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quelle design terrible...

Direct link | Posted on Sep 18, 2012 at 22:06 UTC as 229th comment

please stop making this super tiny cameras...

they simply slip out of my hands and are too small to get a comfortable grip on them...

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On Just Posted: Nikon D800 hands-on preview article (265 comments in total)

I like the specs of this new camera. It's got lots of intelligent choices. I like the fact that it is a reasonable small and not so heavy camera with fullframe and more pixels than you'll probably ever need. In combination with bigger telelenses you can attach the extra grip for better balance. For a city walk with a standard zoom or 35mm prime you have the smaller camera that doesn't attract so much attention. Nice for street photography. It's smart that you can select lots of other pixel sizes and therefore spare up your hard disk space.
4 fps should be enough for a shooter with an eye for the decisive moment.
50-12800 iso should cover 99,99% of all photographic moments
yes, for me it's a complete camera.
I might even buy one...

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I'm using Acdsee Pro 3 a lot as an organiser/viewer and in the beginning I Liked the RAW converter to. It sounded like a fast complete solution and RAW converter for a reasonable price. But unfortunately it isn't. The organiser is indeed fast and useful but the RAW converter is useless because the color mamagement settings in Acdsee are unsufficient for quality control. I contacted support about it but they don't seem to realize what the essence of color management is about. In Acdsee 3 and 4 there are always lots of color differences between viewing, managing and processing. Useless for RAW conversion.
When do they wake up there...

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On Why make a small-sensor mirrorless camera? article (279 comments in total)

For me the biggest disadvantage from small sensors is the wide depth of field these sensors create. That may be useful in photograping landscapes but it's definetely a disturbance in portraits. It's difficult then to photograph people with a blurry background. Larger sensors can give more depth of field with closing the diafragma and are convenient for both kinds of photography but otherwise small sensors don't have this flexibility. So these cameras are surely not for me and a bit of a dissapointment from a typical camerafactory like nikon. They could have shown more guts.

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I really don't see the use of all these sample pictures from different kind of lenses. What quality can be concluded from these samples ? Nothing is my opinion. There are too many parameters that have influence on these pictures. Consider the effect of monitor calibration, sharpness in RAW conversion, difference in subjects.. Better take pictures of a testingwall that is the same for every lense. Or consider giving an MTF diagram (like hasselblad does). This is useless childish stuff and not worthy this otherwise fine website. Even though all this information is free available it should have some kind of standardisation and reference to other lenses.

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On Blackpool Beach in the Houston, We Have A Problem challenge (7 comments in total)

Spectacular to see but photograph is quite simple although

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On Bite Me in the The Extraordinary Challenge challenge (8 comments in total)

Nice shot, but why not making it a square format ? The right part of the picture has no tribute at all so it could be cut off i.m.o.

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