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I've seen head to head samples between 808 and 1020 on another site. The 1020 overall is the better shooter, giving better tones and Low light performance. Perhaps in kind lighting, the 808 has better IQ, but overall, technology has caught up. Still going to oust any other cam phone and hopefully Nokia Aust, will bring it in, then my plan expiry in Nov will be complete.
Simply, it's an advancement on any previous phone, it's getting closer and closer to being the same as a top compact, so for having tethered to your phone, it's a half decent shooter.
Nice review.

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On Pentax Q7 Review preview (240 comments in total)

Not so much negativity?
Perhaps it's the third version and no company would continue if it wasn't doing ok, especially in Japan,its small, colorful, matching with handbags, scarfs and Japanese painted dolls.

I love the general tone of the review:

Most people in the office Love it but
It doesn't fit into any kind of category we want to put it in
It takes pretty good photo's But
its not a compact zoom or a rangefinder or a M43 or a
it takes video
but it's not quite like a canon or panny or..
this is the third one: but
Not sure who wants one
Its got a few lenses;
but we forgot that people can buy the whole kit and putting adapters and using all sorts of lenses and having heaps of fun.

we're confused, we have to put it into a category and because we're gear heads, we've forgotten that most of the public just like having fun and taking photos and its colorful and fits easily into a pocket or bag.

Sorry, still Love you DPR, just remember life doesn't always fit into a box.

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US $648 on ebay..............ouch

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Ok, so it's a compact of which there is plenty out there. But if you read the article, then its packing some pretty good features which will let you take photos in all situations.
Low light multi shot and two different HDR settings, RAW, high resolution multi shot, 360 panorama, very good image stabilisation, 36x zoom with multi shot higher res once more and time lapse.
Be interesting to see how this works in real life, but looks like the compact back up that fits my bill.......not being an avid movie maker anyway.
Sure the Nokia 1020 looks great, but still wont' surpass this function set.
Yes, would like to see the RRP$$

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On Just Posted: Pentax WG-3 GPS Review preview (68 comments in total)
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robbo d: I have the WG2 and am interested to hear if the 3 is an upgrade in terms of IQ. These cameras are not good at all for landscape wide open shooting, but excellent for close up macro, does it still have the microscope feature? and of course good for underwater.
Very rugged, but they have not yet figured out how to get good IQ. Very soft at edges, so the waterproof covers still hamper good quality shots.
Looking like the WG3 is again not the top of the pile.
Still for what it does well, I will keep mine for specialist uses......possibly not worth an upgrade.

Interesting, upon having a proper look at the wider angle shots, I'm seeing what looks like far better IQ and not the fall off at the edges that I experience with the WG2.

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On Just Posted: Pentax WG-3 GPS Review preview (68 comments in total)

I have the WG2 and am interested to hear if the 3 is an upgrade in terms of IQ. These cameras are not good at all for landscape wide open shooting, but excellent for close up macro, does it still have the microscope feature? and of course good for underwater.
Very rugged, but they have not yet figured out how to get good IQ. Very soft at edges, so the waterproof covers still hamper good quality shots.
Looking like the WG3 is again not the top of the pile.
Still for what it does well, I will keep mine for specialist uses......possibly not worth an upgrade.

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On Nokia launches 41MP Lumia 1020 for Windows Phone 8 post (147 comments in total)
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– Sensor size 1/1.5”, 41MP, pixel size 1.1 micron, true 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio

So it's not competitor for N808. It's remotely possible it will outperform its Symbian bigger sensor brother.

Hmmm, did a comparison at work some while ago.
My HTC using HDR, an N8 and an 920.
Winner by far in dynamic range into a sunset was the 920, second using HDR(cheating) was the HTC and then the N8.
I'd say the n8 on producing large images would have been far better, but straight out of the box jpeg was the 920 by a country mile. Just later image processing I suppose. Maybe the N8 could have pulled some shadows out with some PP??

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On Nokia launches 41MP Lumia 1020 for Windows Phone 8 post (147 comments in total)

Hoping for a faster roll out to places other than the states. This is most definitely the phone ive been waiting on and to replace my now aging HTC. It is re defining photography.
Still no match for the versatility of a DSLR for specialised photography, but in a small package, that's amazing IQ.
Telstra Australia, please take note.....

