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Gioradan: Nice to see that Samsung have such a loyalty to the brand.
But unless a camera manufacture pay you to shoot with their product, the loyalty should be to yourself. And you should be able to critic a camera even if you spend good money on it. While looking like a nice camera, it is lacking any dials to control quickly the exposure. Samsung blurb mention some aperture control in the lens but there is not aperture ring. So you probably will to sacrifice other function to do that. This where most of Panasonic equivalent cameras and all of Sony NEX cameras have the advantage.
Seemingly Lack of direct control make this camera more of a very smart point and shot rather then a full creative toll.

Wow, basically you don't know what you are talking about ;)
The lack of button won't be a big issue I guess simply because the main photographic features are available from a nicely placed button on the lens linked to a fast ergonomic menu.

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Spectro: Samsung evil camera has been out for awhile. Saw one at fry's years ago and ask if they sold many, and she said no. Advertisement and branding play strong in shopper minds. I thought it was a good series for the features at the time.

He didnt'mean evil. He meant Electronical Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens camera :)

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Wow...too much of "this is a poor camera even I've never touched it" here.
Kind of pathetic, even more since I was in the past an adopter of the first NX10...which was an excellent camera in every point: lenses lineup, reliability, ergonomics.
The only problem for chart geeks was the lack of high iso performance...which was adressed by a new sensor some time ago and which is now simply brilliant.
It is brilliant at base iso and just "slightly' behind the Sony one at high iso, which is praised worldwide ! That is something if you know that this is just the first 100% Samsung made sensor...
This Samsung lineup is just the best kept-secret of mirrorless photography. The only reason I quit the system was to switch to Leica for a complete different kind of camera.

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Mescalamba: Doesnt seem exactly thrilling.

3D? Useless gimmick.

9 FPS? Only if it has buffer for 4-5x times more and can have metering and AF while doing that. Which I sincerely doubt.

16:9 LCD? eh.. sure. :/

Tilt LCD? Ok that is improvement.

1/6000 .. joke? Learn how to make that fking global shutter and bring me 1/16000!

EVF? Still no EVF? Wait, not still, again! (NX100 could use it, crappy one but could)

New bla blab processor.. bla high ISO.. bla bla.

Sure, it will work, it wont be bad, but its very small improvement, if any. :/ Quite pathetic Samsung..

And Im actually guy that likes their NX system.

1/6000 = Joke ?
I think YOU are the joke !

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Fox Fisher: Design: best in class
3D: useless
Tilting LCD: awesome
NO EVF: no big deal in this segment
NO built-in flash: hmmm thats -1 on portability side
Wi-Fi: very nice addition
UI: doubtful
Verdict: we'll see :)

Fox, I owned a NX10 which was the first NX camera available few years ago. Its UI is, simply, the best I've ever seen on ANY camera.

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eddie_cam: Wow, ISO 25600 on a sensor that barely is able to resolve much at ISO 1600 and above, compared to other APS-C sensors (look at the NX200/210 and NX1000 reviews).

I love how the pancakes look on the small bodies, but zoom/superzoom lenses? Nope ... must be kidding as this Samsung sensor as simply the best base iso IQ until iso400 and is just about half or a little stop behind the Sony sensor at high iso in term of details...
Don't misunderstand this sensor with the one which was inside the first NX10. It's a complete different story.

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On Just posted: Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM lens review article (182 comments in total)
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itsastickup: Totally hopeless bokeh test.

For me it's a deal-breaker: bad bokeh means unusable portraits.

Closing down the aperture can get rid of hard edged rings but also double-line 'nissen' bokeh which make for poor/disturbing bokeh as in the two pics (I would call this bokeh 'poor' and unusable). Typically I shoot f1.4 lenses at f2 for bokeh reasons. But in addition, you are more likely to get rings where the focus is at a distance and the blur moderate, as with these pics, while at close portrait distances the rings may not be so hard; which is the type of photos I am most interested in.

