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Ok...but the most important question remains unanswered: How many Isos ?

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Eric KIM on DPreview ? Now it's 100% sure that in today's society one just need to be good at social media and blogging to become famous...

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On article Best DSLRs and ILCs for less than $1000 (277 comments in total)
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v_lestat: Samsung Samsung Samsung
Oh dear lord you people crying Samsung have no idea what on earth you are doing.
If Samsung made a good camera at any price it would be on a list some where of must have cameras.
But it's not.
Not here
Not there
Not anywhere
I own a lot of Samsung gear (phones tv's and more) but I would NEVER buy a Samsung camera because they are garbage and are destroyed by nearly everything on the market in its vertical.
There are even p-n-s cameras better than the NX cameras.

Wow you kids should really use a GOOD camera before call dp review the names you have and imply the childish things you have.

So is DXo mark worthless too?

Show me one Samsung camera on their site anywhere near the caliber of these cameras.

I remember not so long a ago many people were saying: I'll never buy a Toyota because they are garbage cars. Now guess what is the number 1 brand in the world ?
That comment about Samsung cameras is kind of idiotic. Samsung camera, despite being the "best at something" are very nice overall cameras at a decent price.

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micahmedia: What a garbage "me too" product. Why remove one of the most desirable features of the Fuji mirror-less cams. I hope this model tanks as a lesson to the entire industry, which causes everyone else to jump on the integrated EVF bandwagon.

...but that ain't likely to happen. Because most people haven't had the experience of using an eye level finder to know how awesome it is.

That is always what I think when someone try to tell me I was a fool buying a real Leica rangefinder. Most people havent'had the experience of using anything else than an electronical viewfinder and focus peaking, so they don't know how a awesome a real rangefinder is.

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Troll ON. I would rather buy a Samsung NX300 with a 30mm F2 pancake.

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On Fujifilm X-M1 Hands-on Preview (226 comments in total)

I would rather buy the superb Samsung NX300 with all pancake lenses than this.

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On Samsung Galaxy NX Hands-on (195 comments in total)
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justmeMN: According to camerasizecom it's 17% wider, 12% taller, and 22% heavier than the Canon SL1 / 100D DSLR.

I thought the point of mirrorless cameras was to be light and compact.

Because you think that without mirrorless offerings Canon would have released the Canon 100d ?
You have to think the other around.

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On article Samsung releases significant firmware update for NX300 (24 comments in total)

This firmware is spot on. Well done Samsung !

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mark power: A pretentious video about a pretentious camera. These days if I see someone with a Leica of any kind I see either a rich amateur or an insecure professional who cares how he or she looks. Leica has ceased to be relevant for a long time now and the monochrome camera and this model make my case yet again.

I didn't know in this world it is outrageous to:
1) Have money
2) Enjoy your money
Is there anything wrong being a rich amateur ?

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On Connect post Winners of the 6th Annual iPhone Photography Awards announced (59 comments in total)

This kind of smartphone rubbish trend is so hilarious.
Yes any good photographer could succeed to produce a great image with any gear.
What I dislike is all this kind of "rebel" trend where people just shoot with smartphone to show the world they are so good they don't need anything more.
Then you hear all the wow and waw and people starting to say: I'll try to use my smartphone more !
If everyone is following the same trend, then it not being rebel anymore.
If some people are serious about photography why they use a smartphone is beyond me. What do they want to prove ? I don't mean they cannot produce the goods with a smartphone but I guess there are plenty better small cameras out there for a small, light and discreet package.
Maybe they like to hide behind the "tourist like" feeling this grants...then they need some more balls maybe.
This pics are great, but it doesn't teach more than the usual photoshop and auto effects. There are tons pics like that on Getty and Flickr.

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My wife has a Canon 100d with the kit and 40mm pancake lens.
It is impressively small and light and I've found the IQ quite impressive for a low entry level camera. It's definitely a great camera.

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On article Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor (757 comments in total)

Since most people here seems baffled by Leica, saying they didn't market well their new product etc. Saying that Leica missed the point and nobody here will want one over an already owned NEX7, Fuji X100, or OM-D...etc. I think people here should wake up and understand that this camera was never designed for them.

You are simply not Leica customer target. That doesn't mean you cannot understand the "benefits" of the "counterparts" of owning this camera. That just means you are not the target audience so just move on because this was not design for YOU. You are not part of it and most people commenting here just doesn't have the cash for it anyway.

I don't understand why people stay here waiting for Leica to release a X100s-Leica-something for half the price that would sell like hot cakes like they say. That will never happen. Leica is Leica and demand premium price and that's it. They will never sell cheap.

You don't ask bikers why they chose Harley Davidson over a Kawasaki.

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On article Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor (757 comments in total)

The more I read the comments and the negativity, the more I want to buy this camera...

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On article Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor (757 comments in total)

When you are rich, do you really think it's your camera that you will use as a statut symbol ? That is just kind of pathetic... ;)

If it was the case, I guess most people who's only aim is to show off would do it with the biggest possible Nikon or Canon and not with a Leica.

When you show off you want people to recognize you as "rich" or "wealthy".
To bad for Leica haters but maybe 99% of normal people just don't have a clue about what a Leica is !
They will just "wow" and "waaa" when they see your big 5D Mark III with a 80-200mm F2.8 because it looks pro and in people's mind the bigger the more expensive and that's it.

I have a Leica which I take around almost everyday with a 50 lux ASPH or a 35 Lux ASPH. I rarely meet people who know about my camera. Very RARELY !

People just think I am around with a cheap oldie so stop you anger with your "statut Symbol with red logo crap".

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On article Samsung introduces 10mm F3.5 Fisheye for NX (101 comments in total)

I don't have a NX anymore but I had a NX10 at its launch. Based on my experience with the NX system, the Fuji system, and the Sony NEX system I can fairly say this NX platform is the best APSC based mirrorless system around and by far.

They are the only one to provide good ergonomics on a small and light package with very great performance/value ratio primes/pancake lenses.

Sensor wise they are quite impressive: sharper than Sony sensor at base Iso and just a stop behind at higher isos.
Considering Samsung is new in the sensor business this is damn impressive they could came so close from the said "Sony worldwide BEST APSC sensor" with apparently so little efforts.

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On article Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor (757 comments in total)

Well done Leica ! Very very nice !
just kidding

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On article Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'? (369 comments in total)
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ultimitsu: So it is a 19-45 F3.5 to F6.4, right?

if we talk about 135 equivalent why do you say 28-70 F5.25-9.6?


28-70mm F3.5 to F6.4 is correct.
The brightness of the lens is a more important detail than the "24x36" equivalent Depth of Field.

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On article Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'? (369 comments in total)

The wealthy ! Ahhhhhh the wealthy !!!
The red dot ! Ahhhhhh the red dot !!!

I am not wealthy and I shoot with Leica gear. Moreover my M3 has no red dot.
Sorry guys but you were all WRONG !

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On article Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'? (369 comments in total)
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edbollom: Is this going to be a Lumix GX1 but with the red dot? It really is unbelievable that the v-lux range have been conning people out of there money for so long when they are exactly thesame as Panasonic's LX series but far more expensive! The lenses are great but the camera bodies are 100% style over substance.

Why buy a M instead of a D800 or a 5d Mk II ?

Maybe here is one of the reasons:

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On Connect post There's no such thing as 'pro' photographers: More details (227 comments in total)
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LarryK: That's okay, there are no such thing as "Pro" CEOs, just people with business degrees making lucky guesses and being paid huge sums of money even when they're wrong.

Managing a company is making guesses, yes.

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