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They all take great photos, they all cost a lot and they all have drawbacks. By this I mean things that really should be better and almost certainly will be in newer models which are never far off with digital cameras. A breakthrough year for Sony, in everything except sales.

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On article Canon EF 35mm F1.4L II USM real-world sample gallery (101 comments in total)
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Paul JM: What disturbs me is the fact that this lens, and its predecessor which I own and love, are not on the list of recommended lenses for the 5dsr
but the non-L f2 35mm is ! What is going on Canon ? Do they really feel that the non L has better optical characteristics then the 1.4 ? Do they really NOT recommend this new L series lens on their new high quality 50MP sensor ? Do I sell my 35mmL and 'upgrade' to the f2 lens ?

I think photomedium is correct about lists. although I find Photozone.de, while uncompromising in their reviews are pretty much on target in helping users weed out the stinkers. LensRentals can be painfully honest too.

As for the 16-35/2.8 lenses and the 17-40, they have their fans but it has long been known they are nothing to write home about. And there's no reason to think a lens that's mediocre on a 20mp camera will improve on a 50mp one.

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straylightrun: Terrible gimmick.

I remember when people thought the photo quality of phones wasn't adequate for most people.

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aramgrg: First, I don't bekieve in unmeasurable things.
Second, there is non-measurable thing about the Canon L primes.
Although I tried the Sigma Art 35 and 50mms, they were sharper than 50mm 1.2, but there is something in the 50mm 1.2 that pops the pics apart even with the same aperture. That maybe transition of out of focus background or "microcontrast"(hate that word), but it is there. This 35mm is a perfect example of the L-magic.

After DxO, I don't believe in measurable things.

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Interesting that a collaboration with Trey would result in software capable of producing realistic looking images. Like collaborating with Ken Rockwell to produce more accurate equipment reviews.

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Sounds like they are off to a good start, responding directly to potential users.

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justmeMN: It's about time that DPR had an article about a Sony camera. You have been completely ignoring that brand. :-)

Its not DPRs fault that the companies that make the cameras most people use are not cranking out new models as fast as Sony.

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On article Sigma US goes public with Black Friday lens deals (34 comments in total)
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Arkienkeli: This is not really relevant photography news, but anything which generates those SHOP NOW lists visible above means some added revenue for the site.

But might also turn away people looking for something worthwhile.

Why do you think Amazon bought DPR? To discuss the aesthetics of photography? I'll go out on a limb and say some photo equipment and the technology behind it, is more interesting than the photos people take with it.

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Zeisschen: I really don't know what people hang out on this forum, but for sure the majority has obviously no sense for quality products and their price.

Nobody ever touched or used a Leica, but the rant about price goes on and on on every Leica thread...

Price fairness isn't the issue. People in Germany make more and work fewer hours than people in China. OTOH, while M cameras were always relatively expensive, the film cameras introduced inn the 1950s were still capable of producing identical results to the most recent M cameras. Not so with digital.

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On article Readers' Showcase: Tom Goodman (88 comments in total)

Guys who insist on depth of field so thin that most things are out of focus should be simpatico. These look kinda like photo instructor shots but at least they're not photos of Yosemite or northern lights shot with a D810 and a 14-24.

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Donnie G: Canon produced 80 million "old school", solidly built, fast handling, dependable, mostly mirror flipping EOS ILC workhorses that sell, while Samsung produced a couple of thousand "new school" mirrorless NX ILC toys that they couldn't even give away. Now folks want to act as if they're surprised that Samsung is abandoning their camera business to return to what they're good at, which is making TVs, smartphones and anything else except interchangeable lens cameras. C'mon now, you mean you really didn't see that one coming? :))

They weren't toys, but it is telling that a company with the size and resources of Samsung can't get market share. Was it Samsung who had the "trade in any camera" promotion? If so, that should have been a red flag (since they obviously had no use for the junk they would receive.) Its the marketing guys saying "Well, there is one other thing we can try that nobody else is doing..."

