whatever else Nikon does, they understand product placement as well as Apple does. There may be other products but the public doesn't know about them so there is no prestige attached.

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On Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article (660 comments in total)

The more things change...as usual, bigger is better. But better is bigger and costs a lot more. Did anyone expect this camera would perform worse than a Nikon? Gold award.

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On DJI launches Inspire 1 drone with 4K video recording article (90 comments in total)

I wonder if the name was inspired by Inspire, the monthly magazine from the folks at Al Qaeda. Seems like a good fit for a drone.

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Too much space devoted to this but I'll just point out that selling a "cheap" camera with an expensive name need not be a fiasco or limited to people who don't know any better. Hasselblad did pretty well with the Xpan which was made by Fuji. But the camera was quite nice and the premium charged for the Hasselblad name wasn't totally unreasonable even though Hasselblad didn't manufacture the camera.

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Marty4650: The concept was deeply flawed, and the end result is total failure.

Since so many people want to compare Hassleblad with Leica, then lets make that comparison to demonstrate how much execution matters.

Leica creates a really great camera, then charges a fortune for it. Because it is a truly great camera, they can get that very high price from those with the means and the inclination for quality.

Then, they take that wonderful camera, and create a "designer edition" or a "safari edition" or a "titanium edition" and DOUBLE the price again! And they can successfully sell them because they are wonderful cameras that have been further enhanced.

Hassleblad hasn't done anything like that.

They took a few "pretty good cameras" made by someone else, pimped them out in a tasteless way, then asked for ridiculous prices for them.

This concept was destined for failure. Everyone, except apparently Hassleblad, saw it coming.

Not exactly. I was at Leitz for the first Safari camera--an R3 SLR that was a slightly reworked Minolta body. The camera was fine, with or without the green paint but when we asked dealers how the Safaris were selling they said "like they were nailed to the shelf." Many of those Safaris were returned on a 1-for-3 basis (you had to buy 3 times as much to exchange for something else) and I recall one customer buying a new Safari that had a sticker inside saying "Shop at Phil's Camera for all your needs." That's what can happen when unsold inventory goes round and round.

There were other limited editions that bombed as well. Of course when the "underlying" camera was desirable, in other words an M camera, then the collectors went for the limited edition stuff.

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