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Melchiorum: Unfortunately, 360' videos suck for now. They look like washed out blurry mess, smeared with compression artifacts. In order to get proper, sharp 360' videos, you would need way more than 4K resolution and very high bit rates and the technology is just not there yet. Once you go beyond 4K, you need powerful processors, gigantic amounts of super-fast storage, etc.

I am sure this technology will evolve, but for now, paying 800 bucks for a proof-of-concept camera that produces borderline unwatchable results is not something I'd do.

@badi 720p may be fine for normal TV viewing but in VR you have your nose to the screen. 720p with agressive compression looks pretty poor.

Vuze is still a really good step in the right direction. 4K 3D 360 at a reasonable price, it fills the gap between the 360 toy cameras and high end rigs or multi-cam set-ups used by the pros.

If I get any VR kit in the next 12 months, this may be a necessary purchase!

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The Squire: Olly have a long history of design that equates Rugged = Fugly

But I'd quite like a waterproof (without additional case) smallish 4K action cam with built-in IS. Need to see some samples!

Link | Posted on May 24, 2016 at 13:25 UTC

Olly have a long history of design that equates Rugged = Fugly

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vscd: I remember my first Sony Memorystick with 4MB. ;) Anyway... the tech goes on and on, hightech from today will be worthless tomorrow. Except of 4k Videos I would rely on 8x32GB instead. No need to loose 256GB at once on a client...

Until you drop one of those 32GB microSD cards down a crack in the pavement when you're swapping them out...

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PixelJ: 33 hours of HD video and 55,200 photographs. I wish the advertising agencies would get over using these basically meaningless metrics on SD cards the way they finally did on HDDs.

If you're like one of the tourists around here, 33 hours of video is how they measure their needs, and is probably a bit less than they would like....

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Marksphoto: I need a 10TB sd card. It's 2016 and the technology isn't catching up progressively, they way it was meant to be, I mean if it doubled annually 10 years ago, today they should at least quadripple, they are giving it to us in bits and pieces... That's because they want to sell you the bulky external hard drives and stock your shelves with useless cards of yesteryear...


If only cameras came with USB ports instead of card readers so I could attach a 6TB NAS-grade 7.2K SATA drive....

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On article Samsung unveils 256GB EVO Plus microSD card (88 comments in total)
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kayaro: That's great to have 55,200 photos stored but if the card go wrong than you will LOSE 55,200 photos at ONE GO. Oh, is the 10 years warranty include recover all the photos?

My argument is that you are *more* likely to lose *some* photos if you spread a shoot across multiple cards.

Inserting, extracting and storing cards are relatively high-risk, both mechanically and your opportunity to drop/lose them (particularly micro SD!).

Use one card, and it stays safely in your camera, which is pretty hard to forget/lose.

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On article Samsung unveils 256GB EVO Plus microSD card (88 comments in total)
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JerryShots: Not quite sure what the big deal is - I have a 256GB SD Card (not micro) and it fits in my camera!? This card needs an adapter and cost 3x's what I paid.
I guess it has/will have it's use - But I just don't happen to have a camera that this fits into and I don't think my phone needs it either.
And it is great to have space to spare.

Maybe because it's big an U3 and UHS-I perhaps?


What card are you rocking that's a third the price?

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TorsteinH: I have tried Aftershot PRO2 and would have stayed with it, but the support for new cameras are slow or not existing at all.

This is where Adobe leads. But you can always use the free Adobe DNG Converter to convert your raws to DNG raws, then edit in any number of tools...

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The Squire: Only 1080p? At least it's "spectacular 1080p"!

Id normally acknowledge its all relative, and that even a basic compact could be much better than a smartphone. But 20Mp 1/2.3 is the same spec (same sensor even?) as my Sony Xperia smartphone. So is anyone going to buy this and be amazed by how much better their social shots are?

Canon is slowly killing their own market by releasing products that offer little benefit over the smartphones they have to compete with.

Ok, zoom. This has a lot of zoom (and the compromises that come with it). So a niche market of wildlife fans who are happy with a very very slow lens might be impressed.

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Only 1080p? At least it's "spectacular 1080p"!

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vscd: Quite expensive. Payed $80 bucks for a lifetime Lightroom 5.7 license... and it's even the "marketleader". Maybe they should overthink it.

I usually skip versions of LR to save money, and even then I only eventually upgrade to get the native RAW support for a new camera.

Last time I used DNG Converter for a while with my 'old' version of LR4 before I finally paid for LR6. It wasnt a great deal of effort as a free way to support a new set of RAW files...

TBH, I could still be rocking LR4 today with my 2015 cameras, and it'll be doing everything I need, just with an extra file conversion step.

Link | Posted on May 6, 2016 at 09:58 UTC

Great to see some more competition in this area.

If I every move from using Lightroom (no plans right now) then non-destructive editing will be a requirement.

The main benefit I see from LR these days is comprehensive native RAW support. But, if necessary, I could live with going from Camera->Adobe DNG Converter->Library or, heck, even shooting JPEGs perhaps....

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On article 2016 Roundup: Enthusiast Long Zoom Cameras (110 comments in total)
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Aroart: Is enthusiast photographer a person at the wedding trying to get pics and is annoying the photographer. Or the uncle at the party thats taking pics from crazy angles to justify spending $1000 on his camera.. Maybe the creepy guy at the park thats pretending to take photos of birds but is really taking pics of ....

Are you on the right site? Shouldn't you be reading The Verge instead?

Link | Posted on May 4, 2016 at 08:28 UTC

But where do I set the video bit-rate??

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On article The Canon that can: Canon EOS 80D Review (677 comments in total)

"zebra warnings" - The a6300's killer feature for all those people going on safari this year...

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Woo hoo for House of Cards style time-lapse!

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JackM: Wow. I didn't even know acid throwing was a thing. I hate uncivilized people.

Grow up Petrogel.

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the decent exposure: which camera is using microSD?

I buy several cards for use across cameras and phones.

It makes total sense to always buy microSD, and adapt them for full-size SD use. Then, I have maximum compatibility if I need to reuse the card in another device, and I have the ability to pop the card in to any device to read the files off.

For instance. If I shoot a load of JPEGs on my LX100, I can pop the Micro SD card in to my phone to upload select photos. Because... Have you ever tried to use Panasonic's WiFi connection apps? Urgh.

Link | Posted on Apr 20, 2016 at 09:54 UTC

Nice analysis DPR guys.

I saw the comment about live view update in the full review, and it left me thinking, so I appreciate the extra effort post-review to clarify things.

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