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On article Olympus to axe V-series point-and-shoot cameras (124 comments in total)
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historianx: What Oly should do is develop and release a bridge s/z similar to the Pannie FZ200 but with a 1" or 4/3 sensor and some sorta sweet 25-600 or higher constant 2.8 Zuiko Digital lens. Take that, Panny AND Leica.

What Leica has to do with that ?
Ah right, they are expensive so the inquisition want them to burned.

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Come on ! What a crappy cam hahaha.
My Nikon V1 focus much faster than this and is 1000x cheaper...muhahaha

Comparing a medium format camera to a FF camera is like comparing a FF camera with DX...that makes no sense and people who stick to medium format just know why. Just sayin'

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On article Photographer turns camera on teenage 'freighthoppers' (186 comments in total)
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Anepo: One of his photographs on his website can literally be called a pedophile photograph, it is an underskirt photo of an underage girls bloodied underwear, an EXTREMELY inappropriate photograph that screams "call the cops".

As may say Bruce Gilden: You are the pedophile to have such thinkings !

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On article Roger Cicala compares Zeiss and Canon 135mm f/2 lenses (87 comments in total)

What a review ! I've seen nice charts. :/

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And what if the dog roll over ? xD

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Difficult subjet.
Take pictures and do your job to record this tragic event...or...put your camera away and help with others ?
I don't know...
If you take Robert Capa I don't think he would have taken a gun instead of his camera to record D-Day etc.
I think problem is nowadays people are offended with everything. And I understand that because of people's magazines and paparazzo the job of photographer can now be taken for voyeurism...

Sometimes I am wondering of one day we will have news without pictures to illustrate them.

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A friend sent me a Leica M3 from France to South Korea.
For whatever reason postmen misunderstood South Korea and sent it to South Africa.
The package went from France to Germany, then Germany to South Africa, then South Africa to Hong Kong, then HK to South Korea.
I wish my friend had put a camera in this package...but I'm not sure we would have seen much more than usual logistics stuff.

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Amazing ! Well done Sigma. Too bad it's not a 16-35 but I guess I'm asking too much ;)

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There is nothing wrong, at least in my country, to take others pictures in public places as long as these pictures are not degrading one's image.

of course people may get angry sometimes so there is obviously no reason not to apologize in such case and try to explain your project. If the person don't agree then just delete the picture...

The fact of using a flash on random people may be taken as rude but it is an other matter wich is not related to photography IMO.
It is more a matter of how people may behave and interact with each other, especially when we don't know each other. What we can do, what we can't do, what happens if we do what most people would take as rude.

I think the biggest issue here is that most of people would just react by becoming extremely angry there is small room left for discussion.
I think we should try to relaxe and keep in mind no one is hurt...that was just a picture and a bounce of light... Now ready to explain each other ?

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On article Just posted: Our Fujifilm XF 14mm 1:2.8 R lens review (78 comments in total)
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Marty4650: Fuji is doing something very smart here.

They realized that the CSC market is already overcrowded, and they would never get much shelf space at Best Buy or Costco, so they created their own niche at the high end.

They have become the "MILC Leica" with an outstanding set of beautifully styled well made cameras and nice extremely nice lenses to go with them. They also deliver outstanding image quality, so they have credibility with high end users. They are expensive... but not nearly as pricey as Leicas are.

Leica is positioned on the niche market of cameras as a good photographic tool as well as a luxury good (more and more).

So for you, and simply because you don't like the brand (for whatever reason) you are telling us that they are not positioned on a market ?

I think you shouldn't make such basic and public reasoning simply because you don't like the brand.

You didn't say it, but you are surely the kind of guy who could have said: "I wish Leica will sink soon".

I've always wondered why someone may wish a company sink just because they don't understand their products or market position.

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dpLarry: In USA years ago you used to lose a wallet and somebody will return it with the cash intact. I think those days are gone unless the people who picked up the wallet are senior citizens.

Hey ! I lost my wallet 3 years ago in France. I never got it back since then.


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On article Just posted: Sony Alpha NEX-6 Review (330 comments in total)

Is it sharper than a Leica M11 at Iso 12800 ?

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Where is DxO sensor sharpness test chart for this camera ? Couldn't find it and it's all what matters.

