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On Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review preview (271 comments in total)
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AKH: Impressive that the IQ is about the same level as the almost 7 year old Nikon D300.

had a D300, would take my EM-5 over it any day of the week for what I do.

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vroger1: I have 23 digitals since 2003-Heeeelp!

only 23? you are doing well ... I have or have gone through 23 Nikons ...

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Kevin Casey: I tried to read this article, but the horrific grammer and profound lack of proofreading made it impossible...or maybe it was undermining my GAS denial.

Did you not read that English is not his first language or perhaps not even his second? The fact that he probably speaks at least 3 languages puts him far ahead of a couple of whining wankers in my books.

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Jack144: Eagerly awaiting Canon's response!

regarding the Canon, a friend of mine, down at CES, said that Canon didn't know when the 200-400 would be out as they were having problems so I wouldn't bet the farm. And the $13k ballpark price, not a guess.

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bobbarber: LOL at all the complaints about price.

How many posters complaining about price have carried on in these forums about the disadvantages of 4/3 sensors, such as pixel-peeping chroma noise at ISO 3200 (horrors!) that doesn't even show up in prints?

You can get a slow, sharp 600mm lens for the stabilized OMD for a couple of hundred bucks.

If you prefer DSLRs, then why did you dance on Olympus's grave?

Be consistent, and pay through the nose for telephoto on your "superior" APS-C sensors. It's what you wanted, folks. You can brag about how much your paid for your equipment, but your pictures won't be any better.

as someone who actually does shoot both m4/3s and Nikon FX, there is a difference and it is very distinguishable. I would love to be able to carry my Nikons around with me all the time but I purchased the OMD for one specific reason and that was transportability.

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falconeyes: The lens I am really looking for is a
AF-S Nikkor 500mm F5.6 G ED VR

has anybody ever made a 500/5.6?

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On Roger Cicala compares three 24-70mm F2.8 lenses news story (142 comments in total)
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Peter K Burian: I often get benefit from Roger's tests but not this time. I have read this article twice and I have no idea what value it was to me. A lot of information but what does it mean?

There is an important concept that's missing here: "Give the reader knowledge, not information".

whether it gives knowledge or information may be up to the reader. It gave me knowledge - I may contemplate selling my 24-70 Nikkor for a Tamron just for the VC. Also, if you are already enamored with your lens purchase, the decision to read the article was yours alone. I am also thinking that if the article had shown that the Canon combo was Nikon's equal, the tenor or your post would be somewhat different.

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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... news story (1412 comments in total)
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marike6: It's hilarious to see the m43 fans beaming with pride because their camera won a popularity contest. The fact is "Reader Polls" are almost always driven by fans voting for whatever camera they own.

But it seems some actually believe that the results of an online poll are some indication of superiority. All I can say is if you shot with a 5D3, A99, D800 or D600 it's doubtful you'd vote for an EM5.

As an owner of both Nikon D800/e and OMD, I would pick the OMD. The D800 resolution is impressive but the OMD is a more flexible camera whose only downside is continuous focus. The D800 sold well because of the pent up demand for a D700 successor but the reality is most buyers would be better off with a D600.

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