On top of that: a closed down aperture can be useful (one doesn;t always want obliteration-bokeh) but the bokeh can deteriorate.

So effectively we need a range of apertures and distance to know what the bokeh situation is.

Bokeh is so neglected that I have to do a lot of research to work out whether a lens is any good. It's a pain.

I agree with you !
I too think the same with my Voigtlander 15mm F4.5
The bokeh is too harsh for portrait with this wide lens so I think I will give it up.

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On DSLRs the way it could have been article (9 comments in total)


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marike6: Sony made a big gamble by dropping the OVF on all their cameras. A top level pentaprism OVF will always be the state-of-the-art, while in one or two years time, the A99 EVF will be old technology, superseded by new models. Just ask Fuji X-Pro1 users how they felt when the X-E1 came out with a higher specified EVF.
So perhaps one of the negatives of adopting an evolving technology like EVF is an increased need to upgrade. Whereas a 100% OVF of a 5D3, D800 or A900 will always be about as good as it gets.

And don't forget:
What will you do with a blind camera if your EVF fails ?
At least with an OVF you limit an other risk of failures. I know mirrors problems can occur...but my 30 years old OM-10 and my 50 years old M3 mirrors tell me they are all fine. I won't bet on an EVF in 5 years...

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On Just Posted: Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review article (498 comments in total)
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EDWARD ARTISTE: The camera market is ridiculous.

Sony has long been a company with terrible support for its products. Yet its camera are dusting the competition who are scared to break beyond thier marketing approaches to camera.

This body sounds all kinds of awesome...well, except that its sony. I will never, ever buy another sony product save for their game console. Ive been crapped on too many times by this company. I used to swear by their XBR tvs.

Otherwise, their lack of glass selection is a shame- plenty of photogs should get to enjoy all this technology without having to be dismayed about what was carefully x'ed off the feature list (im looking at you idiots at canon)

however, if i hit the lotto, id be on this and a few zeis pieces like white on rice.

As Edward I have the same feeling regarding Sony.
I won't buy anything from this brand again either due to bad experience with their products and after sales service.
They make innovative and high performance products that's for sure. But their products, in my experience, are breaking too easily.

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I've been looking though his portofolio. Damn, that nudity pictures are one of the most disgusting, uncharming and unsexy nude pics I've ever seen in my life.

I want to vomit.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 preview extended article (280 comments in total)
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starwolfy: I just Hope this camera will fail and not sale because I don't like Sony.
(a guy who remembered he bought a super small nice wow genius NEX who electronically failed after 2000 exposures -_- )

You're right.

That's the reason why I won't buy any other Fuji camera again.
As my X100 failed with the Sticky Aperture also around 5000 shots.

I judge these brands regarding my experience with them.
It's you who is narrow minded judging me without knowing me.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 preview extended article (280 comments in total)

I just Hope this camera will fail and not sale because I don't like Sony.
(a guy who remembered he bought a super small nice wow genius NEX who electronically failed after 2000 exposures -_- )

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 preview extended article (280 comments in total)
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Tape5: It is certainly a great camera to own. More than a Leica with a similar lens. Leica is fussy. RX1 is like a gymnast ready to go places. Leica looks like it has been to places and is ready to go home for a nap. Nearly all the people I know who own Leicas say that they feel vulnerable carrying it late in the streets. That is like buying a Ferrari and hating the Swiss Alps. It is like marrying Kate Moss and hating .........sorry got carried away.

I think Sony understands more than other manufacturers what people want. A lot of high tech and great lenses in small packages. It is simpler than ice cream.

I do own Leica's, I'm not tall, not a boxer and I don't care carying it anywhere for a simple reason:

Maybe 0.05% of people I meet in the street, subway or whatever even don't know what a Leica is. Others just think I'm carrying an old vintage camera. And for those 0.05% who know...they are camera enthousiats or passionates...not killers, rapists or pervs.

