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Vladik: The dumbest Invention ever! For 1700 dollars you can get a lightly used Canon 5D M2 or 2 Canon 5D originals :))))). Looks like Fukushima took a huge toll on their heads!

Cogset, the Fuji1 is same size as a Leica M9. I have a Leica M and still I can't fit it in my I need to carry a bag. If I had to put a M or a 5dII in my doesn't change much the thing you see.
Sorry to break your hope but this camera is not pocketable.

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Kirk Tuck: Gorgeous camera and, compared to a Leica M9, it's a downright bargain. I'm amazed that people think all cameras are interchangeable and should all be priced the same...

Again...why compare this camera...which is basically an AF camera, with one of the ONLY THREE 100% manual focus digital cameras in the world? I would like to hear your clever explanation.

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Cogset: Last I looked, a Leica M9-P BODY *ONLY* costs $7,994 (U.S.), so $1,700 doesn't look completely off the charts to me. I don't think comparing this to a 5D or other DSLR is relevant, but comparing to a Leica is more appropriate. Of course, IQ, AF and lens quality will be the determining factors. At this point, I can wait and see.

Appropriate in what? Tell us!

A Leica is 100% manual focus camera with a real optical finder. What is the common point between a Leica and a Fuji X1? the fact that their size is similar?

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Juraj Lacko: Surelly can't beat 5d2 IQ neither its price :)

Surely it has better High Isos than a 5d2...AND...THAT's ALL!

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chris00nj: Price is reasonable, especially considering the poor dollar to yen exchange.

The Leica M8 still sells for $2200 used and that is a vintage 2005 sensor that can't take a decent photo at ISO 800.

The Sony Nex-7 is $1600 with soccer mom kit zoom lens and doesn't have a viewfinder.

Can't agree more with Francis about Fuji's 0.37x finder lol.
Obviously most of people here have never use a rangefinder before and they do not know how it will be like. Think many will face a lot of deception with such poor viewfinder :)

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Francis Carver: I was until just now actually looking to purchase a Fujifilm X-S1 superzoom-cam. Even though that camera is questionable technically, and the price of $800 is a bit stiff. As is the $1,200 for the Fuji X100 with a single focus attached lens.

But now, with this simple camera and one simple fixed focus lens priced at around US$2,300, I just know that Fuji had lost its marbles completely.

So, let them rip off others, I am getting my walking papers from them pronto.

Why is it a pro camera? Ah...because "Pro" is in the name.

No bright Zoom

You said pro camera? What pro would need that?

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On First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web news story (216 comments in total)

Where is the FF IQ?
In fact when Fuji stated their camera was much better than FF sensor, they forgot to mention that in fact they meant HIGH ISOS are cleaner than current FF...but High Isos only.
This camera seems fine but it is far to be the revolution they tried to make us believe it would be.

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photo nuts: Sample images from Fujifilm here:

Expecting to see pixel sharpness rivaling that of Sigma SD1/9/10/14. Didn't happen. Nothing particularly exciting... All hype....


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ksgant: Good to see that once again, we have a polarizing camera which makes people either proclaim it's the end-all-be-all of photography, and the other side which has the attitude that they're going to show they're smarter than everyone and they won't get duped and that it's all a scam or whatever.


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What a bunch of ignorants around here.
This camera will surely be really successful in Asia, where it is a part of general behavior to take pictures of yourself. As I live in Korea, I have many friends, especially women, who bought some Canon bridge camera only because the screen could tilt enough to make self portraiture of themselves (with or without friends) easier.
Not to understand how other customers can behave, depending on their culture, do not make this camera's feature something useless.

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On DIVINE DESIGN in the Concrete & Asphalt: Unique Structures challenge (2 comments in total)

wow...what building is that?

