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On Walmart sues photographer's widow over family pictures article (200 comments in total)
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Handymuss: The many posts here about this are very telling. Because the Waltons have tons of money, lots of assumptions are made. Greed is showing everwhere. Most complain about Walmart. (has nothing to do with Walmart) This is a simple case of a client offering money for the rights to the photos that a photog took, and that money being offered apparently is not enough that the photog (widow in this case) will accept. So they go to court over it to try and settle the disagreement.(you can claim anything you want in court, the law may say something completely different however...)

The last time you had a client that wanted all rights to the photos you took, how much did you charge them? Did you charge them on ability to pay, or a standard amount? If so, you are just as greedy as most posters complain the Waltons are. It cuts both ways.

The court may rule with the Walton for rights to photos based on price comparable to other clients charged for same material, plus any appreciation due to inflation, and incurred costs of storage. It would be different if a collector came to buy at a price much higher than the family offered. What will be interesting is the counter suit buy the widow, now that could be a pretty penny.

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On Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article (661 comments in total)

The LCD flips up so you can take a medium format selfie.

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How about:

"Doc Op"

It's the doctor that makes the optics better. And yes, I'm a Spider-Man fan, and this thing looks like it has 8 arms.

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On Nikon Df preview (2816 comments in total)

I think Nikon missed the mark here. Even though the technology in it may not be the latest, the look of the camera will pull people in. I have relatives that are interested in this camera, but they all cannot get over the price. The funny thing is, one of my uncles has an old D70s and saw this camera show up on the web and got all excited till the price was announced. Then he was hell bent on getting a newer, retro looking camera so he ended up getting an Olympus EM5. I'm not going to compare the 2, but all I'm saying is this look gets old film guys excited, then turns them off. If nothing else, this could help cheaper competition for non-pro shooter.

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I like the idea of the android platform better, however the reality is most of us don't have time to spend learning how to tweak. From a marketing perspective Apple has it right, the proof is in the numbers. At work we are all given blackberry phones, but there is a large enough group that have iPhones that they are considering iPhone usage. 4 out 5 people I work with have an iPhone, and my whole team we all have iPhone 5's except for one Samsung Note 2. I have friends with the new Samsung S4, and they both carry extra batteries with them. The girl who has it is looking to switch to an iPhone after yesterday's iOS review.

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Wye Photography: I really enjoy using the iPhone camera, the results are impressive and it makes a pleasant change from using my Hasselblad and Pro digital cameras. The quick preview of the whole OS looks really impressive. And that mac Pro, I mean, what a stunning design.

I just wish the camera update went further. RAW output, manual WB, exposure compensation just to name a few. Perhaps they can do a "pro" version for those wanting to do more instead of a camera app for the millions of instagrammers.

I agree. I consider the comparison to my old Olympus 8080 (which was an awesome camera when it came out), and the iPhone 5 images are that much better (zoom not considered).

Besides, some of the best images are due to you just having a camera on you, and the iPhone 5 is exceptionally portable compared to other cameras and smartphones.

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For me, the choice of getting one of these cameras is to have something better than my iPhone, and more portable than my DSLRs. Optical lens at this level is pretty much useless, so the trade off for me is to have a flippity screen. Canon is out, and Nikon would be in. Having said that, I'm very happy continuing to use my G12.

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Lee Jay: $70? I built one of these years ago from stuff lying around my house!

I agree with TWIZEEL. I'd rather spend my time earning rather than saving. Plus when I'm at a client's home / office, I want to be able to set up/tear down quickly, and this sorts that out. Then of course there are those clients that don't want you walking on with home made looking stuff, perception sometimes drive marketability.

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(unknown member): I have been checking daily for price and availability on this lens. I love VR in the mid-range because I can shoot lower ISOs handheld and still get nice sharp photos. A D800e is in my distant future, and right now all I have are primes for mid-range on my D700, no VR (not a big problem for the D700). I want this lens, if it checks out good. I believe the street price will drop after release, sooner rather than later. If it just has good center sharpness at f2.8 I'm all in for it. Imagine the indoor, casual family portraits you could get with this and a D800e.

Moore and soft corners is overblown. If you are doing commercial work, then it may be an issue ... but then you probably wouldn't look at this or comment in the first place. Get your gray point, shoot your portraits, run your raw files through and get paid for your work. When you're shooting wide open, who cars about soft corners.

Non-commercial customers don't complain about corners and more, photographers do.

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On Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 test samples article (458 comments in total)
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role_of_72: The APS-C - 43 gap is now closed. And everyone lives happily ever after :)
Good job, Oly!

Ha ha ha, OM Zuiko 50mm F/1.4 on 4/3 (micro or otherwise), been there done that. This is a great little travel / hobby camera, so that's a nice niche it will fill.

4/3rds help make money to put the gas in my car, while FF pays for the car. End of story.

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Funny :)

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On Canon EOS-1D X overview article (364 comments in total)

The capability of high ISO hopefully means that mid level range will be much cleaner. Shooting a wedding at the time where no flash is allowed in a candle lit church. Sure you can use a fast lens and hope your eyes are in focus with a shallow DOF, but bumping up the ISO to 6400 for a clean image and an additional DOF is a welcome option. At this level, I would've hoped for built in Wifi for studio use, instead of expensive options. Eye-fi doesn't work well in my 1Ds MKIII so I use tethered if I'm not working with people.

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I have several photography friends, and not one of them will buy this. Why get this when you can get a 3rd generation Oly E-PL body for the same price? People used to criticize Oly for having a small sensor ... now NIkon is releasing one even smaller? LOL. They are just too desperate to get into the game. Maybe they hired staff that was let go from RIM's Playbook team?

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On Pentax Q preview (279 comments in total)

Let's say the sensor is equivelant to an micro 4/3. The boring part is you can't really play with DOF, at least I can do that with my micro 4/3. I don't know one photographer who will buy this, and I've talked to 30+ of them, 2 of which are Pentax fan boys. Only considerations are new Olympus E-PL3 or E-P3 line up, Canon G11/G12, or the lenses for my iPhone, LOL. For the camera with all the lenses, I wouldn't part with $300 for it all. I'd rather blow money paying Canadian retail for a battery grip (which will never happen by the way).

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On Continuously in the FLATLAND: The flat horizon, the flat landscape. challenge (2 comments in total)

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