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On Entry-Level Mirrorless Camera Roundup (2014) article (119 comments in total)
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Frodophoto: must be Amazon pushing those sales....of those models you mentioned

It's a conspiracy to force people to choose a Sony camera or an Olympus camera or a Samsung camera or a Fuji camera or a Nikon camera or Panasonic camera. I can see the favoritism and hidden agenda....

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Will my Macro Switar fit? I understand questioning Alpa's value, but is it really that surprising a camera made in Switzerland with German lenses costs more than a Pentax?

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sneakyracer: Pentax 645z is $13500 with the Excellent 28-40mm lens.

Maybe, but digital cameras seem to have real problems with wide angles that are very close to the sensor. A least that's been the case with the Sony cameras.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 17, 2014 at 17:22 UTC
On Have your say in our 2014 Readers' Polls article (64 comments in total)

Where's Otus?

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JimiV: How many of you who comment have actually seen any of Lik's work in person?

I'm always amazed by it and wish I owned some. You might not like it, that's fine. But apparently a LOT of people do.

For those who say he takes 'tourist' photos... yeah right. Please show us your images that come close to his in either technique or value in the marketplace.

Does he use PS? I don't know, I suspect so. But I don't care at all, anymore than I care what camera he used. It's the finished product that counts. Just as with a painter or sculptor, I don't care about the brand of brush or chisel.

All art is in the eye of the beholder. If someone can afford and wants to pay $10 or $100 Million, it's their call. I've seen a lot of art that I can't figure out how they can charge (and get) anything for it. but they do. I accept that some peoples taste are different than mine. I don't degenerate the work or the artist because the vision isn't mine. Nor do I mock the people who buy it.

I have seen Lik's photos in person and know two people who have his prints (not all of them are this expensive.) His prints are huge, technically excellent, very very color saturated and if you like that sort of thing and have a very big wall, they're quite impressive.

There are lessons here. Make 'em big (use D800 or MF). Make 'em saturated and choose a subject everybody likes, like slot canyons, northern lights, glaciers, Iceland, Grand Canyon, Tahiti sunset, Yosemite in winter, Hong Kong harbor, Pudong (Shanghai). You really can't go wrong with any of these. Panoramic format helps too. And then market yourself like crazy because there's a lot of competition.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview (1098 comments in total)
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DaddyG: Great review - the degree to which you highlight the 7D's poor dynamic range is long overdue. You do a great job on explaining why this is so important.

This level of negative publicity is long overdue, and can only be good for us locked into the Canon system. Surely Canon must concentrate on improving its sensor technology.

However, it is odd that you do not list it as a 'Con'. Because, for me & many, it is this camera's greatest disappointment.

I think what will get the message to Canon is when people stop buying more of their cameras than anybody else's. Either that, or they'll have to make an SLR that's so bad, lots of consumers notice.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 12, 2014 at 23:55 UTC
On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview (1098 comments in total)
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Karen Casebeer: I've been looking forward to this review and it seems mostly excellent. However, I noticed the new 7D2 got an 84% and a Silver Award, but the 70D got 83%, and a Gold award. I'm not sure what the relationship is between percentage and whether a camera body gets a Silver or Gold award.

I sympathize with Barney; the whole class thing is problematic. I understand why the distinction is needed but it seems the thing it's used for is to excuse flaws or less than great performance.

The perfect fallback position is to say "while the XYZ was disappointing, it was about in line with other cameras in it's class." Looked at this way, almost anything rates an award.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 12, 2014 at 01:21 UTC

I think this is the guy who shoots Fuji 617 and makes giant prints. It's very well done, and instead of making a fuss over how much somebody paid for it, people should try to figure out why. The reproducible nature of photographs has always driven down prices, so the marketing involved in getting a huge amount of money for a photo (from a living person, no less) should be of real interest.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 11, 2014 at 22:19 UTC as 146th comment | 4 replies
On Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue article (368 comments in total)

Can I put Photo-Flo on my sensor to prevent corrosion? (This was supposed to be a response to the comparison between sensor problems and air bubbles in film.) Anyway, yes, I was going to dilute the Photo-Flo as per directions.

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On Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue article (368 comments in total)
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HowaboutRAW: You've never had to deal with spots on film? Or air bubbles formed during film development?

You don't know much about film.

Can I put Photo-Flo on my sensor to prevent corrosion?

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On Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue article (368 comments in total)
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Jim Evidon: I sent my Leica M9 into Leica for an M9P upgrade and was informed by Leica that they were replacing the sensor as well. My sensor displayed the "white spot phenomenon". But so did my old Nikon D70s. Leica refers to it as corrosion. I have read that it is a problem with the cover glass made by Schott.

Leica picked up this problem and are replacing sensors at no cost to the customers; a very expensive courtesy to the company that few other camera companies would do.

Leica has issued a notice to their customers to avoid chemical cleaning their M9 sensors, but send their M9 into Leica for a cleaning at no charge. I assume that dust removal by the owner is still OK. I use an Arctic Butterfly.

As for Leica,I know of no other camera company with the possibly exception of Fuji that pays such close attention to customer issues and satisfaction. With a company like Leica, I expect to get many years service out of my M9P and know that Leica will stand behind it. Bravo!!