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On Pentax unveils blue and white K-01 in Japan article (262 comments in total)
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Rachotilko: While I generally dislike following the herd in my judgements, this time I agree with crowd wisdom. This camera is simply wrongly conceived from the very start. Using PDAF-optimized lenses with CDAF results in poor AF, huge flange distange results in aesthetic/ergonomic disaster, lack of viewfinder makes the focus-peeking assisted MF difficult.
Pentax got the concept of mirrorles completelly wrong

Glad Ricoh don't take any notice of your judgement then.....and other nay sayers.
It's aimed at the Japanese market, who Love this sort of thing. Recent firmware upgrades have improved AF, Japanaese don't care about VF's, colour is all the rage over there.
Ka-chin$$$ it's a profitable move.......
Concept of mirrorless is ???? .....narrow minded.
Use of millions of old retro lenses.....priceless
Think about it

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On Buyers' Guide: Best DSLRs and ILCs for under $1000 article (91 comments in total)
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Heie2: I am a Pentaxian fanboy through and through, but I say this in the most objective way possible:

The best value for money DSLR's/MILC's under $1000 are the Pentax K-500 ($595 w/ 18-55 kit lens), Pentax K-50 ($696 body or $776 w/ Weather Resistant kit lens), Pentax K-5 ($500 used body - discontinued), with the number one spot for "best bang for your buck" across the photographic world given to the Pentax K-30 ($479 body) and the Pentax K-01 ($299 w/ 40mm pancake lens) despite what is undeniably a controversial body design for DSLR/Mirrorless, respectively.

Even the lowest entry level isn't skipped over for $1000+ features such as 100% penta PRISM viewfinders and DUAL command dials.

Anyone that tells you otherwise is delusional.

.....and some of the Pentax kit lenses like the 55-300 and old FA film lenses like the 28-105 work fine and deliver outstanding IQ for $$$. That's information that non Pentaxian's have no idea about.
Huge bang for your buck with pentax.

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On Best DSLRs and ILCs for less than $1000 article (276 comments in total)
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Nikonworks: Most retailers hold a straight forward 'Inventory Sale', of which this article clearly seems to be, except the straight forward part.

DPReview please take notice:
When I was a kid 'slot cars' were the newest and 'biggest' thing.
Stores opened up just with slot car race tracks. It was fantastic but very short lived because the market place became overloaded with slot cars and accessories to the point the kids could not keep up with the market.
The whole market folded like a deck of cards.

Of late, you, the editors are doing the same thing here at DPReview.
You have too many Final Reviews to post before listing 'Old cameras under $1000'. You are reaching in all directions, phones, tech, cameras, etc.
You are making this site unwieldly and soon ambiguous.

You better get together and focus on your mission.

At the same time you can discuss formally thanking me for my 'Real World Samples' suggestion.

Goodness, we get worked up don't we......
Thought it was a good read, especially on a weekend.....
Nice job. Especially when the old cameras are for some a very relevant market. Not everyone can afford new stuff straight onto the market and choose our upgrades very seriously. So this IS very relevant......gosh even the Pentax supports will have to be fairly happy with the comments here...and that takes a lot...Lol
Also...being an old filmy, I am now very much a smartphone user and value some of the recent articles which is very much now a huge part of photography. Look at what Samsung and Nokia are in the process of bringing to the table??
Understand the times and Dpr's need to keep up with everyone, not just the traditionalists

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Wow, casio and Fujitsu make phones?? Casio are underated in the camera stakes with some good cams.
That rugged phone has some great specs for outdoors types, hope it will make it down under, that's got some serious potential

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Great review Dpr and pretty much shows they are all very close. I have an HTC sensation which produces reasonable images but is now old tech and find my even older Pentax X90 still out performs other than app generated effects.

The next Generation Samsung smart cam and Nokia EOS must almost be with Dpr for preview by now, so be interesting to see the leap in IQ

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Hmm................okay this is a challenging product.
Now I have played with my partners Samsung compact and there are cool things about it and things I don't like, but
I do use an android phone, and
I'm a Pentax user, which means i'm also a traditionalist who likes 'normal' SLR's.
This thing looks like an overgrown Samsung Galaxy with DSLR grips and lenses...............kind of hate it and like it. Very confused.
However, never had a look at Samsungs aps-c sensor or results, but have to say, this is the future and well done for setting it in motion.
I suspect that there will be battery issues? using such a big screen and everything that goes with it.
I just think the technology of Samsung and the soul of Pentax would be a great combo.
Got to be worth watching though........tempting, and the product will get better

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jaygeephoto: I think I saw this in Finding Nemo. The Pentax WG-3. Better camera all around and doesn't look like a tub toy (at least in black). Lets see that comparison! Canon makes some superb advances amateur and professional equipment; this stuff is beneath them. It's is as if Lexus made a skateboard.

