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stickynugget: What a wonderful idea.

In real life this will soon be $500 (not the $800 MSRP) and with the ability to crank out lots of fun lenses (the 1/2.3" sensor means less glass, easier to manufacture) that will soon be very reasonably priced.

This will make a great camera for the 80% of people who could care less about how good there pictures look at full size or on a poster. And a soon to be cheap camera for the 15-26yo crowd with more brains and artistic ability than money.

Think of all the cool cheap lenses they can make for this that only the pros can afford for full size and even aps-c and 4/3rds

What a great idea for a little "fun" camera for the large consumer base who will be concerned with price and the picture's content over how it looks when pixel peeping.

Smart Idea.

If marketed well this could be a Home Run for Pentax!

i totally agree. i most likely won't buy one of these, but the idea is attractive. if they can come out with great cheap lenses, like the fisheye above, or cheaper tilt shift lenses and what not, they have a serious market.

i'm a college student and have already invested significantly in my camera and lenses, but for my girlfriend, who would like to get into digital photography and the amount of control you have on interchangeable lens systems, this is quite an attractive option, especially considering she doesn't care too much about large pictures and high IQ.

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On Pentax Q preview (279 comments in total)

there are some serious haters and elitists on this site. first of all, realize that the majority of people that visit this site are IQ-ophiles, not the average consumer. for most of us, a small sensor just doesn't live up to the type of photography we want to do. however, i believe there is a reasonable market for this camera in the future. there are many consumers who used manual focus and film back in the day, but haven't wanted to cough up the money for a DSLR and convert all their gear.

enter a smaller, lighter, cheaper interchangeable lens system, and if they drop the price a little, i think it will sell well. it may not be the type of camera the average DPreview-ite uses, but will have a following nonetheless.

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