You're simply paying in advance for this kind of treatment and with a small enough sales volume and sufficiently high prices any company could do the same. I remember when the Passport Warranty was for life and unconditional. But this turned out to be both impractical and too expensive.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 10, 2014 at 00:43 UTC
On Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue article (368 comments in total)
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RStyga: That serves them right, they needed that bit of humility, arrogant dinosaurs... I'm happy to hear, now, all those Leica fanatics telling me how superior Leica cameras are in terms of build quality, once more...

Well said, paulski.

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On WaterWeight rethinks the sandbag approach to stability article (77 comments in total)

Lots of possibilities!

Direct link | Posted on Dec 9, 2014 at 19:44 UTC as 19th comment
On High-end full frame roundup (2014) article (522 comments in total)
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Chronis: I'm pleased to see that no Canon products made the top three. Serves them right if their sales tank during the busiest period of the year...

btw, I am a canon customer, waiting for the D750 of the A7mkII equivalent for more than 5 years... and it seems I'm going to be waiting as long...

by the of course, Sony will be selling the A7mk32 with bat-like ISO performance, 100 axis OSS (only in a blender could the camera produce a faint blur) but no worries... canon would be marketing the impossibility of impossible becoming possible (what part did you not get?)

Do or die Canon... do or die... personally I'd prefer do, but go either way and fast...

It's nice to see someone who isn't worried about the welfare of a company. Like losing sleep over whether General Electric will gave a good year.

I am terribly concerned that my Canon bodies didn't make this list and will stop using them immediately. But what concerns me more is that Canon may yet produce a super high megapixel camera, but for $7000 and weighing 5 pounds.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 8, 2014 at 17:45 UTC
On Behind the Shot: Dali's Dream article (101 comments in total)
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Mal69: I miss the days when people just took photographs, now its all about who can do the best job using Photoshop applications, it feels a little like cheating to me as i never know if the photograph is natural or heavily changed using the computer.

It's true that even making a photographic print involves manipulation, nothing we had in the past, not divided development or even dye-transfer, was capable of the sheer havoc anyone can create with Photoshop.

But it's much more than that. Because working in a darkroom involved a lot of labor and expense, a lot of people weren't willing to make that commitment. Now, anybody can sit at a computer and say I wonder what this slider does?

I remember the debate about Velvia being false color because it was more saturated than reality. Look at a site like Flickr and you'll see color saturation that makes Velvia look like watercolors. It's kind of a new reality.

People can do wonderful things that weren't possible before. They can also do awful stuff because it doesn't take much effort so why not?

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On Behind the Shot: Dali's Dream article (101 comments in total)
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mfp2040: Cut to chase: when criticism is not requested, then criticism of others is both an indication of insecurity and social incompetence. Wait until someone requests criticism - then offer it appropriately; when they do not, then it is best to err on the side of quietude, as one is typically ignored otherwise. To be ignored is the best insult to another human. How often do you listen to unsolicited advice?

I listen to unsolicited advice all the time. I just don't take it, even when I should. I like this photo, even if the location has lost it's novelty. But to have your photos on DPR and expect nothing but plaudits is like putting a photo on the internet marked "do not copy."

Direct link | Posted on Dec 8, 2014 at 04:15 UTC

Sounds good. I know they want to sound prestigious but I don't think I would have chosen this name.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 6, 2014 at 01:03 UTC as 10th comment | 2 replies

First prize, you get to borrow it. Second prize, you get to look at a photo of the camera. At least Nikon and Canon give celebrity photographers loans where they don't have to return the stuff any time soon.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 5, 2014 at 21:53 UTC as 54th comment
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SteB: Olympus are the most innovative of all the Camera manufacturers. Remember live view first appeared on an Olympus camera. Olympus film SLRs had TTL flash metering long before the other manufacturers. When Olympus innovates, all the others soon follow. The original Olympus OM 35mm film SLR was the first compact film SLR, soon all the others followed. They may not have the resources of the bigger manufacturers to sustain their technological leads, but they are always ahead of the curve with innovation.

There is a strong inverse correlation between innovation and profitability with cameras. Maybe it's just that the underdogs feel compelled to do more and sell for less. I wonder if this is something Olympus can license.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 5, 2014 at 17:57 UTC
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mpgxsvcd: Noise performance of the Canon 7D mkII is not its biggest issue. Actually the noise performance in low light is quite good. Even the DXO tests show that its low light performance is less than ½ a stop behind its competitors. Take a look at the low light scene near the bottles at ISO 1600-6400 and you will see the 7D mkII noise is handled quite well.

Dynamic range is the issue with the 7D mkII. It is almost 2 stops behind its competitors in dynamic range. The studio scene can’t demonstrate that difference because the scene simply does not have enough dynamic range to exceed what the 7D mkII can display. If the dynamic range of the scene does not exceed the dynamic range capacity of the camera’s sensor you can’t draw any conclusions about dynamic range for that image.

This is a fair criticism but it's not as if Nikon and Sony, or even Fuji have solved the dynamic range problem. I think a world without HDR would be great, but we're not there yet.

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