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Seems we have to wait the release 20.2.45 to handle the Raw file from the Fuji Xpro 1 !

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Neodp: Shoot Raw

Pull the embedded JPEG out, with dcraw ("draw -e *", and setup in your chosen file manger; as a right click option.) This is not developing, and is instant, and camera dependent(size).

Use the JPEG(s), where sufficient to your own goals. AKA, you got the settings right, in the camera, and controlled the light where you could.

For time purposes: For those fewer Raw shoots; that would benefit, from 16 bit light adjustments (including color), then just click the Raw file, that you preset, to bring up "ufraw".

Learn what the ufraw (free, and cross-platform) settings do, from it's web page. You do not have to adjust all of them; but only the few, that matter, and to effect the change you are after. With ufraw, you just download, or make your camera's profile, first, and then ufraw produces a default photo; matching your cameras JPEG, if that's what you want. It mostly finished developing; upon loading. You can match any style, this way. Do the rest in gimp, and it's plug-ins.

Ok for your showdown, but DxO is disqualified as it is the only one that doesn't handle the RAW files from the Fuji X-trans (and it seems that it would not)

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And for the XPro-1 you haven't got a chance !

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One more time, it seems as they have forgottent the Fuji XPRO-1 !!!

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No support for the Fuji Xpro-1 !

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