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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor article (255 comments in total)

What they did not tell is that this sensor has been designed on behalf of the NSA.

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On Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... article (1412 comments in total)
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adrianf2: OK. Olympus won 'fair and square'. But what exactly did they win? A popularity contest among the visitors to this site from a pre-determined list that excluded many excellent cameras.

I have bought a D800 and voted for it. However if the OMD were able to properly AF my FT lenses I do not know what I would have done.

In a side by side comparison with low dof shots (D800 85 1.8 G versus OMD 45 1.8) the OMD was the clear winner. With its image stabilisation and face recognition it was good for so many keepers, while the D800 setup was a lot of miss and seldom hit. The focus sensors are simply to big for this kind resolution/low dof and focusing accuracy seems to lack too.

This OMD technology is what every low dof portrait shooter would like to have instead of fiddling with focus sensors. You can even choose which eye the camera should focus on.

Thus the D800 certainly has its strong points but the OMD is a much smaller package combined with very good image quality and some compelling innovations.

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On Just posted: Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM lens review article (182 comments in total)

Sigma has managed to do some serious overhaul with their lenses.
I am using the Sigma 120-300 2.8 OS and am very happy. No reason to go for a 5k $ Nikkor.

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On Preview:canong1x (1032 comments in total)
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Jeffrey Lockwood: Can someone explain to me why Canon would get rid of the ISO dial and instead keep the exposure comp? I never, ever, use the exposure comp settings on either my G11 or my 7D, but I change ISO all the time. If you shoot RAW, why would you ever need to? Other than doing some HDR work, which if you are advanced enough to want to do that, you should be using RAW. I understand that a lot of photography novices will buy this camera but it really is a very good pocket camera for those with DSLRs and why wouldn't you cater to that market a bit more? Can someone give me a good reason for exposure comp that perhaps I don't know about?

What I cannot understand is why the default crop is always on the label of that bottle. It does not provide sufficient fine detail to allow for a reasonable comparison at this level of resolution.
Better stick e.g. to the feathers on the right hand side of the picture to establish what the selected cameras can resolve.
Cheers Andreas

Posted on Feb 16, 2012 at 15:38 UTC
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