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On Panasonic DMC-CM1 to go on sale in UK article (159 comments in total)

Ideal 3d-camera if:
1. contacts are on left side-not at lens-side.
2. there will also be a left-hander-version.
Lenses would be as close as possible without having to mount two equal cameras with one camera upside down(so called:z-bar-mounting like we use for Stereodatamaker-cams to have lenses which are off-center to be as close as possible.
Problem with 3dvideos when Cmos-sensor is used and sensor are not in the same direction:
If lens is in the center most ideal cam would be a small square one.
But i have my doubts that videosynch is as close as with stereodatamaker-cams with photosensor(videosynching the cams)

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Sigma 150-600 lens on SD1M-user proved 1/60,1/30 even 1/20-shots handheld. so these more 4.5 stops-stabilizatiion would not surprise me anymore.

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3dreal: mastortech has multiple stabilyzers beginning with smartphone, ending with DSLR.

go-gimbal.ch whats the original name?

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On Olympus Stylus 1s camera announced in Japan article (93 comments in total)

My next cam must be an enthusiast cam. But i dont know yet what it must do....

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On HTC introduces the RE digital camera article (102 comments in total)

I am IN when livecameras are available. and in 3DS.

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On Delkin introduces new 'Black' range of rugged SD cards article (54 comments in total)

samsung has also solid cards with additional protection. card-protection: I only know the 4-cards-gepe-box to best supersolid gepe cardsafe extreme, 1m waterproof, hitproof and climaresistant.
Card-safe duo is less resistant and much cheaper, the extreme is it too...
But the cheap Duo can swim! Delkin has SD and CF-card-boxes where the inner parts are compatible.

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Here they say 6x12-2 frames and 4x5- 2 frames. which is wrong:
see here the two holders: 1 frame for both

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I compared(interpolating the new holder) with the 6x12-holder of epson 4990 and its 8x10 mask(see below for details).
both are 29cm measuring the lenght at center where it ends where the calibration windows is sitting: 290mm.
Same size: How big are 750-holders?
good of the 4990 holders is panorama-film is monted sideways. so long stripes can be mounted which. in 750-holder would cover the calibration windows ontop.
4990-8x10-"holder" is not a holder but a white film-cover of 24.2 x 32.3cm
mask is of identical size outside like the 6x12 holder. inside 8x10. so film is placed directly onto the glass. So 8x10 on 800/850 should be no problem. in umax 3000 which had a dual-lens system there was a smaller space(film-gate) which delivered higher resolution than the fullsize.

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AJDVD: I use the Epson 4490 which is older than the V700. I compared the scans from the Epson with my labs drumscanner. I used a Rolleiflex (6X6) and 3 films..... Kodakchrome 50 (old)/ T-MAX 100 (for its density in blacks) and NPS-160i from Fuji for skintones).
I scanned them myself with the Lomo negativeholder. Even at 400% the difference on a calibrated monitor where very small. There where small differences on the some edges but even there it was more a matter of taste then a difference in quality. Colorbalance was slighty better on the drumscanner but easily corrected in PS. Main difference was the black and white film. The Epson couldnt produce such a nice tonescale or density as the drumscanner.That said I think even for more demanding amateurs you get nice results with the Epson. But I compared a print from the drumscanner on an pro Epson printer with a handmade analog bw print......then I started to cry.......you probably know what I mean.

kodachrome 25 or 64 right?

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vscd: A real density of 4 on a flatbedscanner? Would be awesome. I can't believe real optical 6400 dpi eighter.

Please let it be at a good price..

1200 chf for the 850

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Vegasus: Usually almost once a year or 2 years epson will release new high end scanner,.. finally epson release the new one, good job.


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There are better alternatives on the way-better image-quality- if the main advantage is not needed.

Direct link | Posted on Oct 23, 2014 at 09:08 UTC as 27th comment

The mistake they made with transparent plastic causing reflexion will be removed with the second version when we have spent all our money with the first one...Really crazy not doing it right from the first step. At least inner sides MUST be black! Maybe not an easy task.

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bart honhoff: Ferrania is always considered to be in quality behind the big four (or before Fuji became available outside Japan) the big three (Kodak, Agfa and Ilford)

That said, it is always an good thing to have competition.

For grainy shots a lesser quality film like Ferrania is great!

I still love the pictures I took with OrWo film in the seventies in low light.

So with ORWO you were in the same LowQuality-league like the Ferrania.

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They should offer 120-sized 30m rolls so we could configure 220-films. Plus offering back-paper. Pls no moon(aka fantasy-)prices like ilfords B+W 70mm BW.

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On 'See Impossible': Canon counts down to... something. article (1669 comments in total)

Impossible-Can only be a large cam with "Impossible"-printer inside..

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On 'See Impossible': Canon counts down to... something. article (1669 comments in total)

They only working prototype was dropped down. Now we are waiting until a new one is produced and tested......

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On Inside RA001: World's first Boeing 747 'Jumbo Jet' article (127 comments in total)

1969 was also my first photographic year. With Kodak Instamatic. 1971 my first and only 747-roundfligh with Swissair over Switzerland towards Genoa(Italy), but then with Exakta VX1000, one year before making the big step towards the unique Olympus OM1.

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Superka: Epson V750 true optical resolution on film is 2300dpi. Too poor for film scanning.
I doubt v850 will be better. It is not a film scanner.
Used Nikon Coolscan, Imacon, Minolta, Plustek - that are film scanners.
6400dpi on Epson is a bad joke.
Can you compare it to Imacon 6300dpi? Here is what Imacon can at 6300 (24x65mm Xpan frame)


Neither Epson user have ever saw this resolution on 135 film.

Plustek MF120 does not exist...

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fmian: 'Dual lens system for optimised film (6400dpi)'

Highly inaccurate and misleading.
I don't know why companies can't list the true resolution...

Braun FS120 is the PrimeFilm 120 Pro by PacificImage. Plustek Opticfilm 120 can scan 6x12 in single stripes but unfortuanately not longer panoramas. At least with v850 and other it can be done using special holders or not(4990). with 4990 holders take up film sideways, not covering the calibration window on the smaller side when panorama-stripes are longer than the holder.

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