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It all depends on the rules for the competition; if it was stated clearly that digital manipulation is disallowed then obviously this picture has to be disqualified. We have to determine whether the photographer was aware or if Nikon has set the rules clearly. The photographer said that "I crossed the line by submitting the photo for a competition" (as quoted). Perhaps he should have stated clearly that the plane was inserted in when he submitted the picture. Nikon Singapore, on the other hand, should have examined the picture more carefully and requested if any digital manipulations were done before awarding the prize. I am aware that in some major competitions, original unedited files of pictures selected for potential prizes must be produced. Just my 2 cents.

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (594 comments in total)
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bmwzimmer: Can't complain about ISO or Dynamic Range anymore. This real world review and High ISO images looks amazing!!!!


Would love to see how it compares to the D5! Just to satisfy my curiosity.

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (594 comments in total)

It would be good if advancement in technology meant smaller camera sizes.

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Does this dual pixel AF comes directly from the older Canon 70D?

As an aside, I wonder what the 5D MK IV's specs are? And if it will be a reality. If it's the rumoured 28Mp then might noise be an issue? Perhaps the 5D MK IV (@10-12 fps?) is to kill two birds with one stone ruling out the need for a APS-C replacement (7D2) as it's capable of 1.3x and 1.6X crops as rumoured?

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I will buy this in a heart heat if, and only IF, there is a matching body that allows the AF to be as fast and as responsive as the 7D2 or D500. I believe the XT-1 cannot do it (i may be wrong), so hopefully they can come up with an XT-2 that has a revolutionary AF system to rival pro-grade DSLRs. Also, a new battery that is capable of doubling or tripling the power life of the present one. Now, that will be a real game changer. That will be the day I will hang up my DSLR.

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A few more years before mirrorless cameras can catch up with the AF of higher end DSLRs. For any other work other than high action, mirrorless are fine, in fact excellent. Love it for use with legacy lenses and other slower work.

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Please add silent shutter and I will buy the 7II. Sony a7rII is just overpriced to the point being unreasonable.

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It appears that Canon and Nikon are so complacent with their toaster-sized DSLRs that they are blind to what is going around them. They can reduce the size of things but they just don't do it. The song "the times they are a-changing" comes to mind. Sure, they still have their lion's share of the pro market but I feel Sony has rocked the boat. The Sony FF mirrorless are still not there yet when it comes to AF tracking abilities ( but great for non-action work) and battery life
but given time and more RD, they will get there. I hope the size of truly capable pro models will get lighter, not heavier.

Hand phones got lighter and smaller. The early models were gigantic by comparison. Compactness and portability is what manufacturers should aim for. Yes, there is a limit as to how small FF lenses can go but striving to reduce sizes and making things lighter are surely the way to go.

Go Sony, go! Show them the way!

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On article Tamron to develop 150-600mm F5-6.3 ultra-telephoto zoom (193 comments in total)

In the end, it is all about sharpness and performance. Can this lens deliver?

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On article Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'? (369 comments in total)

I have given up on Leica a long time ago. The issue is that you can't take any better pictures with this camera compared to any other mirrorless ones. So why pay the premium? And like someone said, there is not even a EVF built into it! That said, this is my opinion.

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On photo SDIM2351 in swedishnerd's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Excellent. Do you find the jena flektogon 35mm sharp at 2.4 as it is at f8?

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It weighs a ton and it had better have exceptional IQ otherwise it's a white elephant.

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On article World Press Photo announces 2013 contest winners (298 comments in total)

I meant "well said" to King Penguin's comments.

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On article World Press Photo announces 2013 contest winners (298 comments in total)
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King Penguin: I am amazed by the responses to this piece, most posters seem to be very sensitive about anything that shows Israel or the US in a negative way.......the truth hurts and denying it will do nothing to bring peace in a place which has been meddled with and manipulated for so many years.

I'm not anti Israel or US, but the current leadership of Israel do not want peace, if they did there would be, it's in their control but they chose to keep the status quo of conflict, sadly their attitude is no better than the apartheid regimes of South Africa before Nelson Mandela came to power.

History will not judge the current leadership of Israel well.

It's all very sad.

Well said!!!

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On article World Press Photo announces 2013 contest winners (298 comments in total)

How can there be winners for war images? Judges sit in the comfort of their offices and decide the best pictures to depict suffering and the photographer wins prizes and gain fame? This is morally wrong. Winning is corrupting.

The Pulitzer prize, for example, is a political tool. One of the world's greatest irony was the Peace Prize that was awarded to Barack Hussein Obama, a prize so hurriedly put together for man who could hardly represent peace.

Some of the best war images and videos come from unsung heroes ... unknown photographers. Tragically the world needs winners ... it reflects on the fallen nature of man.

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In this day and age, nothing is impossible. We are only limited by our own minds, afterall we are only finite.

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On article Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM preview (149 comments in total)


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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS M preview samples gallery (130 comments in total)

Waste of money. Sony NEX series is king.

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On article Canon EF 24-70mm f/4 L IS USM Preview (130 comments in total)

The price had better justify the performance.

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Absolutely preposterous. Update available six months from now? They should do it immediately - together with the announcement.


Time to jump ship!!!

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