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PhotoKhan: ...and some still wonder why photographers are so reluctant to abandon the established brands they've been working with for decades.

Even if Olympus, Pentax, etc were selling like hotcakes, once you have a bag full of Nikon or Canon lenses, who wants to take a beating, changing brands with each new "innovation?" At least with Sony you can mess with adapters.

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Snikt228: This is really going to kill sales in other countries as well, nobody wants to buy into a truly dying camera system. This would be worse than buying into A-mount at this point.

Honestly, people are buying into dying camera systems all the time. Samsung is a monster and I doubt they'll bail but you never know. But what about much smaller companies that sell a handful of (wonderfully innovative) cameras? I like to think it's the Japanese' commitment to lifetime employment because it sure isn't sales.

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Timbukto: So many people here are living in a complete enthusiast gearhead protected bubble and just don't see the plain truth in numbers in front of their face. Enthusiast photography gear is on a significant decline after a huge DSLR bubble and mirrorless is simply not the next big hit (no numbers to date have shown it to be, the truth in numbers sits right in front of you). Sony mirrorless is only doing 'ok' because it happens to just be a popular 'let me try this out' camera, but the true 'attachment' rate IMO is nothing to write home about. And unfortunately Panasonic is trying to shake things up promoting 4k but thats going to be rather tepid for *consumer* industry as well IMO (i.e. not do much to replace smartphone videography).

Anyone who thinks that Samsung just isn't 'trying' hard enough is insane. They made *incredible* mirrorless cameras in terms of sensor technology, AF, FPS, etc...when are people going to just wake up and realize we are in an inevitable down market.

This is the reality. The idea that more competition is good for costumers holds up until the company that made your camera decides it's not practical to continue in a shrinking market where people expect road maps and new models every 6-9 months.

I'm not even sure most younger people see a stand alone camera as worthwhile. Too much bulk and bother for a device that can't even find a restaurant or send a text.

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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (430 comments in total)
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Wu Jiaqiu: love DPR....camera gets slammed before anyone has even seen it, great entertainment :)

And pity poor Nikon for giving so much information, yet people still speculate.

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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (430 comments in total)
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hayely: Nikon is reminding me a desperate runner who is about to lose a race and in a desperate act is stretching an arm towards the finish line tape.

There is nothing in this (well, literally nothing) to suggest Nikon is desperate and unless you're a shareholder, why would it matter if they were? If the next Nikon meets your needs, great. If not, you can look elsewhere. There are several smaller manufacturers who have every reason to be desperate yet they keep cranking out cameras.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II added to studio test scene (210 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: How close was the test scene to the camera? I guess I am having a hard time picturing how close it was to the test image. If it really was that close to the test image and this doesn't represent real world use of the camera at all, why bother posting the test images?

Couldn't you have just posted that because of the nature of this camera's fixed wide angle lens the test scenario was not indicative of its real world performance? Sometimes there is such a thing as too much information. Especially when that information is of no real world use.

Maybe a new test is in order. Just say a high megapixel camera with a wide lens (although this isn't very wide) that's right on top of the sensor is going to have soft corners at close distances, period.

I disagree that taking pictures of something flat from a short distance is not something that happens in the real world but it's certainly wouldn't be the most common use for this camera.

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Man, these comments. How the mighty have fallen. Of course it is difficult to keep up with Sony introducing new models every 90 days.

Nikon is doing one thing right for 2016. I Am: Getting A New Advertising Agency.

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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (430 comments in total)
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Jay A: Man! I hope it's a film camera :)

Ken already has a Nikon D7 (in black; it's for professionals, only) but his attorneys have signed a non-disclosure agreement and besides it's a pre-production model, which means it hasn't been produced.

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On article High-end pocketable compacts roundup (2014) (47 comments in total)

These guides are great for someone who has to have a camera right now. But if there ever was a year when next year's models seemed worth waiting for, this has to be it. Unless you want a Coolpix A.

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