Frankly...when I go out with my camera I am the only who know it's expensive. I'm sure a guy with an Iphone has 1000x more chances to get his phone stolen than me with a Leica in the hands -_-

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On Samsung NX 12-24mm to cost $600, 45mm F1.8 around $300 article (119 comments in total)

I am a Leica owner, Nikon owner Fuji owner, Sony owner, and I had a Samsung NX10 around 2-3 years ago when it came out first.
Samsung's cameras are like said before, the best kept secret in camera industry.
Their little cameras are just a joy to use. Ergonomics are just wonderful and far beyond Sony Nex, Fuji's camera I own too (NEX5 and Fuji X100).
Their lenses are no slouch either and they have some of the best pancakes primes on the market ie their amazingly small and sharp 30mm F2.
Their lenses roadmap is the most photographer friendly on the market too and they are to me the only brand who really succeed to have a real "camera and lens system".

Their sensor was criticized earlier because it was not matching highest performance in terms of noise. Their new cameras have a news sensor which is fairly as good as last Sony's NEX. Samsung just lacks better brand image.

If you go for get less for more money in my opinion

Samsung is my second preferred brand after Leica

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On Samsung NX 12-24mm to cost $600, 45mm F1.8 around $300 article (119 comments in total)
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nawknai: Best lens lineup by far.

I don't get it. Are there cameras just that bad that they don't even get a mention in the EVIL/CSC race? All you hear about are m4/3, NEX, and Fuji, even here. I just bought a Fuji X-Pro 1, but if Samsung had better reviews (and I could find them at a local shop), I would have certainly taken a look at Samsung.

False statement taktak91.

I work for fashion industry. We produce high quality clothes with the same quality as Lacoste do with the scientifically proved best coton on this world.

Regarding our margins we are able to offer polo shirts at a price tag of 30 euros and make big profits on it. Since our marketing image is based on quality products we are pushed to sell them at a retail price of 90 euros for the simple reason that our competitors, like Lacoste, charge this price. We do that simply because customers believe that quality is related to this higher retail price. If we offer our polo at a price tag of 30 euros...non of our customer would believe the quality is the same as Lacoste, despite we have the exact same coton supplier :)

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On Just deployed: New forums system article (699 comments in total)

While in Blue mode...the writtings are not fadded when a post is marked as read.
In works fine and the darker yellow makes it easier to understand what was read and what was not.

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On Just deployed: New forums system article (699 comments in total)
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The_Wicker_Man: Not nice ay all. I know some changes take some gettimg used to, but the new layout is much less readable

This remind me a great french website I use to read. They made a "re-design" to implement articles on home page in a cleaner way with more space and picture. At the end of the day it just made a huge loss of vertical space. After being tired of scrolling like a madman to find the interesting articles and step by step stoped reading this site.

Simon Joinson you can say people are haters...and in IT projects people tell to complain fast anytime their environment is changed...but you cannot deny that the loss of vertical space is huge and annoying...and that the color used are making our eyes to bleed...

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I looked at those pics with my wife.
Indeed nothing wrong with those. We enjoyed them all and we are not american nor thinking those people look idiots...

I like the raw approach of the photographer. It's like...there a studio...but it feels a bit like the photoshoot was done by a friend for a friend...with this kind of "unprofessional professionalism" if you get what I mean.

I think it changes from what we usually see and it's cool.

I hope the photographer assumed this as it was his idea and how he wanted it to it is what he decided to produce and show...
Instead of this he listened too much to criticism and started to say apologies like he was not prepared blablabla...

There should be no rules to expression.

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Superka: There are many famous photo tech brands, that new manufacture has to surprise us with really great features to pay attention to it. Samsung is not, especially for this price.

So basicaly you are telling us that these Samsung cameras are not worth their launching price?
I would be happy to get your reviews of these cameras since you seem to have informations we do not have.

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