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On Flying Penguins: Photography in Antarctica article (43 comments in total)

A very strong collection of beautiful images. Not many of us on this planet get the opportunity and you have made the best of yours.

This gives some weight to your axioms: get out there and stay out there AND treat each sunset like it's your last. These are 2 most important things I learned from reading this that apply to me. Thanks.

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sosmix: I still can't get my head around someone going out looking for wildlife with a gun in one hand and a camera in the other.

Photograph them or kill them, it must be quite a dilemma.

Yes, I can't grasp it either. But I don't own a gun but I own more cameras than I like to admit. And my cameras have these HUGE memory disks/cards. HUGE, I tell you HUGE. I'm liable to go out and take pictures of innocent 1st graders at any moment....wait a second, that doesn't sound right. I should just point my big 85mm f/1.4 at my head and end it all. Oops. Wrong format.

If I was a hunter, I would try to "capture the moment" and do both very quickly in sequence. So, it might be both.

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Thinking out loud: Trophy hunters are serial killers who get great pleasure out of destroying living creatures - the "trophy" is just a convenient excuse for their blood lust. If you doubt this, watch videos of the "hunt". They stalking their prey from a distance (the animals do not sense them) using telescopic sights on their rifles,they slaughter them with a high velocity bullet. The interesting bit is just how excited they get - orgasmic in fact, they rush over to the kill and marvel at just how magnificent the dead animal is. It does not occur to them that it was magnificent until they brutally end its life!
Perhaps the only good thing about this is that these morons are killing animals and not humans - as far as we know.

Every living human would not exist but for the hunters in their ancestry. Hunting is the rule set forth by the Higher Power (whatever your name for him/her) of everyone.

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On Ethics of prize-winning photo debated news story (151 comments in total)
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Funduro: Journalist have been busted as plagiarist more often now, thanks to Google. Heck even two consecutive German heads of education have resigned because of plagiarist Doctoral thesis & the like. So it's not surprising this photographer staged this photo and gave false narrative about it.

No. He's simply honoring a photographer of significance.

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On Pssss psss psss ... ooooh! in the Secrecy challenge (6 comments in total)

Yes, this is one of those "Wow" images. Well done, sir.

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On Nikon D600 Hands-on Preview preview (718 comments in total)
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Dyun27: After looking at the RAWs, frankly I think all these cameras are way too close to call and in the end it's the photographer who will make the biggest difference to the images taken. I gotta say though, the D600 is really holding it's ground among these $3,000.00 + cameras, maybe even surpassing some by a tiny margin! I never dreamed it would come so close to the noise quality of the D3s, at least at ISO 6400 and below. The D3s starts pulling away from the rest at ISO 12,800. They all have some positives and some negatives, but having this kind of noise handling for $2,000.00 is firggin' awesome.

Penelope Crux IS hot. Who is Scarlett Johansson?

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On - in the Envy challenge (1 comment in total)

Wow. I like this image on many different levels.

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On roadside cross photo in wgjohnston's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Simple. Powerful. Beautiful. Wow, I'm in awe.

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On barns in the Winter 2011-2012 challenge (3 comments in total)

Very good. Good eye.

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On Introduction to Food Photography article (56 comments in total)

Good article. It forces me to realize that I don't take advantage of the succulent images that present themselves to me on a (almost) daily basis.

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On Winter Farm in the Manipulation challenge (10 comments in total)

You are a master of PP and a good capture to start with.

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On Regina in the Filter Effects: Soft Focus challenge (2 comments in total)

Beautiful shot. Shoulda won.

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On Small Mercies in the Kindness challenge (3 comments in total)

This image immediately catches my eye. Good choice of composition.

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