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On Sinking at Sunset II photo in Mohammed Al Ali's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

The colors speak for themselves, but the perspective the photographer chose really added to the image by backlighting the ship by placing the setting sun behind it. My eye just keeps getting drawn back to the ship. I really like it.

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On Gorgeous color photos of America in the 1930's and 40's article (110 comments in total)

Considering the limitations of color film at that time I find the shots interesting and they also provide a slice of Americana in a by-gone era. It never hurts to review our photographic past, but also to place it squarely in a historical perspective of what was taking place in the world at that time. Thanks DPreview for sharing these with us.

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On Going Professional, Where to Begin? article (30 comments in total)
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Devendra: go with canon? which koolaid are you drinking? and then you shoot with Canon 40D?

i stopped reading after that

i wish DPR would monitor this absurd articles from so called "pro"s

Something obviously struck a raw nerve with you. Was it the Canon vs. ????? or have you fallen for the snobbery of the bigger is better crowd. Please understand I am not calling you a "snob" in the least. I just don't understand your vitriolic response.

If you consider the the "Fathers of 35mm" with their Leica's were shooting equipment with far less sophistication and inferior optics than what is available today and yet we keep going back to Atget, Abell, Adams and a couple of my favourite contemporary photographers - Michael Freeman and Freeman Patterson and others for their use of light and composition.

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On Going Professional, Where to Begin? article (30 comments in total)

Coming from film - large, medium and 35mm format there is always an over emphasis on the latest greatest piece of equipment. I for one do not like the proliferation of expensive "Fast Zooms" when I am far more confident with a prime or two within the same range. If you need to zoom - use your feet.

This was a refreshing and honest article on one Professional's personal experience and recommendations. If you can afford a Hassey or Phase One Digital Medium Format set up then by all means go for it. It won't make you a better photographer / artist however nor allow you to capture images that are "impossible" with lesser equipment (you define that one).

Thanks for a refreshing perspective and one that is quite sensible!

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Elinas: Cool... so the day that they will decide to make Camera raw available for the Fuji X-Pro1, this means I will need to buy CS6...

Adobe is not the most generous of software companies and yes their software is expensive no matter how you cut it. If I had waited (known) that CS6 was pending I could have delayed my purchase of CS5 Extended 30 days and got a "Free Upgrade" to CS6. Adobe does not support their customers for 90 days or even 30 when it comes to new releases and upgrades. Will CS6 Extended be worth the cost for me to upgrade? Time will tell as we all face Adobe and genuflect and gravel! It's all about the money! And yes I will eventually pony up for CS6 Extended upgrade sometime in the future. As to up grades to ACR, well you would think that Adobe could offer some compromise to their loyal customer base. If there isn't any money in it for them don't hold your breath. Ah, and I would have not waisted my money on LightRoom. Like the above post, CS5 and Bridge are much more to my liking.

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