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On Gearing Up For An African Safari article (79 comments in total)

Nikon D700
Sigma 12-24mm
Sigma 70-200mm 2.8
Sigma 120-300mm 2.8
Sigma 2x tele-converter
Sigma 150mm 2.8 Macro
Apple 13" MacBook (w/power supply, card reader & mouse)
5 x CF cards of varying sizes
Sony Camcorder + 5 miniDV tapes

=> Isn't it too much? I mean...why not just take the 12-24 + 70-200 with x2 converter? 70-200 + 150 + 120-300 seem to be overkill.

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On Apple releases Raw compatibility update news story (11 comments in total)

thank you!

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On Video Interview: Samsung at PPE 2011 news story (80 comments in total)
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Yomama: It took Samsung 2.5 months to start shipping after the news release and on the internet, all the reviews are just previews. it is priced between a NEX5n & NEX7 and no in-depth review during the time!! To me that's bad marketing/distribution/pricing all at the same time. NX system is actually a system a lot of people want to have because it has an APS-C sensor with 3 pancake lenses (16, 20, 30). All Samsung has to do is improve it's focusing speed and housed a sensor that produces usable ISO between 3200-6400... so 20M sensor is a mistake. I think the pricing is for enthusiasts but the marketing is targeting for general public.... ouch!!

it is not enough! I would suggest they improve their Iso to make something usable at let's say Iso 50 000 (I mean...clean Iso!). Then we will all be able to shoot our rats in the cave! And that would be awsome to do some dark cave rat shooting meetups!

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On Video Interview: Samsung at PPE 2011 news story (80 comments in total)
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Charlie Jin: Samsung can improve the image quality by making
the RAW file size to 1Gb. I don't think that the current
50MB is enough. What are they thinking ?
What a pathetic company Samsung is...

I totally agree with you! I even encourage you to send them your CV and go manage them because it really seems like they just can't survive without your managing skills and experience.

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On Leica Noctilux: Overkill or Necessity article (20 comments in total)

Really interesting review of a very controversial lens.
I agree when you say that this lens is for professional use. F1.4 is totally enough for 98% of shots. The extra speed is essentially needed for critical situations and you described well this idea when you say: get the shot or not get the shot.
The first picture you took says it all. It looks well exposed while it was really dark...this is the key point of the lens.
It has some drawbacks but this lens is just a masterpiece which reaches the limits of optical engineering. For that...this is just an amazing lens but again for general use it is overkill as it is a really specific piece of glass.

Moreover, I would like to see a comparison with let's say a 35mm F1.4 ASPH in practical use. Yes, this lens is less bright...but the focal range is also shorter meaning that you can shoot steadier at a lower speed than a 50mm would allow. Field of view is different also...but I guess a 35mm is also more proper for journalists than a 50mm is.

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On Interview: Leica at PPE 2011 article (33 comments in total)
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Vadimka: I love how Erhardt saying that students should easily afford to buy a used M8 for $2800 :)) He forgot to mention that, adding few lenses to that body, would barely make a dent in any student's budget. (so in the best case we are looking at $4k-$6K system, show me a student who can't afford that) I like Leica lenses, but I like their sense of humor much better. ;)

Just a matter how you decide to spend your money...Many students can find a way to get money! They can work part time during the weekend and from birthday/christmas private teaching for children...welll...Most of then do not need to pay for food or rent...parents do.

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On Apple releases Aperture v3.2 news story (17 comments in total)

As Apple do not make much update...maybe this will come after NEX7 and NX200 release?

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On P9040270 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

beautiful shot!

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h holland: I really don't see the use of all these sample pictures from different kind of lenses. What quality can be concluded from these samples ? Nothing is my opinion. There are too many parameters that have influence on these pictures. Consider the effect of monitor calibration, sharpness in RAW conversion, difference in subjects.. Better take pictures of a testingwall that is the same for every lense. Or consider giving an MTF diagram (like hasselblad does). This is useless childish stuff and not worthy this otherwise fine website. Even though all this information is free available it should have some kind of standardisation and reference to other lenses.

This just clearly shows that despite all the craziness for test charts, MFT, sharpness real world situations it is hard as hell to distinguish differences between lenses...sensors...etc...

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