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Working Photographer,Main Camera is a Nikon D3.Ride a Motorcycle to unwind and holiday on ,shoot target Rifle for my county and play rugby occasionally for my town.


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Kiwisnap: Yay. Manual focusing in 2016! Coming soon - non-synchro gear boxes from Ford and Toyota and mangles for your laundry!

I'm old school having done my apprenticeship with 5x4 monorails,Rollieflexes Hasselblads etc so dont have any difficulty focusing a lens manually.
Likewise I still have and use a light meter although I have ditched my colour meter in favour of a Macbeth colour checker for critical work.
Do consider that making it manual focus does have significant benefits.Longer service life and lower manufacturing cost plus tighter control of precision engineering :-)

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The 'full frame' MF sensor guarantees that the full field-of-view of MF lenses can be realized,

But not if you shot 6x6 images like the Hasselblad and used for instance the Superwide.
Its something that has stopped me buying into medium format digital.

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I recall Ricoh introducing a camera with two sensors arranged side by side to give a bigger file size.That was clever but like all digital cameras was surpassed by new products quite quickly.
A Company with some very good people working for it.

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Schroedingers_cat: Do we really need better polarizing filters?

We ALWAYS need better.
Spend xxxx thousand on a lens then peanuts on a filter seems an extraordinary way to run a camera system if you want the best possible results.

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Marksphoto: images from DSLR's are already clean and sharp enough for just about every single use you can think of...

What's the point of this camera?

when film ruled many people asked why use anything bigger than 35mm.Pro photographers used 5x4" and 10 x 8" sheet film for a lot of work and the reason is the same one as needing to use digital cameras with bigger and better sensors.
Whilst many people will be satisfied with a D810 anyone looking for better quality,and lots of us are,will look to Cameras that are ,in the main,unaffordable for enthusiasts.
One might have asked why use a Bronica rather than a Hasselblad for film,they did not take Bronicas to the moon

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So many negative comments from people with no vision of potential uses.
How many of you purchased say a Hasselblad Superwide for specific jobs,I did.It paid off too.This will be the same.
The people who want top quality images and whose reputation on providing them will buy this.
If you are looking just at cost and are happy with your point and shoot its not for you.There are people for whom it will make a great tool .

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Galbertson: Another profession question.
Tilting or fully articulating lcd is simply a added feature. I am honest when i say i would welcome an articulating rear glass on my 4X5...but totally impossible. Many scenarios i could have used. Don't care if offered on point and shoots. It just works. Used it wonderfully on my old Olympus 770 and Canon G12. Great low angle composing tool. Very glad offered on 645Z, one of the reason i hope to purchase. A great professional...or novice, amatuer, or whatever their title...tool.

I owned a phase one full frame scan back for my Hasselblad,a true full frame.I also used it on my 5x4 monorail but its applications were limited by the relatively small frame size when using the 5x4 lenses.
An adapter for the Blad lenses was sourced but proved very limited as the image circle was simply not big enough for movements to be utilised.

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madeinlisboa: The more Photoshop you use the less photographer you are... I use Photoshop only for creativity and extreme problems. I still use Capture NX for 99% of my photos.
It's sad to reach a point when you don't know if it is a photograph anymore...

I started life as a photographer in 1965 and have been cheating ever since.hot water on part of a B+W print to bring up detail,a dab of fix to stop development in one spot,shading,printing from multiple negatives.
I love what Photoshop lets me achieve.I no longer worry about how to prop something up in the studio,blemishes on products can be removed etc.
Photoshop is the perfect tool to compliment digital images.

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Mescalamba: http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/imageBank/d/DYNAX%2091.jpg

This is how professional dSLR layout should look like.

D4 layout? No thanks. Even Sony realized, that more external controls is good thing (NEX-7 layout). Yes they made few mistakes (like that those dials need LOCK and they dont have it :D), but idea itself was good.

If they create A99 with layout similar to A900 (or same) then good luck with D4 Nikon. Btw. that 16 mpix will be used in one of Sony future FF.

Best slr layout,ever, was the Rollie 2002 series.Easy to hold,did not bend my nose in order just to look through the viewfinder.Even my Minolta Dimage 7 was laid out better than my D3

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tmurph: Oh dear oh dear. I can never understand people who look at cameras as more than just a tool to use and create great pictures. Most cameras help you do this but some help the process more than other models do.
Yes,yes I hear you say we know this but just look at the moaning brigade
on here. " it only shoots at 10 frames per sec" I know, terrible, shoot the boffins at Nikon for getting it wrong. " they forgot to put GPS on it" again. how absolutely shocking is that, well maybe some people need GPS at the end of the day who cares.
For all its wizz bangs this is a box, put a good lens on it and see what YOU are capable of.
This is a pro tool out of the reach of most of us but even if you could afford one then make sure it makes money for you if not then you're either too rich or you think spending that kind of money will make you a better photographer.

For the " hang it from my shoulder just to look good brigade" then good luck when they ask you to show them some of your pics.

dust elimination system still missing so I will stick with my D3

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