Look forward to the WG3 review. Was recently given a WG2 for Christmas. Def no landscape tool, but these are a must for families at the beach, people who need the microscope feature like coin collectors, jewellers, stamp collectors, archaeologists etc. A brilliant macro feature. The front LEDs and close focusing is stunning. Have to give Oly the thumbs up for general IQ, but maybe from reports, the WG3 has improved in that department.
Seriously worth having in your kit.

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Wow, with the choice and prices now, I'll upgrade the Kx soon. These are killer prices for what you get.
Begs the question now, what the upper level announcement will be. The 24mp sensor, tilt and touch screen with a movie mode to satisfy those interested......a three or four Dslr line up will be a big step forward.
I also would like to see a dedicated Ricoh home printer system aka Canon pixma to match your Pentax Ricoh cameras. That seems to me to be a natural progression for marketing and increased product value. Linked with a Bluetooth or WiFi system.

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-5 II / K-5 IIS Review article (268 comments in total)
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Zvonimir Tosic: If DPR didn't wait 9 months, the K5II(S) would have scored better — according to DPR's own words of balancing expectations of a camera relative to its current situation and peers.
So where is the logic in that — be late to make a review for 9 months, and honour it with "today's relative value"?
Someone could even think that you have waited for a new model of Nikon to come out, so that the K5II would not look as good as its newer peer, from a brand you'll always favour with timely reviews (as Simon acknowledged few weeks ago).
In a way, you guys on DPR do protect Nikon's interests. You care more about Nikon. If this Pentax camera is often overlooked even if full of unique treats for photographers, to paraphrase your words from the review, you do contribute a great deal to it, by writing damn late reviews, when camera is almost to be replaced with a new model.

@ Hubert
Agree with your assessment of the Pentax systems and product lineage.
I own a Kx, still a formidable sensor, when teamed up with good glass. Like the cheapo but stunning 55-300, produces great images. So much so that according to snapsort, the sensor quality still outperforms recent Canon models. Obviously other factors like processing to consider, but an entry level Pentax designed how many years ago, way ahead of the opposition on many counts at the time, still comparable, much like the K5.
Pentax problem is marketing and dropping the ball at the end film days and beginning digital days. Never recovered from that, however product wise and kit lenses very good in their class, some very nice zooms and well known high quality primes.
Just got to move with the times and technology.

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Zvonimir Tosic: WG-3 in white is a good news for all kinds of doctors, dentists etc. who use WG cameras and their excellent macro capabilities (and LED light) in their everyday work. Because the camera works in clean medical environments, more white colour on a device is better than all black. And it seems WG cameras are becoming increasingly popular in that market segment.
You may all roll your eyes, and not understand it, but from that perspective this addition is truly newsworthy, yes, and Pentax does listen to its customers.

I have the wg2 and I know your point. This camera is an absolute must for people doing stamp collecting, document investigation, bugs, insects, even hands on medical applications.
The wg2 is very soft wide angle landscape shooter, but comes into its own close up, especially with those LEDs.
Teachers, researchers, families etc this thing rocks.

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-30 full review article (272 comments in total)

Finally and a good review / conclusion.

So what we are saying here..... if you want to take photographs, this is a damn good camera, possibly one of the best in its class...........if you want to shoot video, its not the best video cam around. Sort of ironic way to view a DSLR, but getting with the times.........

Now Pentax just need to get their s*%t sorted in terms of product development, systems and marketing to be taken seriously. Shops here downunder getting less enthusiastic about the product and selling of their existing Pentax stuff. Good time to pounce for a bargain I guess.

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On Just Posted: Sony Alpha SLT-A57 review article (235 comments in total)
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marike6: I don't care for the chubby body design, but this is one of the better 16 mp Sony cameras in recent memory. It performs particularly well in video mode. Looking at the Studio Scene Comparison (RAW), my little K-30 beats up on all 3 other cameras pretty good. I fully expect come K30 review time though for DPR to find some arcane reason why it's not even a Silver Award, but we will see.

Anyway, just messing around. Thanks DPR for the review.

Whilst I am a Pentax user and presently see no reason to change, its the sum total of all the areas of a camera that must be taken into consideration when reviewing.
Canon and Sony offerings are well rounded packages that perform.better on video. And a few other little tricks, whilst our beloved Pentax produces excellent IQ at a gazillion ISO. Most people don't shoot there. They also don't review based on excellent kit lenses like the 55-300.
I am looking forward to the completion of the K30 which is taking a bizarre length of time.
I expect it to score around the same ball park. Dynamic range on K30 was not top score either, and WR wont suddenly make it a winner.
It's a horse's for courses choice for most people.

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