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Am I the only one not to like touch-screen ? I think I am doomed regarding mobile devices and camera. I should try to get use to it... ;)

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jorepuusa: 1. To have any common sense in an article like this, a photojournalist should always show an 100% faximile of the page with the picture and headline, those work together, these kind of pics need text as all press pictures do.
2. Most of the others who comment cannot understand that photojournalism is 95% of something else than actual photography.
3. Somebody was p.....d of because he did not get exact advice, well why should a pro give exact advice for an amateur and then loose his job cause the amateur gives his pictures for free and steals pro´s job.
Dreview shows pictures of war but cannot show swear words like p.....d, what hypocrisy, thank god I live in Europe.

Not so sure about american freedom of speech.
I remember once on this forum a guy took a picture of little girl playing in the street.

I can remember all the comments saying he could go to Police or hit by parents for such a shot (it was taken in the US).

At first, as I am not an American, I didnt understand what everybody was talking about and why every body was so hot on that picture until I understood people were meaning the photographer could have been taken for a perv.

I was astounded.

When I looked at this girl picture I've never ever thought of such a thing. This was just a candid street shot of a little girl... :/

I was a little chocked because I did the same many times here in South Korea and I am not a perv nor never got hit nor never went to police nor never was taken for a perv...

I am just a amateur photographer who has the right to take pictures in public places.

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samhain: The 56mm isn't coming out till the end of the year!?! Wtf fuji.
I'd like to know what marketing genius at Fuji said "hey- we're gonna make this awesome retro rangefinder style camera- but lets do the initial release with a slow 60mm macro and wait 3 years to put a proper portrait lens out, because this camera is much more suited to people shooting macro than portraiture & candid street shots ".
That guy should be fired, but only after being kicked in groin repetedly.
The initial 3 should've been:
23mm 1.4
35mm 1.4
56mm 1.4
Macro/wide angle/zoom should've been secondary.

Or maybe that marketing genius just thought:

Hey ! Let's make a crazy sharp sensor with crazy igh iso so that any amateur jumps on it. Then let's make some basic slow lenses so that they can buy them all as they are on GAS...and wait a bit more to launch crazy bright glass so that they are on GAS again !

So finnaly that guy is not fired but promoted ! ;)

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On article Online images and copyright infringement (255 comments in total)
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whtchocla7e: What serious photographer posts their images to google's search engine?

I run an online business and I have a competitor who stole an entire part of our Home Page design...and put it on his own Home Page design. The reason was that he found these pictures on Google Images and thought it was rights free because it is on Google... :/
Because we work hard on SEO, of course our images have titles and it is well positioned on Google Images if you type the right key words while making a research. It is what this competitor just did...and has he was ignorant regarding copyrights laws...he stole it. After some hot discussion he finally accepted to get rid of the pictures from his webpage...because the moron just won't accept he was violating copyrights. I had to threaten him of law pursuits to make him understand he did something wrong. It's hard to discuss on an intelligent and calm basis when the other party believes he his 100% right because is ignorant.

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On article Just posted: Fujifilm X-E1 Review (525 comments in total)

Isnt' the X-E2 coming soon ?

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On article Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue (240 comments in total)

Just a tought for Fuji...which never recognized the sticky aperture issue with its Fuji X100.
Mine is still blocked a full aperture...and I think will remain as such for my FIRST and very LAST Fuji product that I've had and will ever buy in my all Life.

I got sucked the same with an ACER computer in the past. I will never buy an ACER product again.

I know you can face problems with any brand...but at least there are brands which recognize their mistakes and take responsibility for it. Those are the brands I prefer to invest in, despite it cost me more sometimes.

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On article Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue (240 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Well, what I have learned from this debacle is that I should wait at least six months before I buy a new camera or lens. And not just from Nikon; this sort of thing also happens to other companies.

One of the great things about the Internet is that it is easy to find actual user reviews about gear that has been used for a period of time under a variety of conditions. Most editorial reviewers do not have the luxury to shoot thousands of images over a period of weeks...

If you get sucked-in by the marketing hype these days you are sometimes doing beta testing for the manufacturer.

My dad has been saying this to me for the last 20 years.

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