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I'm disappointed

The sky is blue

the fruit looks like you'd want to eat it

Canon should do something better - different - special

I want purple skys, unrealistic representation and random unintended effects changing my pictures - not this accurate hyper-real megapixel stuff - everybody's got cameras that do that and this is just another one

just smaller, lighter and more convenient for holidays - pah who needs that?!

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Spitze: I don't understand the negative comments either. Please critique image #0101 for me and teach me where the IQ is lacking. I'm an older gentleman and my eyes may not see what you are seeing. Please compare apples to apples as this is, after all, an APS-C sensor camera.

I'm traveling to Europe in about five weeks and would like to know what you would recommend in its place. I have been using full size Canon DSLRs. I was hoping this would be available before my trip since I'm comfortable with the Canon OS and would like to travel with a lighter kit.

Spitze, don't listen

I'm not sure what pinxit's agenda is but other than the occasional CA (and its not terrible by even modern standards) these are better than fine - all the texture you'd expect to be there is and for OOC work the few examples I looked at (including 0101) don't look 'overprocessed'

there is a trend amongst commentators to expect every new camera to be better than everything previously, regardless of market, intended functionality or price.

No these are not better than a Nikon D800 but are comparable with even recent cameras of comparable sensor type in the 16-20 MPix range. If the size is right and the price is right there isn't much to choose between a whole raft of sensors and output - its all about the getting of the image these days - if high speed and weather proof is important - don't buy an entry level cam. If price, size, weight and value for money are - then do


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