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On Sony a5100 First Impressions Review preview (582 comments in total)

No electronic level = no sale for me. I cannot comprehend why Sony "decided" to remove that feature. After having one in a number of cameras by now, I won't buy a camera without one. "Simple as that."

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I have my dream camera: The Sony RX100. I've been carrying a camera in my pocket since Canon's S100 -- the original one from back in 2000. And all I've really wanted was a pocket camera with a larger sensor that would produce significantly better image quality than the usual pocket cameras, which the RX100 delivers.

More recently, over the past few years, I've become a fan of Sony's fast shooting capabilities, and all of the features it has developed around that speed, employing multiple image processing. So, including those features in a pocket camera with a larger sensor, Sony has absolutely met my needs.

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It just smacks of "not enough camera body to hold onto." With nothing much in the way of right-hand grip, and nothing virtually at all for the left hand to hold onto, how are you going to manage a big lens on the thing?

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PicOne: Hmmm.. do you think the quick access pocket will work with other brands of tablets, or just iPads?

Yes, so long as they aren't bigger than an iPad. I own no Apple products whatsoever, but I've got a tablet and a notebook that would fit into the smaller backpack with ease.

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ThinkTank makes great, high-quality stuff. I have an Airport Ultralight that just doesn't quite get the job done for me because it doesn't have compartments for my notebook and tablet computers. The new Airport Essentials looks like just the ticket for me!

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On Mirrorless Roundup 2011 article (429 comments in total)
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Badger1952: One can't help but wonder whether these have been created for a niche that doesn't exist. When there are so many excellent compacts out there and entry level DSLRs that will outperform mirrorless on price and performance, why spend $1000 plus on one of these?
Steve Jobs created the market for smart phones and tablets - perhaps the marketing hype for these will bear fruit in time!!

These comments show the diverse opinions about these cameras. For me, it is ALL ABOUT ditching the DSLR viewfinder, and all of its bulk and weight. I think Sony absolutely NAILED it right from the beginning -- include essentially the finest LCD screen that can be built, and pry that camera off of your face.

My vision just doesn't work well with viewfinders, and a huge part of my creativity is using the camera at various different posistions that I couldn't achieve with a camera glued to my face. Give me a smaller, lighter camera with no viewfinder, but rather with an excellent, articulating LCD, and I'm happy.

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